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  1. I would rather you did not. Please. The couple thread which is a slander site of Minho is perfect for fanfics. I do not wish to see it here on LMH thread. Please let this LMH thread be safe space for Minoz. I do not want war on this thread. Have fought plenty on the couple thread. Take fanfics there. I request you.
  2. That hoodie on him made my mind believe I saw Daejang Choi Young in modern day . He asked what he should film next? 1)Chef Minho (better if he's cooking with ilwoo, kimbum ) 2) walking around his childhood places, school, uni and neighborhood 3) the food he eats regularly , the foods/snacks he loves/food he dislikes
  3. @Nikaa94 I'm curious to know what his get-up will be like when they film that STAAAARE scene. it won't be today's filming. maybe they'd start with scenes at the inn with other lodgers. " Sunja looked up and saw the new man in the light-coloured Western suit and white white leather shoes. He was standing by the corrugated-tin and wood offices with all the other seafood brokers. Wearing an off-white Panama hate like actors in the movie posters, Koh Hansu stood like an elegant bird with milky-white plumage among the other men,who were wearing dark clothes. He was looking hard at her, barely
  4. The scene where Hansu STAAAARES at Sunja is a flashback but filming of a series does not always follow chronologically. It probably depends on availability of filming sites and other stuff. They haven't cast Isak yet but novel begins with Isak arriving at Sunja mother's inn. So this means they wont be following strictly like the novel I think Apple should promote it as an Adaptation of Pachinko not as "pachinko" if they will take creative liberties like erasing Isak or making him minor character seeing as he is yet to be cast.
  5. Twitter Minoz cringing and crying over the despicable man that is Koh Hansu is in the novel. One thing is certain. Hansu is sure bound to polarize our emotions and I'm nervously excited to see Minho as Koh Hansu.
  6. Just began reading it.I just read the part where Hansu stares at Sunja unflinchingly ( "he was looking hard at her") at the market place. Hansu is one of those guys I'd run faaar away from in RL if I ever have the misfortune of being stared like that. I despise shameless staring and would run for the hills or wear a nikaab/veil if I'm in that position ever. I can already tell I'd hate Hansu. Perhaps Minho playing Hansu will make me love and hate him. I'm just so glad Minho is doing a shady morals-questionable character.
  7. A day late after FL was announced but Minoz I'm back! (Hopefully I can manage both internship and fangirling ) Finally LMH in a twisty dark convoluted bad man character @Nikaa94 I missed you loads. have so much pages to catch up on
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