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  1. I think they filmed it but with slight changes, it appeared in the preview for episodes 25&26:
  2. Well, I would still prefer that unreleased handkerchief Moon Lovers alternate ending but I take this too. I'm really curious whether it will be some ML meta (I mean forget that there is so much ML meta already in the drama), Hong Sisters are known for some awesome cameos but also for some utterly wasted and forgettable (like JGS in Hwayugi). So fingers crossed we get the former.
  3. I've noticed that there are included 10 more additional tracks in this version than in the version released on July 10. https://www.melon.com/album/detail.htm?albumId=10305318
  4. It seems to be an unreleased song. Either way the complete OST does not contain it, just as the English version of Stay. I hope O.When will eventually release the English version. A lot was said about the acting in this drama but not much about the child actors who were also very good and really sold the childhood part of the story. source: jennykje0517 IG, youngsun2481526 IG
  5. This is the tracklist of the complete ALML soundtrack, if anyone needs a download link, PM me and I'll send it to you (however, I'm going to sleep soon so I might send it once I wake up in the morning) 01. 단비 – 이문세 Title 02. Oh My Angel – CHAI (이수정) 03. 널 그리는 밤 – 엘(L) 04. Because Of You – 허각 05. Stay – 오왠 (O.WHEN) 06. 너란 빛으로 – 프롬 07. 향기 – 소정 (레이디스 코드) 08. Pray – 클랑 (KLANG) 09. Sweeter (드라마 `단, 하나의 사랑` 삽입곡) – Jess Penner 10. Flying High – 최인희, 오혜주 11. Dancer on Stage – 최인희, 서현일 12. Mission Complete – 최인희, 서현일, 민지영 13. Attitude – 오혜주 14. Cupid’s Mission – 오혜주 15. 사고뭉치 김단 – 김현주 16. Swan Lake – 최인희, 서현일 17. My guardian angel – 오혜주 18. 세가지 소원 – 최인희, 서현일 19. A Confession – 최인희, 서현일 20. Dark Side – 서현일, 민지영 21. Michael’s Sword – 오혜주 22. Agnus Dei – 오혜주 23. Last Judgement – 최인희, 오혜주 24. 루시퍼의 음모 – 김현주 25. Black Swan – 최인희, 서현일 26. Hello! 큐피트 – 이소리 27. Romantic Shoes – 이소리 28. Love Waltz – 최인희, 오혜주 29. 너란 빛으로 (hummimg ver.) – 프롬
  6. The singer Klang was present at the wrap-up party and watched the last episode together with the cast and crew members, she also took photos with KMS and SHS
  7. Well, there was the dream sequence, and after that when only YS could see him Dan basically reverted back to being an angel just like he was in the very beginning when YS could sometimes see him and sometimes not, wearing his handkerchief and all because according to the order from the deity he actually did complete his mission successfully. The last touch when he finally touches YS is basically the reversal of the "breath/kiss of life" from the first episode when he could not touch her but this time he can and I think there was another similar scene where he touched her but she couldn't feel it. Actually, I loved the parallel between the final scene and the first episode. I thought it was beautiful, poignant and fitting because it was ending the way it began, the story coming full circle with Dan following YS and touching her thinking she can't see him, only this time they are no longer from different worlds and can finally be together. What's more it's on the their bench and the very same OST is playing. That doesn't mean that the writer couldn't give us some 10 minutes of their HEA life. The final episode had some amazing moments it's such a pity the writer couldn't deliver a stellar and satisfying WHOLE final episode.
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