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  1. this thread is moving slowly... nvm, i just love the episode with Nov 25th broadcast - Master Kim Soo Mi - everyone head got hit with a gourd. it was so hilarious - esp on what Sang Yoon's mom wish to hear from him https://www.soompi.com/article/1269103wpp/lee-sang-yoons-mom-reveals-words-wants-hear-master-house being an actor, its difficult for him to get married and indeed in the recent episode, he look so young lately... what did he do? hahaha... He is not only mathematically smart but also can memorised his lines in 5 minutes! Sang Yoon, you're a gem... good to see that he has loosen up in recent episodes.
  2. Havent been here for quite some times... like over 100 ish pages ago... Happy to read that PSJ is the most beloved brand in 2018, despite the minority in netizebuzz.com saying otherwise after news of them probably dating broke out after the end of WWWSK. IT shows PSJ is a brand to be reckon with. Both PSJ and PMY are still popular with Koreans and i look forward to both projects in the new year. Double Park fighting! Oh and happy belated birthday PSJ!.... seeing the photo, i miss seeing PHS too!
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