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  1. This is my exact sentiment regarding Lee Min Ho. His always been an actor whos at home with darker roles and villiany type but he just so happens to have the right amount of energy and intensity to succeed in romance genre which has made him the actor he is today and that we cherish this much but his always been that villainy lenient actor. He also has the right amount of coolness and flashiness that goes with it which makes it easy for him to execute such roles and he also has the menacing figure and height for it couple with his pentrating eyes his a wall and domineering male presence
  2. Lee Min Ho will be returning with a new acting project—the global video streaming service (OTT) Apple TV+ drama Pachinko (literal translation). Apple TV+ in the U.S. officially announced the production of the drama Pachinko and named the actor as the lead of its cast, which will be composed of Korean, Japanese, and American actors. The drama is based on a best-selling novel of the same name written by Korean-American author Lee Min Jin. Set to be distributed globally through Apple TV+, it will be conducted in three languages: Korean, Japanese and English.
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