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  1. This is exactly the kind of posts that create fan wars between shippers when they are supposed to be fans of both when shipping a couple. non fans of LMH write stuff about him and hide behind the "it was a joke and only for fun" How is it a joke to assume someone was flirting when he was in a relationship?is that the kind of person you ship? I have seen such type of negative posts many times on this thread,far too many times that I can count or remember,,hence you don't see me posting here frequently. Shipping is fun for many here and I agree it is fun but it is NOT fun when I come across posts disparaging LMH. and i can bet my bottom dollar that you have not had a single Minoz writing anything untoward or less than glowing about KGE here on this thread. It has always been those who profess to be non-LMH fans. I know the majority of posters on this thread are non-lmh fans though everyone claims they love both LMH and KGE equally, as a Minoz I have not seen or experienced that love for LMH through the majority of posts I have read on here. saying it is one thing and writing derogatory stuff about him and his personality is another thing and no, you can't explain that as a joke when its called out. @Richardsimmons was right to react the way she did. And no it is unwise to react in anger saying they were rude to someone else's reaction to a post made to disparage their bias. Had the table been turned and had I made a similar comment about her,would you accept if I laughed and said it was joke? So I would like to urge you @TDeas please edit that part of your post.It is important because each day new posters come and when they back read they see what has been written as acceptable in this thread and these kinds of posts are not what I would like see continue on a shipping thread where we love both LMH and KGE individually and together. Show it with what you write about them and not only one of them. I have given up lurking on this thread simply because I feel hurt by majority of the things assumed and written about LMH but I made the mistake of lurking today and and realized not much has changed.That I still have to bother making this post saddens me.We are at page 897. I will be shipping this couple but not on this thread.
  2. I have only watched TKEM twice compared to countless Faith re-watch from start to finish. Tkem I liked it in bits and pieces. TKEM instrumentals didn't catch on to my tastes yet ..I'm saying the instrumentals were unmemorable unlike City Hunter and Faith on first viewing.
  3. Nooooooo Noodle head is GuJunPyo ..his perm is shaped like noodles or pineapple. @Nikaa94 I wanted to respond to your post of Fav LMH look and hair style but soompi doesnt allow to upload from storage and I don't use any photo-sharing site where I can upload them and post here.
  4. Favourite OST 1 : Painful Love Heirs OST (in 2013, I was so shocked he could sing so well and cried sad and happy tears coz he sings with so much emotions and it made me hopelessly love him more and I fell in love all over again..not that I ever fell out lol) Favourite OST 2: If possible, a majority of the tracks from FAITH OST must be included in the poll but I will narrow down my favourite which is so cruel a task but I will try. Carry on by Ali Faith OST Main title song (instrumental/string version) Teardrop by Younha (instrumental AND vocal) Faith OST Because My Steps are Slow by Shin Yong Jae 4Men Faith OST ( brings me on brink of tears every time) oh my gawwwd it's impossible. I give up.I love the entire FAITH OST. Tracks and vocals. How cruel you make me chose favourite OST. Faith is my baby and I can't choose amongst my favourite children Favourite OST 3 : Serendipity by 2Young Heirs OST Favourite OST 4: It's Alright by Yang Hwa Jin City Hunter OST Suddenly by Kim Bo Kyung City Hunter OST Favourite OST 5: Gravity by Kim Jong Wan (NELL) TKEM OST There's so many awesome choices to choose from its downright cruel to narrow down between them.
  5. Favorite Overall: Faith Fav LMH Performance : Choi Young, Lee Gon, Lee YunSeong Fav Romance : Faith Fav Look : TKEM, City Hunter (didn't include Daejang look coz we aren't living in Goryeo era ) Fav Action : City Hunter Fav Bromance : not sure. does off screen count? WDH/LMH Fav Kiss: Beheading Kiss TKEM, Game-over kiss PT Fav Crying : LG /KT Fav Character Overall : Choi Young Least FAV Wardrobe : Heirs Least Fav Hairdo : PT (BoF would have made into the list but of late, I grew to love noodle head) Least FAV Pairing : BOF
  6. 2020.07.06 TOPIC on LMH DC gallery How to meet Lee Min-ho ? Who knows Share Comments : If you know how to do it already from me Patrol around the Han River every night? haha The stars look bright from a distance and look pretty Let's sleep quickly and dream haha K-minoz so funny.Its always so fun reading their thoughts. I wish we could participate in their discussion *sigh*
  7. Not IG live please no.I don't want shipper questions inundating his feed. already the comments section has been hijacked by 95% shippers commenting without abandon. They have been taking their wild speculations under his ig posts. Well-wishes are good but speculating why he posted on so and so day is harassment. One can only imagine the terror that will be unleashed if he does IG live..*shudders* @Nikaa94 Thanks for the GIF. I saved so many Faith gifs on my laptop when it aired but now those gifs aren't moving...WAEEEEE ack my eyes....I can't see or read clearly..night soompi is weird AF.
