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  1. tnN released poster of Part 2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Arthdal Chronicles" Set to Begin Part 2 Among Uncertainty "Arthdal Chronicles" was first pitched and promoted as being a story to be told in three parts, each one six episodes long. Now that the first six episodes have ended and "Arthdal Chronicles" is set to begin part two, uncertainty abounds as to whether the drama will be able to maintain viewers or whether they will take advantage of the break to simply give up watching entirely. "Arthdal Chronicles" has been struggling with weak viewer interest ever since it premiered. The ambiguous setting and even the special effects have been frequent targets of criticism. Because the drama was pre-produced, there's no practical way for the production company to address complaints. But even if such a drop is avoided this week, Part 3 of "Arthdal Chronicles" is set to begin in September, with "Hotel Del Luna" airing between parts 2 and 3. It is extremely unclear how many viewers will come back for Part 3 given current anemic levels of interest. It's surpising to look back and see that screenwriter Park Sang-yeon was discussing last month about the prospect of building this mythology into a tenth season. Such optimism, in retrospect, comes off as premature. https://www.hancinema.net/hancinema-s-news-arthdal-chronicles-set-to-begin-part-2-among-uncertainty-130672.html
  2. Episode 9 preview. Oh my.... I cant wait for tonight! This episode got so much for us to look forward to... From confrontation of GS and JH to the most awaited first kissing of JH and JI. Someone please tell me how will I concentrate on my work? How?!
  3. OST Part 4 - We Could Still Be Happy by Rachael Yamagata to be released today. HD photos of the new still cuts.
  4. “One Spring Night” Keeps Engaging Mood But Struggles On A Love Triangle Impasse FROM OPENING WEEK, ONE SPRING NIGHT HAS ENGAGED AUDIENCE WITH ITS COMPLICATED LOVE STORY. But the web of lies and indecisiveness focused on the female lead slowly drags the progress of One Spring Night. Moreover, it’s baffling how the emotionally taxing love triangle in the narrative makes the viewer still endure where it’s heading. That girl-make-up-your-mind circling love predicament from episodes 3 to 6 gives a test to the audience to stay or not in watching till the very end. Ideally, halfway mark of drama series would have set a turning point for the story. MBC’s well-received romance melodrama has sure set forth to follow that timeline. In fact, we didn’t know the process of breaking up can be so debilitating even in fictional world setting until One Spring Night. Rising from the predicament of falling out of love with her long-term boyfriend, Jung In grappled on a bittersweet reality. The love for Gi Suk has long been gone, and in a twist of fate, she also met a warm-hearted man with whom her heart beats for with a new love. The overlap of her emotions would really put anyone in an exhausting dilemma. That’s why even the narrative has been crawling its way to break that circling impasse. Still, given the emotional investment most viewers have given the series, knowing what would become Ji Ho and Jung In is expected to make the audience forbearing with its drawbacks. Continuation under spoiler
  5. @annamchoi most welcome sweetie. Sharing is fun... and that is what I like here. Everyone's insights and thoughts are helpful. I do believe that real and pure love conquers all... It maybe against all odds in the beginning, but happiness awaits in the end. I am deeply rooting for our dear JH and JI. I love this fan edit photo, portrait of a happy family. I am very curious of the noodle that JI ordered from the last episode and someone share it in DC, so I am sharing it here.
  6. Hi to everyone... My first post here. I am looking forward to this drama. Han Bo Reum and Sung Hoon Make Sparks Fly In “Level Up” The first stills for MBN’s newest drama “Level Up” have been revealed! “Level Up” is a romantic comedy about company restructuring expert Ahn Dan Te (played by Sung Hoon), game lover Shin Yeon Hwa (played by Han Bo Reum), and their struggle to revive a bankrupt game company. In the stills, Ahn Dan Te and Shin Yeon Hwa look daggers at each other across the meeting room table and fill the room with tension. This makes viewers curious about what kind of situation could have created this hostility. Their opposite personalities, values, and tastes also heighten the conflict between them. Ahn Dan Te is known for his cold personality while Shin Yeon Hwa is always burning with passion, and this increases the curiosity over how these two characters who disagree on everything will fall in love. “Level Up” premieres on July 10 at 11 p.m. KST and will be available on Viki! https://www.soompi.com/article/1332763wpp/han-bo-reum-and-sung-hoon-make-sparks-fly-in-level-up
  7. Jung Hae In And Han Ji Min Enjoy A Sweet Date In “One Spring Night” Jung Hae In and Han Ji Min are enjoying a date in new stills for the upcoming episode of MBC’s “One Spring Night”! In the previous episode, Lee Jung In (Han Ji Min) and Yoo Ji Ho (Jung Hae In) reaffirmed their feelings for each other and strengthened their relationship. The preview for the next episode shows the two characters enjoying each other’s company at a cafe, unable to keep the smiles from their faces or take their eyes off one another, marking a sharp change from previous episodes when the two struggled to hide their feelings for each other. “One Spring Night” airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8:55 p.m. on MBC. https://www.soompi.com/article/1332895wpp/jung-hae-in-and-han-ji-min-enjoy-a-sweet-date-in-one-spring-night ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I guess we will also see some more cuteness from tomorrow's episode. The outfit in the gif are exactly the same. My hopes are high!
  8. Episode 9 preview still cuts. Yay! One day to go... and based on the stills, looks we're going to have another coffee date, but this time, it is much sweeter!
  9. Dramabeans Episode 8 Recap. Link: http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/06/one-spring-night-episodes-15-16/ The emotional turmoil for our conflicted librarian has reached its breaking point, and she finds herself rashly following her heart, knowing full well that her actions will cause affliction and shame. Fortunately, she’s not distressing alone, as her love interest, the pharmacist, also musters up the courage to take a step towards her. He’s learning to be unapologetic about his feelings and circumstance, and that he also deserves a chance at love.
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