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  1. cynkdf

    Chi Yeol --[[치열]

    HCY gave singing tips and encouragement to a blind young man who aspires to be a singer on KBS1 "Family of Love". Thanks to uploader for this video:
  2. For those of you who voted for "Quiet Night" (thank you from a crazy HCY fan :)) I hope you enjoy listening (with headphones) to this 8D audio version with Eng subs uploaded by HCY Music. Hopefully a bit of this OST will be played in the final episode, seeing as it was only played once before during the show.. For people who like or love Hwang Chi Yeul's OSTs and may not be aware he sang for an SBS drama in 2012 (because back then there was nothing in the news about his being in the OST line-up) here is
  3. cynkdf

    Chi Yeol --[[치열]

    Hwang Chi Yeul - Quiet Night (The King: Eternal Monarch OST Part 12)
  4. Hi HCY's OST will be released in three hours' time The song sounds uptempo (a bit of a change from his OST in "Mr Sunshine" lol)
  5. Thanks for posting this. Anticipating HCY's OST! Since the HCY fan made this before the OST title was announced, the title is not "Beautiful" but I hope the OST will be beautiful
  6. cynkdf

    Chi Yeol --[[치열]

    Hwang Chi Yeul (being athletic!) in the pilot episode of "Cash Back"" on tvN:
  7. cynkdf

    Chi Yeol --[[치열]

    Mnet since 1995 - HCY interview
  8. cynkdf

    Chi Yeol --[[치열] HCY can be so extra and wacky - fingers crossed he will do well here.
  9. cynkdf

    Chi Yeol --[[치열]

    HCY was one of the guests on "Happy Together 4" aired on KBS on 2 Jan 2020. Thanks to KBS for this clip: