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  1. Very confusing and not able to follow the plot on these time differences. But there must be some clues relating to Jung-hye and Ok-Nam (keeping dark secret). 1. When Jung-hye passed by she immediately recognised Gon? The face her late son would have had? """becos of you, Ji-hoon died""" she commented, I am not your mother! . Late king may hv negotiated wth Jung-hye to take lil Ji-hoon to the other world (together with Ok-nam), to play as a double just incase somethg untowards happened to his son Gon (crown prince)? And it was lil Gon tht the uncle killed and the switch was secretly done by Ok-nam? Gon is actually Ji-Hoon? So if Gon travelled back and saved the late king and lil crown prince.. he may then be free to come back in year 2020 and lives a normal life in the Republic with Jung-hye (his biological mum) and Tae-eul?
  2. The ending very short but sweet... and the river and mountain background scenery is so beautiful! Where is this place if I may ask?
  3. If I recall reading some article or was it in a drama, there is some donations/arrangements on the supply of rice bet South and North Korea? Possibly may use these or similar kind of arrangements to cover all the happenings bet his son RJH and Seri in South Korea??
  4. Other hints about their possible endings? They finally married secretly? Led a distant married couple relationship? 1. Few eps showed us tht both shared and knew about the pathway / entry points/secret passage bet North South Korea. They may use this in future to shuttle and be together?? 2. Seri is very rich. Family owns a huge building. She even bought the houses and offered free rent and free maintainance for life shld the "local rowdies" manage to help her catch her assailants. Then being abandoned at the beach may also be another clue. She can easily buy up these pieces of lands and set up homes to enable both to be together as often in the future (secretly shuttle in and out if South North Korea??? Seri's relationship/bond with North Koreans (soldier buddies and adjummas) is so close, I am pretty sure their connections will continue in future.
  5. I am still quizzing abt Seri's strange parents; 1. Father looks still young and healthy so why all the fuss of handling the company to his kids? Kim Soo Hyun appeared very briefly and introduced himself as a spy so is Seri's father also a North Korean spy like him who may be recalled back home at any time? 2. Is Seri a daughter her father shared with a North Korean woman and later raised by "her stepmom" from South Korea? 3. Really puzzling a mother abandoning their kid.. but we also saw similar act in another drama "chocolate". However here both her parents are living together. From the brief scenes when the parents appeared together, we can feel their relationship appeared quite distant/strained?? So is this mom her stepmother who is aware she married a North Korean spy (loveless marriage where husband left his heart and soul back in North Korea, hahaha)?? 4. Or is this mom a North Korean spy and Seri is not her biological daughter the reason why father chose Seri to take over his company? A bit confusing but I am suspicious her "parents" may also have a secret background history attached to North South Korea just like wht Seri and RJH????
  6. End of ep 12 is quite suspense? Who did he shoot? Queen's maid took the bullet? Is it the same type of bullet used by the gunman to kill her twin thereby linking him to the present queen? Just hope King will get another dream and forwarned about the medicine put inside EB's drink! Nice if King made the other concubine drink the potion instead?.
  7. This drama drew our attention how money and greed affects families and changed people.. not so much on romance. TW and SY wr drawn together due to very similar misfortunes in their life, injustices n abuse and lost of loved ones due to the common factor.. Leon. Along the way they learnt to trust and depended on each other. SY is a married woman and once LJH's lover so they needed to be killed off.. to free SY and one day start her life all over wth TW?? We saw how compassionate and sentimental SY was, very affected whn LJH died (to his wife n doter), cried when hubby died and whn giving the trust fund even mentioned her late hubby's name. So both SY and TW after time alone, I think they will finally reunite.
  8. My POV the final scenes of Jea Hun is okay.. actually he is quite a charactor in this drama. Poor baby faced rich husband/SIL, pathetic and confused ways of life.. lost and swayed by people and circumstances! I have met in life such a charactor... few don't haves marrying into rich families and trying to fit in and proof their worth. But deep inside, loves their wives and family. Very tense when Leon caught SY in the act but I think she's thinking real hard on how to react and continue to play innocent?? She saved Leon's life and I doubt he will kill her off tht easily (his angel), probably still try to manipulate and use her for his escape or probably force her to flee together (in exchange for TW's life)? Just cannot foresee their ending... But am excited about Leon's accounts they are trying to hack into.. who knows Leon dying in SY's arms, he gave her all his secret codes????
  9. As a viewer its mind boggling having to wonder if this couple can finally be together? Is it possible? Isit a hopeless relationship? Or unless both decided to live in that old abandoned house near the border? I was in Jeju whn the historic event took place, the day where the South and North leaders met . Our taxi driver was very emotional relating about the conflicts between these 2 countries. We watched the live coverage throughout our journey. Watching CLOY I understand the difficulties these lovebirds will face should they decide to be together. One solution cld be tht his father makes some arrangement to send him permanently to the South like Dong Koo??
  10. SY is one determined lady, I think she wl work hard to help invest n get her 59% share cleanly. HJ looks down on SY openly. Finale cld well be HJ became penniless and Foundation taken over by SY?? Mayb due to loan default (taken by HJ's hubby)? Hubby will land in jail.. for murdering Mira. SY's husband and Leon will kill each other.
  11. Tht watch must hv been taken fm her by her abductors and will soon lead to those involved in the brutal murder of his brother.
  12. Really love these Adjummas.. reminds me of Desperate Housewives Probably oso sending "message" indicating her leaving/disappearance has got somethg to do with his family members??
  13. The shot could be to make JH think tht SR is shot dead so as to severe his ties completely fm SR. Yes, I think JH brother's watch will somehow safe SR.. I doubt his father will harm SR, aft being informed by SD of SR true background. Probably hide her and make arrangements to send her home? Next ep preview looks very sad..