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  1. And this is an accurate description of all Minoz while waiting for his update
  2. I only voted one too I would've chosen suddenly (city hunter) as my second choice Another one for you
  3. Wow that's so intense and sweet Yesss. I second that although I'll have a hard time choosing
  4. Money heist is one of the most amazing shows I've watched recently. One of my favorites The Professor is one of the most badass tv geniuses and LMH would fit this role perfetly. @AgentQuake You should give it a try as it is a show that keeps you on the edge of your seat. But don't forget to shut your brain while watching because its very unpredictable.
  5. Totally agree with you. I started watching faith to move on from TKEM withdrawals and because many people recommended it in the shippers thread especially @Heretorant The lack of cgi definitely takes some getting used to but I'm loving the show so far. It keeps getting more interesting with each episode. Me!!! Count me in. We could spazz here. I'm on episode 16
  6. Hi guys, long time lurker here. I've been watching k dramas since last year but during this quarantine, I just happened upon the heirs. It was ok for me but not the best show I've see. Then I watched lotbs and I loved lmh in it.However after completing tkem, I became completely obsessed with him and went looking for his other projects. I've finished watching city hunter and personal taste and have started faith because it was recommended by many people in the other thread. And oh my god. I'm on episode 15 and loving it so far. Choi young has to be my favorite lmh character after lee gon. The way he started changing after he met Eun Soon was so well done. And the scene where young is tracing her shadow is both gripping and sad. And the the way he got angry at the king's uncle, throwing the table at him, punching him and pushing him against the wall, I'm loving angry choi young. Can't wait to watch the next episodes
  7. Maybe he knew that he might not be able to control himself and set the sheets on fire with the kind of passion that he has. I mean the guy practically jumped at our queen and the director had to call cut three times
  8. That cut cut from the director shattered his world I guess the director also panicked, afraid that someone might lose control
  9. Yes I feel like I'm going to have major LMH withdrawls after I finish faith. This show is a roller coaster of emotions . Welcome to the thread. You'll have lots of fun here shipping our captain and queen. Good thing you're back. We were about to call for a search party Exactly. I was having trouble thinking of him as the king the first few episodes. He was nothing like LG. LG really has set the standard high for a king.
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