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  1. Hi jayyepeee Owh my goodness.. never had an inkling of this poison issue... am going to rewatch few of the last eps thank you. I was on a 2mths family tour to South Korea.. travel ws too hectic I might have missed all these little acts (poison)? I too love this drama, fantastic performances but, the ending left me so frustrated then..
  2. Agree wth most comnents here, Wang Sik/Woo Bin shld at least be given a proper sending-off.. he was so part of this drama.. .. have mixed feelings about the Royals (many monarchy in the world no longer exist). Such a beautiful, rich and colourful culture such a pity.. now remains just a history.
  3. If u can withstand few more hours of Palace internal politics, plots, conspiracies etc, Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace (handsome Wallace Hoe) and The story of Yanxie Palace .. very colorful and casts performances wr all fantastic.
  4. All the child actors wr just adorable.. This is one of my favourite cdrama, congratulations to all casts.. fantastic performances. Must comment on QH. I have all along admired this man's character.. his feelings of love for ML should be what true "LOVE" is all about. Had same problem last nite but all good this morning. Check your email for further instructions.
  5. @lclarakl a warm hello fm me too.. After seeing what happened to her late mum n stepmom, I am sure Molan knew her father and CB will not go easy on her. Molan has too much pride.. who knows she may hang herself (not out of self pity but to spite everyone?)
  6. Just watching flames coming from such distance, despite his wife's and parent's objections the first thought tht came into QH's mind was the safety of ML (even not confirming whether fire was at Marquis Gu manor). ML is pregnant and giving birth to another man's child.. they once shared a close relationship, yet QH's main priority was to safe ML. He was once very upset when ML did not write to him about grandma's poisoning. These kind of acts of "true love" makes GTY jittery I suppose?? So he is going to prostitute Wei to test ML's heart?? LOL . Hope it does not backfire!!!
  7. Suppose its his dented male ego. Unlike ML all around him since lil he witnessed the extent women wr prepared to sacrifice to keep their men to themselves. He shares same bed, bedroom and a baby with ML yet he still feels insecure, poor GTY. Prolly ML is too stiff and irresponsive while making love with him??? LOL
  8. This is a bit petty.. but what on earth is Emperor appearing always busy planting? RICE? (assume rice as in earlier eps he ws visiting his paddy field) I have yet to see rice being planted indoors, seems to be growing very well??
  9. He was trying to reach out for the stone piece under d table but it slid away.. prolly how he must hv felt about ML's mum at the moment (looks like he knew nothing of this late concubine)..alas now she is no longer reacheable.
  10. Today in politics (real life) we see all sorts of unbelievable dramas.. just to muddle up voters mind. So this drama is no exception, poor HS for one you can see him flustered and gawking left centre and right.
  11. Agreed. I was irritated with the whole scene.. documented evidence and witnesses all put forward and the victim is on deathbed. However the accused and families wr making all the noises and doing all the crying?? The main issue was proven without doubt the intent and conspiring by both daughters to murder an innocent. SH really looked like a fool during this whole incidence.. swaying left centre and right.
  12. Men during this era (and this drama) wr seen as priced commodity... women and their families ... (parents, family clans, legal wives, daughters, concubines, single ladies, maids including prostitutes!) clamouring to be favored by them... GTY with his loose history wth women, a mistress and two kids still happily got himself a virgin bride plus constantly being offered concubines. QH while yearning for his childhood sweetheart, also is married twice, another lady murdered to have QH for their daughter. Other men, whether like or hate their legal wives can keep as many concubines to their hearts desires. Must be really difficult to be a woman during those times.
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