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  1. Whatever Dong Kyung answer might be, her choice always ends up being Myul Mang - her own doom in this very moment or having the Doom at her service for the next 100 days before her ultimate destruction. Her every choice leads her to him as her choice can only be him not only because of who Myul Mang is by nature but because she already chose him as he became her wish, literally being her wish personified. (I really like the English translation here because it adds even more meaning to DK’s wish since when taken literally, it’s her asking for Myul Mang/Doom to enter her life/world.) At
  2. Watching the final episode of Mr. Queen gives me School 2015: Who Are You deja vu but the actual experience is 10 times worse.
  3. No, you are not stupid. You are smart, it's the writing that's stupid. To be more exact, it's downright idiotic.
  4. They filmed the spinoff after they finished filming the drama. The spinoff contains a "secret" flashbacks of So Yong and Cheoljong meeting prior to her being selected as his queen so there is no other logical reason why this particular scene couldn't have been aired during the original run of the drama. It certainly wasn't because of the running time restriction because some of the episodes in the first half lasted almost 80 minutes whereas the episodes in the second half ranged from 65-70 minutes therefore there was definitely enough space to fit in at least 7 minutes worth of those flashback
  5. Oh don't worry I've watched it. That's another additional problem of the drama - if you don't include such an extremely important crucial moment in your series and leave it out for some special spin-off episode your series is irrelevant and basically pointless. The series has some 20+ hours and they couldn't include that one scene? Why doesn't CJ remember that moment in the drama and in all of his flashbacks he only remembers the time BH was in charge of SY's body? Also, the meeting never appears in So Bong's flashbacks of So Yong's life either. Plus the spin-off got greenlit in the middle of
  6. Cheoljong never fell in love with So Yong in the first place. As he mentioned to Hwa Jin, he fell in love with her not because she saved him in the well (he believed the girl in the well was HJ) but only later when they met as adults, meaning HE DID NOT FALL IN LOVE WITH THE GIRL IN THE WELL. Also, as you mentioned in Joseon a King couldn't really commit an adultery de jure but even so, technically, the soul he married and made his queen in an official act was Bong Hwan not So Yong so if there were adultery in that regard, it would be So Yong, not Bong Hwan, who would be the mistr
  7. In my 15 years of watching kdramas I’ve seen some terrible endings but Mr. Queen has perhaps the worst and most unsatisfynig ending in the history of kdramaland. The series has been well-written and stellar throughout most of its run, developing its love story and characters well, but the final episode has ruined all of that which is even a bigger pity because the acting was sublime. So Yong hasn’t been present aka being in charge of her body’s actions and reactions for 99% of the story. It’s been all Bong Hwan. Cheoljong didn’t fall in love with So Yong but Bong Hwan in her
  8. So Bong is embroiderig something again and WILLINGLY so that means it must be something either for Cheoljong or their child.
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