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  1. I had that data and predicted it right but it even did better then I predicted and including the social media and everything else. It also had staying power on the platform apparently. Honestly speaking his one of the biggest actors in the world working today. It may not be visible yet to many but for trackers like me it is not. Maybe 2-3 years from now it would become common knowledge but his already there just few actors ahead of him on the world stage such as The Rock, Rayn Reynolds, Jason Mamoa, Keanu Reaves and very few minority. His definitely in the top 10 biggest actors wor
  2. It is an adaption first of all and while most of the other characters not casted who would have been major. They selectively chose 6 characters. In 8 episodes and Hansu himself is a major character in the novel. Don't expect literal translation from the novel this is an adaption And Lee Min Ho is definitely the lead in the Korea-Japan period timeline of the book
  3. I loved Gangnam Blues and City Hunter. For pure violence Gangnam Blues was a marvel especially the mud scene. I watch alot of action films and honestly that is one of the best action sequences I have ever seen and that is rich coming from me. They really went at it. City hunter had also epic action none-stop but the storyline coupled with the action scenes is what made it so great
  4. He already has male audience but not as many as example female audience due to genre and both genres are good imo. He can do them both nothing wrong in that to keep his audience like you and nikaa. I think he would personally find it much easier in these genres that gears more towards action since his the type of guy men actully wanna be and girls admire. So it's easy for him to find a good junk of audience with them rather easily. He has male fans from City Hunter, GB etc etc they post even here some of them like me and few others. Btw I am very excited for Pachinko. I love his
  5. That is to far out imo. He could technically have another announcement again but I don't think it would be another drama tho. I just don't see any benefit for him doing another drama again so soon after Pachinko. There is so much more to explore in films specifically Netflix with larger audience he could find there an audience bigger then his K-drama audience. He needs to target new demographic in action genre film. Like me a male audience and if ventures into that world he would find audience in us since he has name recognition it would be easy for him to succeed
  6. That would be awesome actully. We should try to pen one together. Just like how many fanfictions became hollywood hits
  7. This would be hilarious tho. I could just imagine @Nikaa94 casting LMH thru 3 lifetimes repeatedly until he reaches 1000-dramas without any plot left because he covered everything
  8. There are very good pirating web platforms in SK and the funny thing is they even pirate kdramas inside SK especially TvN dramas on cable tv They know the drill and how to pirate
  9. AppleTv is not available in South Korea and I don't think SK is the main targetted market here. AppleTv is available in 107 countries and in most important markets such as Latin America, North America, South East-Asia, Middle East, Subcontinent and Europe are available. The only two major markets that it's not available in is South Korea and Turkey
  10. Guess who the cat dragged in.. The noise reached me somewhere in the deep facebook world. Time to back read in order to gather all the necessary info link to this AppleTv series
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