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  1. Rain is one of the essential part of HJ and JH relationship that’s so romantic . If they will break up in the future, when it rains both of them will be reminded of each other. for me, even though HJ and JH relationship developed fast it’s deep and pure compared to his ex. I wish they will get back together in 2020. I’m so excited and scared of how the drama will work out for those two
  2. I totally I agree! He’s so selfish and self-centered and RickRoll'D arrogant. I want to punch him in the face! He deserves to get conned
  3. What have I observed Jeong-ha has a bad relationship with her mother and same goes with hyejun who has bad issue with his father.
  4. I cried so hard on the confession part, it felt very unpredictable and touching scene. Waaah. Park bogum and Park sodam exceeded my expectations of their chemistry. Daebak! I really hate to say this but i love Record of youth more than encounter. I really really love song hye kyo but this drama waaah! To be honest, I didn’t plan to watch the drama because i was so hung up on it’s okay to not be okay after the drama ended but thankfully I did press to watch record of youth on netflix. Those two have a really strong chemistry and same goes to the other characters too. Waahh. Perfect.
  5. So the first part of this drama that we’re watching is what happened in 2018 to hyejun, jeong ha, haehoon and others. So maybe in the second part it will be the present time 2020? Am i correct? What will happen to jeongha and hyejun then? I love this drama I can’t wait for mon and tues. hayy.
  6. I think MY’s mother wants to get rid the moon brothers first before she deals with MY and manipulate her again but unfortunately MY’s love for the moon brothers is stronger now than her mom. I think head nurse killed POR already becoz she knew that a missing person is never going back.
  7. Let’s just all wait the director’s cut version of TKEM it’s way longer than those sbs bts cut version.
  8. Sky castle couple they denied it becoz the drama was still a buzz drama that time but after a couple of months those two were spotted dating. I know this is LMH X KGE THREAD but i just want to point out something. That anything is possible.
  9. They are both smiling while kissing each other that’s the same like NJH and LSK in weightlifting fairy. Im not saying that LMH and KGE are dating already but the possibilities of them having a feelings for each other is there. What I observed many times in kdrama couple who were dating in real life they started to date for real after the drama and when during their shooting moments are the time of Getting to know each other stage. The best moment for LMH and KGE is NOW that the drama already ended. Also look into the two skycastle couple.
  10. To honest, the vibe of cctv room kissing bts was like the weightlifting fairy soccer field kiss bts between NJH and LSK. ❤️❤️
  11. I’ll just put in my mind that LG and JTE had a son or daughter that can’t be named in corea IM SO HAPPY AND SAD AT THE SAME TIME. I LOVE EVEN IN THE END TKEM IS STILL UNPREDICTABLE
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