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  1. This is amazing I wish KES writer-nim watch this and get inspiration for TKEM season 2 I miss them
  2. Wow.. Wow.. Wowww.. Congratulations all..!!!!! Finally.. KES give us alot of sweet candy KES saranghae Thank you for all actors, staff and ppl etc.. this drama is a masterpiece Thank you all TKEM fans.. Especially you all guys Thank you for all theories, information, gif, picts, videos, fun chat, aaalll..!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH SARANGHAE YUROBUN
  3. Aahhh that bts make me really happy they are soooo sweet together But.. It's look like sbs give us a sweet candy for prepare a bitter scenes tonight I know ..there's will be a heartbreaking scene, but I still hope in about 30 minutes until the very end on the last episode is full of happy scenes, I really want that LeeEul shipper hwaiting!!
  4. I didn't hate Kudo Hina, but I really hate PM Koo Ah and, Nari is in Mr Sunshine right, she is the lady who can't speak,she is so pretty
  5. Ah guys.. I think I need medicine! Headache Today episode is crazy! And always, thank you for all the theories, even my brain can't take it properly now Let's stay healthy and happy.. Let's survive.. And wait patiently for the super last episode Saranghae yurobuun
  6. I will read backwards later.. Now.. I want to say that... I can't stop cryiiiiing watching LeeEul How can KES became this cruel to us How about next episode... How I can survive! Huaaaa..
  7. From what I know, and understand is.. Lee Gon come to the past, not to another parallel world, he want to change ( not let Lee Rim get manpasikjeok) but he failed, so.. He just want comeback to Tae eul in the right time (tae eul who is remember him), but he have to spent 4 months in "in between" place for come to 2020 tae eul, he sometimes come to tae eul in other years, for check the time,so he didn't go to the wrong time, Yes, first one is Luna, in KOC when he even doesn't know about parallel world, But actually not meet her, just see her and chase her, Future lee gon make Luna come to horse pen(?) for let past lee gon follow her so he know about the gate and meet tae eul, I'm not good about explanation ,right? Haha sorry.. And sorry if it's wrong
  8. Aha. I forgot to ask something sorry if someone already explain this . The scene when Lee Jihun mom talk to Yoyo boy , is that in ROK or KOC?
  9. From what I know is, There is no timeline with Lee Gon who didn't rescue little lee gon It's just his fate to survive because lee gon future and lee gon future's fate to rescue him self in the past About the scene that she rude to him? And lee gon hug tae eul first?? That's just memory for future tae eul, tae eul in the past didn't have that experience. About other questions, I'm not sure with my answer, so yeah, let's wait next episode, maybe KES is kind enough to let us know everything, let our brain rest HAHA Sory if it's wrong, HAHA
  10. Omg!!! So much agree Why.. Why.. And why HAHA I know it's just a drama, which is human who create is so of course there will be so much mistakes, but.. Joyeong.. SinJae..is soooo.. Omg! I don't know how to say. About the pregnant lady, maybe next time will be something important HAHA
  11. That man is the same person, we didn't see that man's doppleganger, that man just Lee Rim's people who in the night of traitor come to kill the king and get manpasikjeok, After 25 years, he is a water seller, and Lee rim take him to ROK, and Lee con see him in restaurant and bring him back to KOC and die in there
  12. They searching for the guy who is secretary of lee rim in ROK, from kill the girl in the prison, Watch again ep.. Hmm.. Can't remember! edit : ah, what am I talking about... that's not the answer of your question My brain got confused about anything HAHA TKEM really make me crazy Aaahh I watch it again, they search car that come to the nursing hospital often, they searching for that because tae eul find Koo Eun Ah corpse , Koo Eun Ah is reported lost to the police right? Or ... Not? Ah I don't know anymore
  13. YESSS!!! KIM GO EUN IS THE BEST ACTRESS!!! She really good express all these emotions She is really good in other drama and movie too KIM GO EUN ZZANG This drama really awesome!! The cast is incredible!! Really love TKEM
  14. Actually I didn't like kimchi, tooooo sour for me Maybe the fresh kimchi will be delicious, but if it's already a few days or more that will be toooo sour for me But I like lemon and unripe mango
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