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  1. this thread is moving slowly... nvm, i just love the episode with Nov 25th broadcast - Master Kim Soo Mi - everyone head got hit with a gourd. it was so hilarious - esp on what Sang Yoon's mom wish to hear from him https://www.soompi.com/article/1269103wpp/lee-sang-yoons-mom-reveals-words-wants-hear-master-house being an actor, its difficult for him to get married and indeed in the recent episode, he look so young lately... what did he do? hahaha... He is not only mathematically smart but also can memorised his lines in 5 minutes! Sang Yoon, you're a gem... good to see that he has loosen up in recent episodes.
  2. Havent been here for quite some times... like over 100 ish pages ago... Happy to read that PSJ is the most beloved brand in 2018, despite the minority in netizebuzz.com saying otherwise after news of them probably dating broke out after the end of WWWSK. IT shows PSJ is a brand to be reckon with. Both PSJ and PMY are still popular with Koreans and i look forward to both projects in the new year. Double Park fighting! Oh and happy belated birthday PSJ!.... seeing the photo, i miss seeing PHS too!
  3. @polydadmiac - difficult to move on... even i tried to watch cityhunter, but still havent watch ep2 - kill me heal me - havent watch though saw snippets of it.... not sure when this slump is gonna end
  4. Glad to see everyone is still active in this site.... hahha... good to see the fan meeting with PSJ. After all the drama after the end of WWSK, glad to see that they are resuming their activities and meeting fans. I cant seemed to watch a drama long enough that hold my interest since the end of WWSK. Comments on 100 Days Prince seemed nice but it is draggy.. im like, ok, come on, he needs to remember now...but nope, drag again.. and how is it the acting is considered good when he always look serious? I need to rewatch sec kim Need to have more positive and happy vibes!
  5. Hi both... great to see you back... yes, the LA episodes are funny. Sad to see Sang Yoon worrying being in the variety show. i wouldnt be surprised if he thought of quitting the show. I guess because he is serious and he doesnt know how to loosen up, as it might tweak his image. But happy to see In Pyo's daughter recognise him rather than the other three Urugh, i never really finish About Time or Lawless Lawyer... sigh... the drama finished in a long time is Why Secretary Kim.. .
  6. Well... where is everyone? haha.. Anyways, just wanna congratulate the show for winning the 45the KBA Awards! Aug 27, 2018 by ilmare42 The 45th Korean Broadcasting Awards has announced its winners! The annual award ceremony is organized by the Korean Broadcasters Association, and this year’s event will take place on September 3. On August 27, the results of the judges’ evaluation were announced for this year’s awards. 201 works on Korean network television and 88 people who appeared on television were considered, with 23 works and 22 people chosen for awards. Some of the awards include BTS winning the Artist Award (for their appearances on programs such as MBC’s “Music Core” and KBS’s “Music Bank“) and KBS’s “Fight My Way” taking the award for Best Short or Mid-Length Drama. SBS’s “Master in the House” was given the Best Variety award. MBC’s “Cho PD’s Beatles Radio” received the award for Music Composition, while KBS’s UHD documentary “Journey on Foot” was awarded in the Documentary category. SBS’s “Eight O’Clock News” was awarded in the News Reporting category for its coverage of the detection of radon above safe levels within Daijin mattresses. SBS’s “Unanswered Questions” won in the Current Affairs Reporting category for its examination of the Gwangju Uprising, and TBS’s “Kim Eo Jun’s News Factory” was awarded in the Current Affairs Radio category. Choi Bool Am (of KBS’s “Korean Cuisine and Dining” and more) received the Lifetime Achievement Award, Park Na Rae (“I Live Alone” and more) was awarded as Best Comedian, and Kam Woo Sung (“Should We Kiss First” and more) won Best Actor. Park Sun Young of SBS was awarded as Best Announcer, and Lee Kyu Won of KBS won for Best Narration. The ceremony for the 45th Korean Broadcasting Awards will be held on September 3 at 3 p.m. KST, and will be broadcast live on SBS. This year’s grand prize award winner will be announced at the ceremony. Congratulations to all the winners!
  7. Just wanna say, i like stories on 2nd chance at love... and this seems to fit the bill.... Another one (old drama) running on cable now is Cunning Single Lady, didnt really watch it (i read the recaps after that, hahah) - one of the earliest 2nd chances drama i saw was Queen of the Game with Joo Jin Mo... thought that was great - and i just googled, and realized Lee Bo Young was the main actress on it - Jisung's wife - small world indeed...
  8. Great to see shippers still remember YJ and MS's wedding day today!... Congratulations Mr and Mrs Lee! We can not imagine how busy PSJ is with his movie, his endorsements and then him attending functions and meeting his friends and colleagues during weekends. I've watched his old videos and he seemed pretty humble guy and as his popularity grew, so did his confidence. As he now is own boss, ie, he set up his own company which manages his own time, endorsements and movies/dramas to appear, we hope to see him in more dramas or variety show? But he and PMY can compete with or be paired with in 2D1N - hahha - both are pretty competitive? Just like KMS and LYJ
  9. i wasnt really following the drama, just snippets of it on cable... am shocked to see the main lead change. I thought he did well, though i have read earlier nasty comments during the press conference/earlier episodes.... Take care and rest well KJH.
  10. hehe... yes, why did he open his mouth... im sure he is just so smitten with her... early part of the relationship... eating off the cheese from her mouth, unaware of his surroundings... haha I watched Midnight Runner yesterday and was surprised to know that KHN is actually younger than PSJ, i was wondering why in the interviews he addressed PSJ as Hyung.... somehow the movie didnt really end properly, in the sense that, the message is that police response will always be slow unless it is VVIP got involved. And saving those 20 girls, they probably should be given medals and not 500 hrs of community work.. sigh..
  11. Great to see them again and love that MY is so casual and friendly.. in wonder that is respectful, sometimes when you see your favorite stars, it is appropriate to start a conversation with them, if they are not busy and waiting in line for something as you are? hmmm... Out of curiosity, i wonder 1. Is MY's mom/parents living in Singapore? 2. SJ wears glasses - for real? And using contacts most of the time?
  12. @lovecarnation - thanks for the reply... i didnt watch all the episodes and knowing 66 was the last, i just tried my luck as I'm worried wasting several hours of my time if the ending is bad... i just want to see the episodes where Fuyao and Wuji are happy and married ... i got spooked when i saw the MV and the scene where Fuyao was stabbing at Wuji earlier on... and was worried that its gonna be a bad ending. Anyways, congrats to all for staying on 66 episodes to the end - *claps*
  13. ok, i dont understand the ending.. after all those knifing, they didnt die in the end? Right IT is a happy ending right? hmmm... i need to read the recap.. haha
  14. Seeing how hot it is in Seoul - what, freaking 39deg!!! People can really die in such a hot weather. Its great the cast all flew down to catch some cool air and rest... still no sighting of the park2 couple? I really am not surprise that the other casts acts as decoy while our couple is spending some quality time together. and in the other news - i'm looking for the sub version of the Ear Candy, between PMY and LJG - i know its old news, but still its interesting to see PMY teared up when LJG recognized her and i wouldnt mind to see them act in the drama together, though SJ might get really jealous. BUt JK need to put on weight and not be so crazily slim. urgh
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