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  1. I was rewatching some later episodes and I just have to completely confirm, that both LG and JTE are totally sleeping together when TE was recovering from her injuries when she was kidnapped to KOC. They might not be doing it.. Lol. But totally sleeping together on the same bed. The hospital scene was proof. LG climbs into her bed so effortlessly and JTE just allows, like they have done many times in the past. We all know JTE is the type who would like push him off. But she just snuggles in. Lol. I just wanted to point that out. I just wonder... Wouldn't the Palace be in such a ruckus. Lol. So improper!
  2. I have a question. All of the characters n their doppelgangers ended up with the same partners in different universe or so it has somewhat been established for us to believe in. LG's mum n dad, in ROK, JH's mum n dad etc. After the whole reset... He seemed that way too.... Except... Our OTP. If JTE goes with LG.... Who is LJH gonna go with? And Luna in the reset seems to go with KMJ or Hyeon Min in KOC? If they have kids, aren't they like not doppelgangers anymore? By right, if we r going by the rules that was set up, JTE would have been with LJH, and LG would be with the reset Luna.
  3. Wow. Just wow. The BGM that was released is epic. I have never come across a Kdrama that has suc epic BGM. People might flame me but, as much as I was happy for the somewhat happy ending, I couldn't help but felt it was a bit flatten. They had such nice tension going on earlier on..I remember watching first few min of Ep1 and I was so hooked. The gun fight scene, LG standing as king, riding Maximus etc. I would still prefer to have TE as queen then both as time travellers. I think I would have like that if they could perhaps have a twist that TE was switch at birth with Luna (because Luna had cancer.. It is very possible... JTE mum had cancer), it might be a bit makjang... But if spin that way, add with some conspiracy.. It could well be into 20 or 22 episodes? Lol. Then we have more episodes!!!! Yes! Lol. The reason why I thought it would be nice if LG and JTE got married because.. It was implied like throughout the whole show. The uncle mentioned twice, lady noh was like.. That was what she always pray.. I mean, why deny good hearted people their wishes? OK, on a serious note, because it was repeated the whole time, I always thought they would end up ruling side by side. I need fanfics to survive now.
  4. Somehow.. I think that's quite possible!!! I can't believe it if they didn't have a kid together. I think LG makes a great fun dad and you can see JTE will be the stricter one. Perhaps they do have one in another universe? I still would have like JTE crossing over and be Queen BUT at least we don't get a stupid truck of doom and a few hundred years of waiting.
  5. Whoa... I took a peek.. Nobody throwing stones or cursing KES.... Happy Ending but but... They didn't get married? Then... Then... LG has no heir. So, he passes the throne off to someone else???
  6. That's it. Final episode. I am scared to watch.... Hahaha.... I am gonna get myself busy n come back here n check if everyone here is screaming bloody murder and threatening to fly over to Korea to talk some sense into KES.
  7. Anyone feeling the gratification I felt whenever LG gives PM Koo the cold shoulder? I was rewatching some episodes and I think Ep9 was it, where she was having a late night meeting with LG with the ES as JY and the whole Kimchi ppl. Lol. I find PM Koo really blalant. She just ask LG, the King of her country a very personal question and so out of the blue... About the "foreign traveller" aka JTE. I love how LG straight come back at her asking her if work is that boring. Hahahaha. And the nerve of her asking again if he is getting married. And LG immediately snapped back. I just feel so satisfy with how LG responded. Lol. LMH has improve his acting. He as LG, gives a different vibe and wears a different mask with ppl he is cautious about. He always have this authority-I-am-King mask when aiming his guards n this PM, but in front of JTE... He basically just melts.
  8. Thank u @Phoenix88! I could finally breathe now. Lol. Waiting for last episode is really stressful.
  9. Anyone knows any fanfics... Please save this person frm drowning till a new episode is out... Lol.
  10. But that doesn't explain how the video of JTE or LUNA (now I dunno who it is) was planted in the laptop and kinda meant for LG to see it.
  11. U know... If we have this loss memory thing... I am so gonna flip if we end up with an ending like the Japanese hit anime movie, Your Name. Has anyone watch it? Two main leads lost their memories of each other.. And years went pass and they felt something is missing.. Like a chunk of their memory removed and spend years trying to catch a familiar face or smtg in the crowds n as they go on daily life. One day.. They catch a glimpse of each other n met on a staircase.. N the whole thing ended with both seemly realizing they are each other's lost piece and at the same time ask "Your names is...???" and THAT is how they END. I'm a flip tables if we end this way. If KES is going by lost memories... I want a good 20minutes of them somehow regaining it back (I dunno how... Some trigger.. I don't care) and work to find each other back again and then I want a proper REUNION... KISS.. HUGS.. AND a wedding or fast forward few years down the road.. We got a happy family. After what LG and JTE went thru.. They need to have a happy family for themselves...
  12. Are they really??? Serious? Jinja????!!! I know right.... Every time that piano came up... My tears also came out.
  13. I have a question. WHY ARE THEY NOT RELEASING THE BGM YET???? Come on... I want that bgm when LG was taking care of JTE in the hospital. I want the bgm at the beginning of episode 5 where he first told her his name. The feeeeeellllss! Release them for uss.....
  14. My heart and my head can't. It just too heartbreaking at the bench. U can feel how tired and lost LG is. He knew he has to make a choice. Duty and his heart. As a king, duty always comes first. And it would not have been his character if he chooses to follow his heart. All the hospital, it was basically LG doing what a normal boyfriend does. No king.. No nothing. It is so sad because he knows it could be the last time he does it for her. I believe Luna will take JTE place in ROK. JTE meet LG in the time travel in between. They settle stuff. And went enjoying themselves in the past? Dating normally? I don't think LG abdicate. The title is the king. Lol. I think we will see JTE as queen.
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