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  1. They look real good together. But I think someone said this picture is photoshopped. If only we could look at each of their phones. I wonder how many selfies and pics of each other they have!
  2. $&@?! I was thinking the production team needed more time to edit We definitely need more bts or swoon videos to tie us over!
  3. KGE just posted on IG! https://www.instagram.com/p/CAuOdTkDUWM/?igshid=115345frmhwhn Edit: LMH standing in front of her? She does a quick glance up while she’s acting all cute!
  4. Sorry had to cut your post. What if Lady Noh is the character that dies? LG filming with her may be him travelling back in time to talk to her when she was sitting outside reading the poems from the book. And then like you said, they go back to her time to make sure she doesn’t get split up from her family?
  5. Maybe they are filming Lady Noh’s story with LG’s grandfather and Lady Noh is somehow related to JTE? So LG and JTE both look like their ancestors??? My brain hurts. Lol
  6. You’re right... there’s pictures of the set that they are on and it looks a bit old? https://www.instagram.com/p/CAt8mGZgZit/?igshid=83k7934rwkfj Damn! Still can’t embed images
  7. I haven’t watched any other Swoon bts videos except for TKEM... Do they normally put hearts and stuff around the lead couples or are they shippers too?
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