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  1. The video of LMH and KGE standing together with KGE drinking in the restsurant waiting for their shoot was the first picture that caught my eye about there's something between them. LMH orbiting around KGE with non stop conversation with happy faces between them.
  2. I think knetz esp minoz supporting them due to KGE being classy and and cool . She really does not hype even tiny winy of them in relationship. If she is an attention seeker..she's gonna tell the whole world.
  3. Agreed. They did not post anything for many days and suddenly they posted with 12 hours gap between them. Did this ever happened before prior to TKEM?
  4. Maybe KGE said....you dont need me, you have more than 15 million fans and LMH replied with this song....hence meaning even he has millions of fans , he only needs her as his love life
  5. Rereading the comments from page 750. I guess LMH really read our comments on soompi. Dear Mr Giddy....do it again...giving us a clue of your feelings for KGE
  6. What ...limiting their kiss scene in their future project? Heck....i want KGE to act opposite Kim So Hyun or Lee Sang Yoon..
  7. I guess once a guy got a taste of her lips they could not forget her....he looked as though he liked her so much. If KGE gave a chance to them exploring his feelings...i think their ship would have sailed too...LMH got a serious contender here.
  8. Only those in love knows the feeling of love. Maybe before this...LMH never knew the real feeling and only now he knows..he got the taste of kge's lips and he could not get over it...plus with her jovial personality and there is something about her that makes people love her once they knew her...look at how many stars that talked highly abt her plus she's being a popular girl in her university days...not to mention how many guys saying upfront that they like her..its just that she only regards them as friends. Therefore the reason of his current behavior...mr giddy and mr obviously in love and he wants his fans to know but bit by bit. He respects and loves his fan so much and thats the reason why he is doing what he's doing now. He wants them to know his feeling of love towards someone special.
  9. This is what makes me liking kge more....the most handsome, kind and famous guy in korea fall on her hard and she can keep her cool....i believe many would just show off in their soc media indicating....i have him...and i think her actions speaks for what kind of person she is....oh my...i love them both
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