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  1. On "Immortal Songs" aired yesterday, 16 Jan 2020, HCY covered "My Love By My Side" orig by the late great Kim Hyun Sik. He won this episode!
  2. HCY was one of Lee Yuri's guests on "Stars Top Recipe at Fun-staurant":
  3. Love HCY's interpretation of Lee Juck's "Lie Lie Lie" on Immortal Songs:
  4. In this online concert organized by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, Hwang Chi Yeul performed once again "Because I Miss You" From 54:15 Thanks to the uploader:
  5. Preview of "C.T.O Project The Survival" - HCY is a mentor to C.T.O, a Taiwanese boy group hoping to debut in K-pop!
  6. Doesn't this bring back sweet memories? Having orchestral accompaniment made the performance even better. Thanks to uploader -
  7. HCY on "Immortal Songs" today:
  8. HCY, Momoland's Hyebin & JooE visit the beautiful city of Gangneung and enact "Food Goblin" parody Thanks to K-Culture Festival for this video:
  9. HCY is special MC on an online travel show : Week 1 - HCY and Moonbin & Sanha of ASTRO tour the beautiful city of Mokpo. Ep 1, thanks to K Culture Festival:
  10. Mods, can I post this here? KBEE Global has organised a Kpop and K-drama online concert, and one of the OSTs that will be performed is from MDBC. Hwang Chi Yeul is in the OST line-up (others being Ailee, LYn. Yesung and Soyou). Teaser for the online concert (7 Nov): Article about the online concert: https://www.kpopmap.com/korea-brand-entertainment-expo-2020-kbee-live-stream-and-lineup/
  11. Beautiful trot ballad sung really well by Hong Jin Young, who also wrote the lyrics. Music by HCY Love the song "Never Ever":
  12. Teaser of "Never Ever" - vocals and lyrics by Hong Jin Young, music by Hwang Chi Yeul. Anticipating the song's release on Monday, 2 Nov
  13. HCY is one of many vocal coaches for KBS Trot Sports National Festival. Here he is looking handsome in a suit on the first day of recording - 19 October. Thanks to uploader for this video:
  14. https://zapzee.net/2020/10/17/hwang-chi-yeuls-sexy-coming-of-age-ceremony-cover-goes-viral-surpassing-1-4-million-views/ Feel so glad I was at that Jeju concert last December
  15. Ep 6 of "Cash Back" on tvN - HCY lifting a 80 kg cashmon!
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