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  1. She saw xz protecting the rabbits..because of that she feels safe with him. I would not like to elaborate much as there is a very important reason why she loves rabbit so much.
  2. Hi...love DC. Everything is so on point. Tang San is so good looking. I think i havent seen an Asian man as good looking as him in any film or drama. Wu is so adorable and they really give off a siblings vibes. The story is also interesting...even though it deviates a bit from donghua, i trust it still on the right path as the writer of the original movie did comment that he's very happy with the drama. My goshhh Tang San is so good looking and his acting is top notch
  3. Cant wait for Doluo Continent...people missed him so.much that they watching the trailer instead. I can almost imagining the views when the actual serie is out
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