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  1. I second this! I also need it for research purposes ofcourse @effyisme same here! hahaha I also wonder why? @koreaboooo, then that pic could have been uploaded before the make-out sesh? haha
  2. Check this out guys, the shooting of the bed scene could really be before May 8. Specifically, May 1. hoho It might not be a big deal for the others, but for us shippers, it is. We know how passionate the kiss turned out to be, and I doubt that they did not feel anything right after that. Confirming about the time the kiss was shot for me is a big deal. Thanks @graceyco for the link!
  3. Nice. So now we are settled who is in front of her that time. She is doing Aegyo in front of the camera, in front of MH. @Lisa_BB Same here, I loved BinJin's chemistry, but not to a point that I actively posted on Soompi threads, and even made a fan-account on twitter. LOL. I became a hardcore shipper because of MinEun. Despite of the fact that I was burnt badly when I shipped a local celebrity loveteam here in my country but did not end up together, I just couldn't help myself from being too invested again on another ship, my first for Korean leads. It is LMH and KGE's fault! They are oozing with chemistry!
  4. I did not really notice it in Goblin I just noticed it when I saw the BTS vid where MH was teasing her. @Lisa_BB they had a really toxic schedule. I hope they'll be able to rest well and take a short break from doing another drama or movie until they are fully rested. But hoping for a magazine shoot for our couple like BinJin. BTW, the shoot of BinJin was after the drama or during the drama? I cannot recall anymore...
  5. Good morning fellow court ladies! While we are waiting for the BTS (THEY SHOULD DROP IT TODAY!!!!), Blessing this thread with our queen's cute way of running No wonder why MH teased her on Ep 9 BTS haha. She looks sooo cute when she runs EDITED: I am not familiar with how long a 16-episode drama usually shoots, but is it normal for it to have an 8-month long shooting schedule?
  6. So it is indeed the plum necklace. ^___^ Kudos to our friends here who notice it. KGE is really pretty. The kind of face that gets prettier the more you look at it
  7. They should give it to us! No ifs and buts! haha But I won't expect any IG posts from the two tomorrow since there won't be any TKEM episode to be shown. On Saturday perhaps? LOL
  8. I am thinking that maybe they will show the "extra" scenes that was mentioned on a twitter post a few pages back the next day after episode 16? If that is the case, then I think it is fine. LOL I prefer beheading than a mere head pat.
  9. Maybe they are not done with editing for this week's episodes? Coz of all timeslots, why TKEM's? I hope they will just show both episodes on Saturday. It would be torture to wait for another week after one episode
  10. No way! I am thinking that maybe tkem team is not yet done with editing and all for ep 13&14? So would this mean the last ep will be shown at June 12? Or 2 episodes will be shown on sat? Huhu this is sad
  11. OMG how true is this? Would this mean no episode tomorrow even on Netflix?!!! Maybe this is why they have given not too many stills? No TKEM tomorrow? I hope they will give announcement about when the remaining 4 episodes be shown.
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