  8. ATTENTION ALL: We have all observed by now how KGE has not liked WDH last post. so glaringly obviouss!!tssskkk this shy smol beanShe has liked most of his previous posts and even commented under some of them and this not liking the last one itself is such a huge crumb from the queen who wishes to be discrete. I don't know how she thought it would be not suspicious if she doesn't like that post...anyway we all know how she is extremely protective of her loved ones and her privacy as she rightly should be and I feel LMH probably admires that about her too alongside her other charms.We know from her own words "fans scare her". So this brings me to my next observation. All the comments we shippers have left under their IG that began ever since they began lovestagram has been 100 % sincerely positive about this pairing. They both know that there are thousands of individuals who support them as actors and a couple. Our comments have flooded both their ig handles esp those comments that tagged them both on either's ig posts. Now, I have been thinking what if ...what if all these comments of support from fans however positive it may be IS a type of pressure that KGE feels from fans? We know every couple will have doubts about whether a relationship can last or if its worth risking all. Those are typical things to worry about at the start of every relationship and for these two in the public eye with his millions of fans ..I'm sure it's one of the worries that's constantly on her mind especially when she's tagged under LMH post by his thousands of fans begging both to be together. What if all our constant tagging and pushing them to be together is perceived as too much attention from outsiders into their relationship (we know there is a relationship between them.she wouldn't be so discrete or attempt to be so discrete with no posts on 22nd June compared to previous years and many other instances which I won't list again..we all understand she is not too keen on publicizing her relationships ..she's classy that way) This is where I have a request to all of us here. Can we for the sake of assuring KGE in our own discrete way STOP TAGGING either of them under their IG handles? We can instead leave inspirational love quotes and poems from all over the world as a form of encouragement without mentioning who we want them to be with. As fans all they need from us is our unconditional support for whoever they end up with. some simple quotes I have in mind are included here but we each can collect our versions and post in comment sections.Simplest ones add more profound meaning. ’Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams. Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. Who knows all this noise and begging that we have been doing thus far under their IGs which has yet to draw the attention of k-media may end up gaining attention once all of us leave inspirational love poems and romance quotes instead under their ig. I feel its a sophisticated manner of showing our love and support to an elegant Queen who being as bold and courageous as she has been thus far in her career choices may just feel at ease and realize we always will cheer her and her every choice ..the person she chooses. the one who makes her world come alive. We know LMH needs no encouragement..certainly not when its a person who matches his personality...he has always gone after what he wants and in this case we see its no different.But I can understand where her unease with any potential announcement or confirmation comes from. The girl is always held to a higher degree of scrutiny and all these play on one's mind. The last thing we shippers need is scaring her away with our constant begging and outward show of support.Hence we need to change track and get sophisticated.Be subtle and encouraging. We all want them to be together no doubt.we also don't want them to be one of those couple that break after 3 years ..we want them for life. Just the thought of them being together in their own home and doing typical couple stuff is the stuff our most precious dreams are made of at this point. We cannot risk public attention/fans scrutinizing their and especially her every move being the reason of why one of them may hesitate. Let's just let them be. Are we all up for this? The next time they post, we comment romance quotes and yes please do not tag.It may seem like we are harassing them.imagine all the notifications she gets despite not posting anything!
  9. omg yess that stare ..the way he stared at EunSang I remember looking away coz I felt I had intruded upon such a private moment and wanted that scene only for myself.The stare was so powerful ..awww I'm getting all shy recalling that feeling
  10. WOAH @Heilo this is hands down one of the most awesomest post that has ever awesomed. You need bonus points. but I'm broke even on soompi I often wondered too why he tends to attract such crazed shippers that renders everyone who watches his ML interact with FL to believe he the individual is in love with the FL and not just the character she plays.Just like now, tkem fans believe he's is in love ,,heirs fans believed he was in love.Faith fans didnt go there coz FL was married in RL so that thought was crushed but their off-screen interactions were nothing more than pure joy. I think it boils down to method acting. I'm not sure they use this term in K-media but in Hollywood they use this to describe actors who stay in character for the duration of filming process and I feel that's what all ships he has been involved in saw but failed to make distinction in his acting prowess because they have always dismissed him as an overrated pretty face and nothing else. @leeminhosny please check your pm.
  11. I tanked the last one big time but I will try again 1. don't remember 2 a) First time: He poisons her by lacing the corners of papers she used to calculate the years with poison.Choi Young needs to steal the King's seal to get the anti-dote 2 b) Second time: He poisons her by pricking her wrist with poisoned knife. don't remember 3. She uses nursery rhymes or lullaby 4. don't remember
  12. He's cherishing friendships and embracing them so gladly. It is also the first time he's posted about his we need F4 post when WDH returns.
  13. So now we have to be soompi rich? I'm broke in RL and now I'm broke on soompi too?
  14. I was hoping for domestic bliss scenes.. The wandering tired daejang finally settled down and content. I had envisaged...for fishing scenes (what was the point of CY mentioning he's good at fishing when asked by the king what he planned to do after leaving the palace?) and shopping scenes..imja loves shopping and daejang was rich as rich could be in Goryeo so I was fantasizing for those kind of scenes.....
  15. I feel attacked!!! another epic historical drama with LMH as broken Goryeo General whose life devoted to his country but found love in the midst of living his duty ? @scrawford Did you not watch Faith? what you mentioned IS the synopsis for Faith.