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  1. The historical moment when Lee Gon learned he wasn’t the only one in his boyfriend’s life.
  2. Time travel is actually a fairly easy hobby to sustain if you are the richest man on the planet and have an endless supply of diamond buttons. Or you are his girlfriend.
  3. In the last scene of the final episode, Lee Gon and Tae Eul are in 1964. The movie Barefooted Youth had its premiere.
  4. Yeong did NOT die! Thank the drama gods for those awesome bullet-proof vests! In fact, I’m sending the manufacturer a letter of thanks. They are better than all the plot armors in the world! I should get some for my future endangered favourite characters ASAP.
  5. I loved how the style, cinematography and camera style of the fight scene was a homage to the fight scenes in The Kingsman.
  6. A satisfying ending to a beautiful and unconventional love story. A tale of eternal and enduring love between star-crossed lovers about how even two people from different worlds can live together forever, even if not by conventional means
  7. Tae Eul doesn’t even flinch when someone is aiming a gun or a knife at her and she can take down a small army on her own; HOWEVER, THE MERE THOUGHT OF LOSING LEE GON, HIS LOVE AND ALL HER MEMORIES OF HIM MAKES HER FALL APART - IT’S THE ONLY THING IN THE WORLD THAT SHE FEARS. She can’t bear the possibility that their love would turn into nothingness and just seeing the first trace of Gon disappearing from her life breaks something inside her and she makes her decision. She finally has the answer to the question Gon has been asking her the whole time - can she leave it all behind and be with him? Yes, without hesitation. Previously, TE prioritized her work, only stealing moments with him on parking lots or when they were both investigating and fighting LR, but the possibility of Gon vanishing from her life forever puts it all into perspective and makes the choice, which she’s been postponing for so long, crystal clear to her. And the symbolism of the moment is so beautiful - she puts on the necklace he gave her, the one bearing the sigil of his house, commits a criminal offense with Luna, gets himself a magical flute AND SHE DOES ALL THAT BECAUSE, AS TE HERSELF TEARFULLY ADMITS, A LIFE WITHOUT GON EQUALS TO DYING AND SHE WILL NEVER LEAVE HIM ALONE EVER AGAIN (since that is what she has always been worried about - him being all alone when the time stops and in the land of the frozen time). AND SHE CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT HIM EITHER. Suddenly, her Earth is finally round and her character comes full circle.
  8. I think it's safe to say it was more or less a week. However, Tae Eul's desperation doesn't come from the fact that Gon has been gone for too long - even if when you are madly in love sometimes a day seems like an eternity - but from her fear that he might not come back. This is not the first time she was desperately waiting for him and the desperation comes from the fear that every moment, each of his visits might be the last time she sees him - TE is afraid he won't be coming back. She's been afraid of it for a long time now. And this time, he hasn't even said goodbye to her which makes her afraid even more.
  9. Me right now, after watching the roller coaster that was episode 15 and episode 16 preview
  10. I've lost count how many times have the previews shown either Yeong or ES dying, only for it to be a red herring, but I'm afraid that 6th time might be the (anti)charm This drama has always given me The King 2 Hearts vibes in the bromance department and it's never been stronger than right now