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  1. Omagaaaaa my teenager self is squealing but as LMH's old-fashioned mom I do not approve of this!!!
  2. So I just finished episode 16 and now I'm back to not knowing what to do with my life again Episode 1 again, shall we? If I'm not mistaken Vagabond was really written with a season 2 in mind. Im not sure tho why it hasn't been formally announced yet
  3. Oh my!!! LMH as a framed man on the run is gonna be AWESOME. Something like Will Smith's Enemy of the State omfg
  4. Oh my my. So what is LMH going after here - a roleplay?? KGE is so not Cha Eun Sang material lololol LMH getting kinky af! Edit: Oh wait I just realized my post may sound differently to some what I meant was that KGE doesn't seem to have the personality of Cha Eun Sang. I loved PSH but Eun Sang's character was too much of a crybaby for me huhu sorryyyy
  5. I'll probably rewatch (again) after I finish my current rewatch HUHU when can I move on
  6. Okay so I know I'm probably years late but I just finished rewatching episode 14 and it is only now that I realized this one detail: When JTE was stabbed in the alley and she called for police backup, she was calling for backup for her dad! Because her dad was gonna patrol the area where dangerous hoodlums were headed towards! Even at the brink of death JTE was still thinking about her abuji huhuuuuuuuuu. Mygahdd how could I have missed that! Im pretty sure tho that you people discussed about that here haha (I probably missed reading it hmf).
  7. Thank youuu! I was supposed to post that on the shippers' thread haha but yah so many tabs open so much confusion I hate these shipper wars too. I mean, shouldn't we be happy with whoever our bb lmh will be happy with huhu
  8. Hi hello shippers world! So I'm new here (but I'm always parked over at the TKEM thread) and tbh I never really believed that LMH and KGE ever had a thing for each other. I just loved them as LG and JTE. But today's events? LMH posting this sweet little video with a sweet little BGM in the early hours of the morning of KGE's birthday??? Oh my my I think you're really on to something here!!! Why am I squealing like a little baby??? Wait WHAT? I thot @Heretorant is from somewhere in the US. I'm all confused now hahahahaha Btw hello fellow Pinoy. Sobrang fun lang makabasa ng tagalog dito 3 months na yata akong nanonosebleed sa forum na to
  9. Okay deleting this little post of mine. Looks like I'm on the wrong thread LOLOLOL I have 3 tabs open and now I'm confused
  10. I was about to send this haha. Do you guys know where I can stream it? I cannot seem to find it on youtube :'( ALSO OMAGAD THIS FANFIC LIKE OMAGAD BELIEVE ME https://archiveofourown.org/works/24857872?view_adult=true
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