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  1. In another news Apple+ is now operating in SK. When do you guys think we will get some teasers and trailers rolling in?
  2. I always thought Monica seles was slightly overrated and I know why.. Lmao! JK with you. I follow tennis nowadays.. I see you represent Vancouver and did you imagine to see him?
  3. Am I the only who thinks his in shape for filming.. This could mean his going on a filming set again?
  4. Originally yes but It is an adaption and revised we also had Hansu film in these 6 months nonestop. Which means there is alot of screentime. I also believe Pachinko has alot of seasons I think perhaps 4 seasons or perhaps 3 and. It is a generational story and in order to cover it multiple seasons is needed. Hansu is the lead actor in 1st season and reoccuring in the second and his not in the 3 season. He dies somehwere in the second season where the 3rd generation films 3rd season. The main female lead also dies in second season
  5. Apple+ is award motivated mostly and both titles seems to be intended for targetting awards. Min Je Lee's Pachinko is highly acclaimed book and then you bring in Parasite director to also throw in his hat into another series which indicts both are geared towards awards. Apple+ has also been winning most awards with their originals. I hope LMH gets a golden Globe award for Hansu
  6. I haven't revealed much but you can always go and check it out but I would advise against but nonethless it's entirely on you
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