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  1. Glad to liked it, As you can see in my handle, I am a fan not just of LMH but of the Faith's main character
  2. Good morning everyone! LMH's stills from the GQ Korea are fantastic! The interview is indeed candid which I like. Candid LMH is always fun!
  3. This is the full segment of LMH & IU during the Golden Disc Award HD w/ EN Sub - there might be some IU fans here as well. I like the ending for IU - it may be impromptu? So enjoy! Welcome to soompi! Do not mind the naysayers. Haters gonna hate. Just enjoy the shipper ride!
  4. Hello everyone! It has been a while. I wish all health & peace for 2021 Am leaving you with this - am sure you have seen it but am also sure you guys love the BGM as we watch LMH in all his gloriousness -
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