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  1. I love the fact that they include the king as 1 of his greatest moment and definitely gangnam blues
  2. Hello everyone, its near to 1 year anniversary to this amazing drama the king. anyone knew any fandom that plan to send gifts to lee minho, kim go eun, woo do hwan, jung eun chae, lee jung jin, kim kyung nam??? I really wish to participate if you know please inform me, thanksss
  3. Happy New Year all . Hope 2021 will bring you good health, good luck and success Hope we got to see LMH in a movie and series this year. I hope we got more qualified content from him
  4. I loved this episode so much... loved how he likes to play with camera focus and a very nice camera filter. loved also how he used drone shot beautifully and both of them were so natural i think no make up? And seunggi sang the song the way Minho direct it. Cool! I love it!!! Last but not least the backsound as i post in here. I never knew Minho listen to this kind of song, the more reason to love him
  5. Wow i also surprised. I unfollow netizenbuzz since TKEM aired, because they were always negative towards the drama and the actors. Not healthy at all
  6. Hope your mom will like it, tkem has a good story i watched it with my mom too and she likes it very much. Sometimes i caught him rewatching the king all by herself. and after that he binge watching BOF and the heirs all day long
  7. Same. Eventhough i enjoy some of KES work and tkem overall but i am a bit dissapointed because she is kind of neglected tkem. She is lucky tkem been played by many good actors and actress. She should at least be thankful to them or say something about it, since she is the writer. She makes the story just my opinion though
  8. Oh so its similar like this year then. I watch the 2012 video on yt he said he hope to win this with all the team. Omg he is such pure soul He shows such strong mentality once again. He still come to take the awards probably out of courtesy eventhough he feels uncomfortable. Lets just hope he will leave sbs after this. He said he will have something good to share for 2021
  9. Was faith hated by knetz? Im not familiar about the situation. All i know is the producer commit suicide.
  10. Agree. And also some drama got into the wrong category and winning it. this is stupid. I dont think any the king cast also nominated for daesang. Some actors who got nominated were actually bad in acting. What is this
  11. No but I red that article and also seeing their good performance in saudi countries too. I hope we will see more proof from these countries netflix as well. 2020 has many plot twist but tkem twist is my most fav I can sense 2021 will be a very good year for LMH as well with this receipt
  12. Seriously me too. If seeing only data from flixpatrol i assume that IONTBO will be number 1 everywhere. Its a plot twist from netflix, its actually tkem that has more graphic. I think there were so many silent watchers that found this drama great or some like me that always rewatch it. But we dont see it much since the silent watchers also not loud in social media. I hope more receipt will come from saudi countries or other countries. The more the merier
  13. Anyone from USA and can open this link: https://about.netflix.com/en/news/what-we-watched-2020-on- ? i wanted to read this press release from the us netflix because it mentioned TKEM but since im from Asia the link did not work for me. Please screenshot and share it
  14. Im bored and wanted to look at some movies or series from netflix, maybe it can recommend me something interesting, so i click on the search option and it shows me now the king is in top search in my country is it a sign for me to rewatch all over again and again? TKEM wont let me move on, but im fine because i love it a lot. Also maybe many people missed the series so much around this time and want to rewatch I decide to rewatch though, have a good night
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