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  1. This is 2019! Anyone still here?? The REAL NADECH CONCERT!! NY are CONFIRMED!
  2. @fangirldeokjil94 - Ok I am SUPER LATE - but I just wanna say - you’re SO DAEBAK!! You’re a SUPER FAN GIRL!! And you’re from Malaysia!! Malaysia BOLEH!!
  3. Whoa ... if the wood hadn’t fallen, there probably would be a scene of him KISSING her neck... aka NECKING ... SHUCKS ... I Guess the wood has to fall so that’s it’s still PG!! Also KJW is such a TROLLING TEASE - telling everyone during the Press Con that it’s not a ‘matured’ rom-com! Now, KJW NEEDS TO ACT IN AN R-rated movie, where it’s VERY VERY ‘MATURED’!! Sigh ... I am trying not to ship them, but FAILING very quickly ... I’m imagining KJW & PMY in an ‘R’ (but in reality it’s... TRIPLE X) rated movie ... Waaaahhh! I’m the first on the 100th page!! Pity, there’s no prize!!
  4. BUT they were NOT siblings in The Smile Has Left Your Eyes!!!!! Oooops!! Did I just tell you the ending??? Haizzz .... Also, please be reminded - HPL is a ROM-COM, NOT a melodrama - so I don’t think your speculation about RG & DM being siblings would EVER fit into this genre!
  5. This is our BELOVED MULTITALENTED KJW (or is it KJU??) singing in his band Walrus!! I know it’s kinda off topic BUT I really hope RG can sing in this drama (or play the piano like in Amadeus!!) Btw, his hair kinda resembled a lion’s mane here!!
  6. Ok, sigh ... I think my guess was right ... we may only get a hot kiss after confession of real feelings in Episode 11 ... then they would probably break up in Episode 13 and 14 - or maybe till Episode 15, and then, all wrapped up - Episode 16 ... I am very reluctant to keep watching but I think their sizzling chemistry would tempt me back!! Maybe they need SA & Sindy’s help! Oh and SJ’s help too - she needs to seriously KNOCK SOME SENSE INTO EG! I don’t really know what we should do with that so-called SORRY EXCUSE of an artist from NY ... UNLESS, she has got something to do with RG’s Mother or Lee Sol ... she’s such a SELFISH female dog
  7. Go watch Doctor Prisoner!! It’s SO MESSED UP, you’ll think this sad angst between RG & SM is NOTHING! And DI and EG - yes, they are IRRITATING AS HELL - but incomparable to the utterly makjang denizens in Doctor Prisoner!! Trust me, you will take comfort in whatever angst and sadness of HPL after you watch DP!!
  8. Hmmm ... don’t think there will be an Episode 8 kiss, the way things are going ... in BTIMFL, I think the first proper kiss only happened in Episode 9. I think for this drama, it’s going to be EVEN LATER - I am guessing at the end of Episode 10 or 11
  9. It is DEFINITELY an imagined kiss because in the preview, DM said she doesn’t want to spoil their friendship (between RG and her) if she admits to her feelings. And I think RG will be in denial about his feelings for quite a number of episodes - like I said earlier, I am quite certain, we will not get a real kiss until Episode 11 or later because RG has to resolve many issues. I also think Choi Da In, the artist Friend will try to help RG resolve his issues regarding Lee Sol. I think RG will tell her in the episode tomorrow that DM and him are just fake dating, so DI will come on STRONGER onto RG. And sadly, DM is not going to do anything about it because she is worried about losing RG as a Friend. EG will also step up his moves and come on stronger to DM, because he’s also under the illusion that DM’s first love is SA and EG may let himself to think that he will just be happy being DM’s second love ... I don’t think RG will push DM away - he will just be in denial until very late in the series ... If this is a slow burn kinda script, I think we will have to wait until Episode 12 or 13 for them to fall in love - and then, maybe RG has to go back to NY with DI for 2 episodes to resolve the Lee Sol and his inability to paint issues ... I have got a strange feeling the scenes are not going to be as ‘hot’ as in WWWSK - and the kisses would be tame ... The reason being during the Press Con, KJW sort of dropped a hint - he said the drama is not going to be full of ‘matured scenes’ - maybe he doesn’t want comparisons with WWWSK, so he’s managing the audience’s expectations ... (SAD, but I don’t want to hope or wish too much for hot scenes anymore, cos I think TvN has tamed down a lot ... kind of disappointing for a cable channel ... or maybe they were told to tame down all the love / kissing scenes because of real life events in SK ...) I think the whole drama is about illusions and how art can both reveal and hide truths ... So, I am preparing myself for MORE TROLLING from TvN ... And a note for those who are reading the webtoon - don’t put too much trust in trying to identify similar plot or ending - the last drama based on a webtoon- Touch Your Heart, TvN really botched up the ending - very rushed - I think because they ran out of time and Budget - so this could happen for this drama too. The only drama which stayed very close to the webtoon (inclusive of all the hot scenes) was WWWSK- and this drama was broadcasted pre-scandal-mired KPop/KDrama period. Unfortunately, in reality, the situation is very different in post-scandal-KPop/KDrama period .... so, we may have to suffer through a dry spell with regards to ‘hot’ scenes ...
