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  1. @The Reel Life yes I love that one too, he can rock any image, from innocent school boy to sexy lofty chap did you find the article on posting photos on soompi helpful? I’m still waiting for the photo collection you mentioned This is so funny JH with that lovely soft voice attempting to be a morning alarm clock
  2. Loved the new photo shoot so much I have to re share here
  3. She edited the post. And separate English caption again, so sweet and thoughtful The presents and flowers are so lovely, and did she zoom in some of the binjin cakes for couple seconds longer?! https://www.instagram.com/p/CKBNTSsHLWX/?igshid=dp8ql0z03avw
  4. @veespn actually I like that idea too Loved their chemistry in Finding Mr Destiny and back in 2010s I had this strong suspicion that they dated although the internet wasn’t anywhere near as developed as today and there wasn’t really any reliable proof. Both oppa and ISJ were also super private. Looking at it now the past is just past...
  5. It is almost 11-1 now in my part of the world. Best birthday wishes to this incredibly beautiful lady inside and out, may you always shine brightly, laugh heartily and be happy video credit to the author
  6. @Noor90 absolutely, what I’m very proud of is that in his expansive career, most of oppa’s project choices were excellent, there wasn’t ONE production that I didn’t like after his military service. He is very picky when it comes to work selection and for a good reason. Didn’t he turn down Kim Eun Sook 4,5 times (including Descendants of the sun) before finally agreed to do Goblin. His strength lies in knowing well what is suitable for him and what’s not, while still honing his versatility in different genres and diverse challenges. So for the same reason I also agree that he shouldn’t do this
  7. @masunni haizz not to be a wet blanket but I think this would be hard given the lukewarm reception of TKEM domestically. The cast and crew were even robbed at the (local) SBS awards. But maybe perhaps it doesn’t matter anymore! Thanks to TMEM, WE (including MinEun) all “saw something beautiful” . Every time I look at these pics (credit to owners) I’m still marveling at how much they resemble each other xx The only ship I’d sailed prior to MinEun had docked and this one will too goooooo chingus
  8. @The Reel Life see this short clip for the difference in the attitude of the nominees for Blue Dragon “best new actor” https://www.instagram.com/p/BqhfHV2ByzU/?igshid=1eceszrdu8h74 About the singing haha, if you can suggest to JH to widen his repertoire then I’ll be able to share other songs too otherwise till now JH just loves to sing the same old songs again and again. Not sure if you have watched this silly show but I’m sharing one episode as below. Lots of live singing lol. JH and his best friend Ji Soo participated in season 4 (this was in 2016). The total 6 episodes are n
  9. Such a throwback. What is the chance of having GY oppa, Kwon Sang Woo, Lee Yo Won, Ryu Si Won in one production ever again! Impossible probably... (although after all these years I still don’t really understand the point of this MV )
  10. Goodnight BinJin chingus (background music Perhaps Love- Goong ost) credit to author
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