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  1. No, that is NOT what I am saying. I clearly said that to me it appears he wants to explore other types of projects such as producing and directing. He’s been showing us what he’s been doing in his vlogs and IG posts the past year. Seems like he’s been working hard to me (within the confines and restrictions of the pandemic). He’s been actively putting content out there. It’s just a different type of content because it’s not the Kdramas that we are used to seeing from him. “…he just has to say it so some of his fans can decide if they want to keep stanning
  2. I can definitely understand why many fans would like to see him in more projects and of course at an increased frequency. However, there could be many reasons why LMH is going at the pace is he going at. Maybe the scripts he’s getting do not appeal to him. As an established actor/celebrity, maybe he’s waiting to find a role that is not only different but one that also challenges him as an actor. Although Pachinko is not out yet, the role he’s playing does sound a bit different than any role he seemed to have played before. Honestly, when I take a step back and look at w
  3. KGE just posted and is tagging the same photographer as LMH tagged recently… https://www.instagram.com/p/CPfQ9wQjBya/?utm_medium=copy_link I think someone may have mentioned this earlier on in the thread but I feel like the timing of all the posts are more than just a coincidence. KGE and the photographer both posted on May 21st pictures from a shoot/shoots they did for her. LMH posts pictures with that same photographer and tagging him one week ago from today (My IG doesn’t say the exact date right now for some reason). Today KGE posts
  4. Yasss!!! This video definitely has a more up beat feel to it. He seems super relaxed and having an awesome time - full of laughs and smiles. Hopefully this means he will comeback to Vancouver!
  5. I hope he’s here for at least a month! The weather has be pretty awesome these few days but he should be in quarantine and by the time he gets to leave the hotel it’s going to be raining. And it also gives me more time to hunt him down
  6. Feb 6th?! That’s like in 2 weeks! Hopefully he’s actually here Feb to April or closer to April. It’s pretty cold right now
  7. Just watched both their Smart commercials, HB’s car totally appears at the end of SYJ’s commercial. Sorry if this was already discussed before. Lol
  8. Canadian border is closed to travellers for the most part but I believe there are exceptions if it’s for individuals coming here for work, study, funerals and other special circumstances so long as they are following the requirements of self quarantining for the 14 days and any other rules set by the Canadian Government.
  9. Some sites and Twitter posts say Vancouver. Can someone please confirm?! Lol If he is coming to Vancouver, I’ll be going around the city looking for him screaming “Oppa!”
  10. Hi all, just wanted to get some of my thoughts down but I’m sure many people have said the same things already It’s unfortunate to see some people bash HB and his character for his previous denials about his relationship with SYJ... Although we are fans, we only see a tiny slice of their life through the media. Celebrities do not owe us anything. They have a right to their privacy. Some will say, “That’s the price of fame and being a celebrity!” Is it really? Just because they are celebrities does that mean they MUST tell us every detail regarding their private relationsh
  11. That ship and this ship are the only 2 I’ve ever boarded... Not really even because of each couples chemistry on screen but what I saw/see in all the behind the scenes, interviews and promotional clips. I’ve said it before that I feel I have a pretty good sense when picking up on attraction between 2 people. I’m pretty ecstatic that I’m 1 for 2 so far! You’re right about waiting longer for the other ship to sail though. But I don’t mind enjoying one cruise first then having the next one set sail a little after. If both sailed at the same time, I think I would sp
  12. What an awesome start to 2021! Posted a picture of their confirmation on my own IG story and all my friends were ecstatic! Lol
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