  10. She was not RG’s ex - RG had made it clear to her (this was in Episode 5 last week) that he has NEVER given her the wrong signals. I think he was advising her and giving her his opinions and critiques about her art. She’s a good Friend of his. So I don’t really know where the script is leading us to - since RG has no romantic interest in her - unlike EG’s feelings for DM.
  11. Also, I think it’s DM’s imagination- as in I don’t think she’s going to kiss RG for real, for tomorrow’s episode ... I don’t want DM to initiate the kiss first - I want RG to do it first!! That’s why, I think we may have to wait till Episode 10 or 11 for a PROPER KISS (like between Nam Se Hee and Yoon Ji Ho in TvN’s Because This Is My First Life) ... because RG still thinks DM will never be in love with him because she’s crazy over SA. But EG’s actions may make him realise that he (RG) needs to step it up and win DM’s heart. So, I think this drama will string us along for sometime - I think The Central conflict is how our OTP will come to terms with their real feelings. It’s going to take RG sometime (more time than DM) perhaps, to realise that he’s in love with DM - partly because he’s under the impression that DM’s ONE AND ONLY LOVE will be SA FOREVER ... Wonder whether they’re going to find a love interest for SA ... please do NOT tell me it’s going to be Sindy????!!!
  12. Welcome to the world of KDrama, Chingu! To be honest, there are such museums in reality - they don’t need to make money, they exist for their private owners to show off their art collections or to launder their dirty money. This is off topic but it’s a hot topic in the real world - the relationship between art and corruption. And if the museums are government-owned, all the more they don’t need to have any business to survive - the government pumps in the money because art is used as a tool of propaganda and ‘nation building’. And you’re watching Doctor Prisoner too? I have to catch up!! That’s seriously one really messed up drama - that’s why I am seeking solace in the antics and the most amazing visuals of Ryan Gold and Sung Deok Mi! I CANNOT WAIT FOR A REAL KISS!! Hope it happens in Episode 8 but TVN may just TROLL us and make us wait till Episode 10/11/12 ...
  13. I think I am really not understanding what’s going on because I don’t really see what’s wrong with that kiss ... it’s an impulsive kiss as in RG couldn’t help himself- so, if he couldn’t help his REAL feelings for DM, he’s expected to ask permission before kissing her??? I know they’re supposed to be doing the FAKE dating thing, BUT real feelings got in the way?? As for complaints about the kiss not being passionate enough, of course it’s not - because it’s a spur-of-the-moment thing?? RG couldn’t help himself - he kissed DM because he’s too attracted to her and his heart is wanting this fake dating to be real but of course, his mind will tell him otherwise ... (for now, at least) - at first he misunderstood that DM is not attracted to him and will never be, because he thought she’s in love with a girl! Now, he probably thinks she’s utterly in love with SA ... And DM of course, is understandably too shocked to respond to the kiss properly. Hence, it was a disappointing kiss from our ( the audience) perspective ...
  14. I have decided to come out of my lurking mode because I can’t understand how that kiss could be a fake kiss - those of you who claimed that it’s a fake kiss, how do you account for the BTS??? Oh well, maybe I am wrong - I think I will try to stop myself from watching this series until it ends! Na Hee Yeon is just a made up female name because it kind of sounds similar to the Koreanised pronunciation of Ryan!
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