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  1. https://archiveofourown.org/works/24881044/chapters/60198871 Guys check this story. Its awesome. Another version of TKEM. Not a romantic story. But this story blew my mind. Its worth to become an another series.
  2. Its almost a month the show is finished. But every day we get a new crumb.. Enjooy LETS SPREAD LOVE LIKE A VIRUS LETS SPREAD LOVE LIKE A VIRUS
  3. Ya.. I think they are his stylist. Who are responsible for his handsome and regal look. Especially his hair. Its perfect. He even post their pic in ig. With the famous beach pic
  4. But soompi left a msg-evolution mode is taken down. I can't find the theme option. I really don't know who is SUZANA . Got known from u guys. We have also so many ghosts in Indian shows. But it only make u laugh.
  5. What happened to the evolution mode? Is it taken back? My feed suddenly become dark mode SUZANA CURSED THIS SHIP
  6. Their hand games. this video is so cute. Its always dark outside becoz of rainy season. Outside is dark and this thread is dark. I can't withstand. Bye
  7. Don't remind me SweetButters xray pic. That was out of the world. I think she is not here? Thank god U are already enough here
  8. @goldenashes97the title of the shows.. Omg... Title itself is a makjangs. We also have dozens of indian shows like this I want lmh to do MY NEIGHBOUR IS MY HUSBAND'S EX WIFE. But the title of the show will be MY NEIGHBOUR IS MY WIFE'S EX HUSBAND. JHI will be the neighbour and ex hus.
  9. The fanfic scene and the 2nd pic exactly same. So apparently 1.@collectsfallenstars is either a spy from kge or lmh. 2.lmh is not only spying in this thread, he is also reading all the fanfictions
  10. I got a character from Doctor john. I didn't even watch the drama. Then i again take the quiz with diff answers. And i get ji eun tak from goblin. I know its cheating
  11. https://www.instagram.com/p/CCSw7V8pBL1/?igshid=1ay8niorsxxee This so funny.. Dedicated to mingo , minoz, arjenia, and all other shippers
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