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  1. They deserved that kind of rating for there acting alone not just because of the ending. All of the cast of MR. Queen are the best from the major to minor cast they acted very well for their characters. They deserved the high rating for the finale.
  2. Regardless of the ending of the drama, I loved it very much! For me, SY and BH = SOBONG TEAM~ They are ONE. They both helped each other to solve in and out conflicts. The best drama of 2020.
  3. I can’t stop crying while listening to Mr Queen ost playlist. Waaahh. My heart hurts becoz it’s already finished wooohfff... this drama is one of kdrama that will always have a place in my heart. the ending really is beautiful.
  4. For me, BH and SY were fated to merged into SY’s body to change each other’s life. I don’t think SY leaves her body, i think she just let BH did all the job for the both of them. Of course, she helped BH too by letting her memories comeback when BH needs it. i can see that BH was very happy he returned to his own body, and also show happy tears for SY and especially for CJ’s successful plan. SY still have the SB memories, she just react to it as per her original gentle self not the boyish kind of way like SB. I am very much happy with the ending. Plus the spin off helped me to understand that
  5. I think it’s the best ending for MrQueenEp20 becoz they explained all what happened. Jang BongHwan deserved to have justice in what happened to him in the future and Kim SoYong deserved to be loved by CheolJong and to see what her real intentions for him with the help of BH. Plus SY still have memories of SB and remember she the gentle version of BH in joseon. BH may have feelings for CJ because of SY’s memory and they merged with him deep inside. Plus, SY’s memories helped BH how to survived the palace protocols that leads him to help the king too. I think BH and SY deserved that kind of endi
  6. I think that it's fair to let SY come back to her own body together with their baby regardless if it's SB because SY and BH were inside the body when they made love with the king. Plus SY's memories helped BH to clean her name. For me, I wish that when SY finally comes back to her body, she will remember all the good things BH did for her to clear her real intention for the king. I think BH and SY really are fated to switch souls in order to make things different for their future.
  7. This drama will always have a place in my heart. I miss SaHyeJun and Ahn JeongHa
  8. I think the title for episode 20 is for BH. “My life without me” is maybe about BH can no longer go back to his body in the future or maybe the theories about SY coming back to her body but with BH’s memories because SB fully accepted his/her life in joseon.
  9. I don’t think sobong will return to her body because she finally accepted her fate in joseon era. She embraced the life there with future royal baby and cheoljong. For me, they can finish the drama by SB choosing to stay inside SY’s body and accepting his/her fate to make a change for the history of joseon and his/her name. Hehehe
  10. If sobong will go back to the future, what about the spin off? It’s very clear that SB stayed after all what happened to them. Im so confused about the spin off. Hehehe
  11. What if BI and SB will run into Prince YP, KH and the chief? They will help the Queen and BI and join force together and bring the nasty old hags down to hell.
  12. At this point, i think both Bonghwan and Soyong fates are intertwined with each other. They both experienced an unfair judgment in different era of time but they met in the same place, BH was framed by secretary han of corruption and planted a fish hook in the dish that BH made for the chinese prime minister then at the same time, different era when Soyong also had a difficult situation then when she decided to jump into the lake, BH lost his balance and he fall into the swimming pool and hit his head hard. They both need each other to clean their names and maybe change the history. Maybe SB w
  13. How many hours left until the next episode? am i the only one refreshing twitter and this forum for new updates for the upcoming episode? hehehehe the anticipation is really building up. please time make it faster.
  14. JO HWA JIN HAS THE BEST CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT IN THE HISTORICAL KDRAMA SERIES EVER. I hope in tonight’s episode she will be a supporting friend for the queen.
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