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  1. Just asking. Does anyone know a rough estimation of time that Jiu Chen spent with Lin Mo in the mortal realm? One year? Few months? It does seems to be quite awhile.
  2. Thank you for the gifs. Omgosh.....Jiu chen is so darn steady. He just doesnt give a f*** about him and ling xi nor their age gap or even in the beginning..their differences in station. He just love unbashly. And to those who say he was attracted to ling xi's pure heart, i think it was most likelt her beauty first. He probably thought her very beautiful, and full stop. Later, he was curious and intrigued and then probably taken aback by her loyalty towards him n how she defended him, and her pure kind heart. I refuse to believe he doesnt find her attractive in the beginning. Hahaha. I am a female n even i think NiNi is so beautiful. I an attracted. Jiu chen is a male stuck in ice for 50000years!
  3. Ah...something like you don't like it but when pregnant, u suddenly crave for it. I wonder, if Jiu Chen found out Ling Xi is pregnant, would he reconsider his actions?
  4. Someone posted the peaches thing being ling xi pregnant?i kept reading it but I dont understand it. Would someone care to explain?
  5. You are right on the trailer. But I guess they didn't want to spoil much (which it all went down the drain after a few episodes because all the other trailers they released later were so spoilery) Hoenestly, when I first saw the L&D trailer (the peach blossom...lotus emerged Nini and the CC n moon)...I was like...nice bgm...beautiful Nini....WHO ON EARTH IS THAT MALE LEAD? Why he look so old? What is with that moon thingy? Did anyone did an analysis on that trailer? Why is Jiuchen holding the moon and passing it down to Ling Xi? And why is Ling Xi emerging from a lotus flower?
  6. I love how you put it into words. Jiu chen is used to being a man that takes action and I guess in episode 50-51, he is rather perplexed by Ling Xi's reactions towards him. I really like how humble he is to take Qing Yao's suggestions and insights in Ling Xi's behavior and doesn't rush over as much as he is so wanting to. And he decided to give Ling Xi that time she needs. This wouldn't have been the case if it is Jing Xiu. Jing Xiu has always been selfish and has his own agenda. Even making Ling Xi queen to keep her in Shan Ling tribe knowing full well that would separate her n Jiu Chen. No wonder Jiu chen is livid. After all the waiting and time he gave her, only to have her taking the position. One could only have so much patience. I like how while Ling xi has her charcater simple and uncomplex, Jiu Chen is like an onion. With a calm exterior, deep inside he is a man of much passion and emotions. I think even Ling Xi was taken aback by how displease he was when he thought she is gonna stay on the throne forever and it irks him so much that he actually wanted to go to the Sky Emperor to "kick her" off the throne. LOL.
  7. Thanks for the gifs @xunxine! I agree...chang chen has very expressive eyes. I thought he look so handsome in the third gif. Or scratch that...he look damn handsome with his hair up. They should have let him have his hair up more.
  8. Sidenote...anyone watch Savage? Was the ending bad as in main lead was killed? Lol. Need to get my fix of the two but hate angst.
  9. Wow...i need to do lots n lots of read back. Was MIA as I had some family affairs to sort out..which is still being sorted out. Took my almost a whole day to catch back up. Can u share what the analysis about the bed in douban that they did?
  10. Yes. Because the last time she visited YF...he got her drunk...and YF retorted back to Lingxi that Nian Er is also a Peach Blossom child ......implying that she shuld be good in drinking.
  11. Yupe...its comimg on Viki. If there is anyone here that is dying to know what happen n cant wait...just let me know which part u wanted to know n i try my best to give u a summary. I cant translate word for word as some words they used r a bit too deep. That aside...did someone saw the picture of the wedding vows Jiuchen wrote for Lingxi?can someone translate that? Its floating around instagram... I am really so sad...here i am...a chinese. That can speak n listen chinese but cant read n write. The frustration....
  12. I will. I really need subs. I can only barely understand it in chinese...damn those kissasian moderators. Feel like flaming them!!!
  13. @blueclueblue Yeah. That would be good. Sorry. My poor son is having a cough. I have been so busy. Lets keep the maim thread alive.
  14. I contributed to the USD 1 to watch the drama with subs...i am so angry now...kissasian stole their work! AGAIN! @@@"??!! omg. Shameless...i m never watching anything om kissasian again.
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