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  1. you made my heart went oops! this is giving me a hard time to think hahaha but I guess the writer will give us the ending these two both deserve...atleast
  2. Relationship that started from friendship is the best (subjective) because I have really seen some friends turns into lovers and the result was amazing. They really know their weakest parts and understand each other the most. I love lovers who are bestfriends because they really knew everything about you and what makes you the weakest. Well, I really can see our couple turning from friends into lovers but I really dont know if they are already lovers HAHAHHA I wont mind about them announcing their marriage first
  3. HAHAHAHAHAH we are near 100 pages now I bet you are really itching real hard tyring not to post here
  4. exactly lol i agree yes that’s rly an advantage when ure in the same agency bc they could just reason out that they hang out together bc again, same agency bcjdjsjddjjsje it still amazes me how SYJ joined KSH’s former “one man” agency (def not a one man now lol) then after that a drama together like the timeline is so fjsjsjsjaj The fact they are in the same agency made me giggle haha. But seriously tho if this was all fake I'm really going to give them a big round of applause for pulling that kind of chemistry that no other couple has ever done. (little biased here :P )
  5. This week's episode was sooooo great! This two latest episodes were my superduper favorites sooo far~ It was really perfect and the healing is indeed almost there! I loved how they are warming up with each other and it was sooo perfect! I sooo sooo love this soo much and I really cant wait to see more
  6. Gosh! I really hope not! Maybe next next week or next month? I dont know but I really hope they got to release it a little bit earlier huhuhu YAAAS these kind of videos is burning mah soul!! Happy IOTNBO DAY
  7. How toxic their entertainment industry could be. Some obsessed fans really thought their idols can be theirs wherein fact so far from reality. I really wish Knetz will open their eyes and broaden their views because it is really toxic can really lead to depression.
  8. yes! I was really shooked when saw them together twas in baeksang and wow they really got that power couple and rich vibes aura on them and they really look so strong and fierce maybe that is one of the reasons that people will say that this couple is unique! It is not warm and cozy but really powerful thank you so much for being here and giving us the mature yet naughty kind of insights and information with a bits of wisdom! whenever their journey will bring them and our oh so good destiny will do with them, I really wish for their success and happiness in life and I really hope they find joy and peace with each other
  9. yeah especially in his reaction when SYJ frankly said that his jokes are too lame but she's used to it hahahaha *sad violin intensifies*
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