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  1. woah daebak I thought first it is my language and seems like can understand them then thought no,that is not possible these girls are so lucky!!!So jelly now Do you know Turkish by the way?^^
  2. yeah about this kid,have a question^^ this scene was first so when she talked with this kid,she didn't know where she is right? she escaped,then realized so why did she asked to this kid that question? Taeul know him from ROK after all so?
  3. O.M.G!!it is almost 4.00 am here,I was just waiting for Jenga game video peacefully and then These photosI almost had a heart attack That uniform againshe is alive,and they are together in KOC^^ friday where are you?! suddenly remembered this
  4. https://www.instagram.com/p/CANGPGlgze-/?igshid=1s3p9vs9i1m91 https://www.instagram.com/p/B_65LmyJt07/?igshid=1ixzz3ir0uyr Such genuine laughs of these men to me more likely that's KGE power!
  5. That'is also me exactlymy mood is still down,can't get over last scene,that was a final like scene,gave me feel like it is gonna be a very sad ending which gonna leave us devastated eventually oh please no Okay I'm not a optimistic person at all,that's because... agree with ost effect and piano sound just before next ep preview is also too sad:(
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