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  1. OMG... You’re right! I don’t know why I didn’t notice the reflection in the large frame at first. I uploaded a zoomed in section of the silhouette... It totally looks like LMH with his head tilted and his black mask on!
  2. LMH posted on IG with The King crew!!!! And it looks like KGE is the one taking the picture!!! https://www.instagram.com/p/CHUXiaGBgpP/?igshid=1fyqnpr1jxdok
  3. The video of him editing the behind the scenes footage gives me wedding day video vibes... Like he’s editing one of those slideshow/wedding day reception videos.
  4. LMH Posted again! At 4:30AM Seoul time... Must be having another one of those late night dates... Hehehehe He looks like he’s walking the same bike past as the July 2 video https://www.instagram.com/p/CD9kaFtJsBl/?igshid=1e31h2prgxo70
  5. You are totally right that this is an old photo. No way she could be wearing that outfit recently with how warm it is in ROK right now. I didn’t even realize her hair was longer too! Now LMH... You MUST respond to this post. Come on LMH, it’s been almost 2 friggen weeks!!!
  6. I zoomed in on her phone on the bottom right of the picture and it has the word “FRAGILE” on the bottom of the screen. I also zoomed in on her sunglasses to see if I could see anything in the reflection... LOL I thought I saw a dog with light coloured fur... not LMH’s dog though
  7. LMH, if this is a song about you not wanting to be alone and not knowing what to do if KGE ever leaves you then do you know what I say to that?.............
  8. https://www.instagram.com/p/CCkWpLqDPh3/?igshid=133mv96qef3ok LMH posted! What song is this?!
  9. LOL Just to be clear, LMH and KGE were the ones that walked up to us! We were all looking back and forth at each other in silence for what felt like 10 minutes just eating our popsicles. Hopefully I’ll have another popsicle dream tonight... But only me and LMH (Sorry KGE & Sorry hubby )... DON’T JUDGE ME! I can be an OIM in my own dreams ok?!?! But seriously though, when are they going to post?!?! If they post on the Silver Day (July 14) like a chingu previously mentioned, we are all REALLY going to lose our eyesight trying to find both of them wearing some
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