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  1. Originally posted here - http://www.newsworks.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=475659
  2. LITERAL "When I feel myself alone, in between those thin branches, Will you remember me, in this much pain?" CONTEXTUAL TRANSLATION "I feel like am so alone. It hurts so much, do you even remember?" It is at mark 2:22 of the in Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/0gSEdT5M23E5utrxIofSBY?highlight=spotify:track:77odrU6Z94fsXryPiPf7P7 Some say it is part of someone's playlist - am not sure of this
  3. Before the London escapade, they also went for coffee in Korea. Just drove around in between whatever assignments they were doing. Simple stuff. Simple non-hallyu stuff - as reported by Dispatch. Just to dispel whatever impression you or others tend to get from the Dispatch report. But then again, why even compare?
  4. Agree on the protection part. Realistically though, I don't even think any celebrity couple would need their fans' blessings. At the end of the day, if a couple find themselves ready, willing and able to commit, the blessings they will seek are their respective family's and loved ones, right? And there is something I want to address to ALL of us here: Although this is a shipper's thread, I hope that none of us actually thinks that LMH or KGE owe us an explanation on where they stand re their personal relationship. We can only hope & look forward to some exciting possibilities. If none, then we wait right? And while waiting, we re-live fond memories, share creative presentations of their team-up or speculate on re-affirming what-ifs or dot connections. That means not disparaging LMH or KGE and not putting down others not even party to our OTP (like exes, other ships). HOPEFULLY WE DO NOT INVENT TIDBITS, especially unfounded ones just so we can support further shipping. Nope, not even as a joke. The way I see it, we fans are given the privilege of partaking in the joy of a celebrity's or a couple's chosen direction - be that dating, engagement, marriage or any type of life-changing commitment - should they choose to share. We also partake in the sorrow if they break-up or not come together at all. Even if they are public figures, the status of their relationship is something personal that is not owed to us or that we can even influence as fans or shippers. After all, they are human beings 1st before celebrities that we love. And despite the love that moves us here as supportive fans, the element of uncertainty is the hard part of the hazards of the shipping trade. So let us be careful of what we write & say and it is probably good to consider this next line as a golden rule -- if it does not add value or joy, then it is probably not worth throwing to the ether.
  5. Yes you are overthinking this one. MH side-swept JEC's arm because they were both laughing over their choices. It was an agreeable gesture.
  6. I posted this many pages ago, but you enjoy watching their dynamics -- JSH guested during his Special Day with Minoz/Bday Concert
  7. Adorably arrogant. LOL GJP is some character. You can hate him all you want because of his ineptness but you will love him still. I just love how he loves Jandi.
  8. Please click on the UPDATE #8 - THEMES & SEASON 1 for the explanation. You may explore options there I think later on...
  9. BTS of the beheading kiss is in -- now with subs, let the dissection begin Shipping Surgeons!
  10. LMH looks like an apparition! LMAO You know if KGE keeps at it - not liking posts w/ LMH on it - we can look at it as an admission by omission. Hehe
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