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  1. She probably had extra hair dye stuff in her bag. Oooor she must have invented some traditional hair dye lol. I feel the same about the poison. The writer must have struggled to find some danger for ES. There was no truck back then, so she couldn't possibly add truck of doom. Instead, she used the poison of doom. That was amazing, I'd say. Definitely not something even my makjang mind can come up with.
  2. To all moslem folks in here.... maybe you'd like to see this: https://www.instagram.com/p/CC-fzKpJsdW/?igshid=1osfcka239pxg If you understand, you understand.
  3. Easy. I'll just throw in the truck of doom so that their car will be crashed and fall off a cliff. Sunmi will drift on the river, end up in a remote village, have her memories lost (amnesia babyyyy) and fall in love with Choi Dalpo: They get married and have a baby daughter. Their daughter will grow up pretty and go study in Seoul, where she meets a handsome professor Do Minjoon:
  4. Hhm. Good points. Maybe we should have different scenario. I'm thinking of Secretly, Greatly and Sunset in My Hometown crossover. We can have this Dong Gu: work part time job in a karaoke. There, he falls head over heels for Sunmi after listing to her rap: How about that, mom? Added: Our captain may react like this: Isn't it fun?
  5. YES PLEASE!!!!!! Ksh is my oppa. We share the same last name. Heh. If they do end up together, (in a project. Calm down, people.) I want it to be real angsty. The two are exceptional cryers. Imagine this Kge: With this Ksh: Great angst, right? Besides it may induce extreme jealousy and anger. Y'know, probably something like this: Don't y'all want that?
  6. @Prerna we are sharing my oppa. It's not the problem. The problem is that my oppa doesn't want to share me. He wants me all for himself So we have binjin shipper here. Hello @inBinJinitrust! Hhm. My binkyo shipper asz senses danger. I shall return to my cave for now. Laters! P.s. please don't murder me.
  7. Congrats! You just won yourself return flight tickets to South Korea. Which airport will you be departing from? I'll send you the boarding pass right away! @Prerna @extrodinairey Just let me fangirl in peace, okay? My oppa ljs may be discharged earlier than scheduled bcs of covid, so I have very little time with Lmh. Don't ruin this for me, moms.
  8. https://www.instagram.com/p/CC0iLTEgSTg/?igshid=7tnxi295zkn8 Spot me in that crowd, and I'll buy you tickets to South Korea. I am dead serious, guys. Go find me now! Go! Go! Go!
  9. Me too. But I will just sit back and try to trust the writer. Just like she gave us one crucial handhold at the end of ep 8 after teasing us about it, I'm sure she'll give us one hell off a kiss later. All the longing, the frustation, the love, will be shown the next time they kiss. I'm sure it'll be hawt.
  10. Agreed. Honestly, when ST started screaming, I kinda wanted MY to snap and scream back at ST's face that he was the one who left KT. Ugh. I'm so cruel. I'm sorry.
  11. Yo mom @extrodinairey here's the upgraded version: https://www.instagram.com/p/CCuxk6ppX0L/?igshid=1b0w3f2ctpd7x Let's all take a moment to memorize this route, guys. This is important. P.s. Please note that I definitely DID NOT imagine our captain driving from MYM to BH to pick up ggone while watching that video. I DID NOT do such thing, okay? Thank you.
  12. @koreaboooo eonnie, I love those scans! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Take my points! Take my heart! Take my everything! I love youuuuuu
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