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  1. @Heretorant Hi chingu nice to see you here! Exactly what I thought hahah. I think the writer is going with Kang Mooyeon' dilemma in DoTS. She loves Yoo Sijin, but scared of his job, as it's dangerous and can get him killed any time, thus will hurt her. But she decided to be with him anyway, bcs she loves him so much and being away from him scares her more than his death. So in this case, HT just likes MH so much that he doesn't mind getting hurt if he can spend at least a month with her before she leaves. I can't really follow this logic, but I guess we should just go with it
  2. I am totally with you. They didnt even have to focus on the love triangle. But at least use that plot enough to get viewers interested in Hanseok's story. Yeah, that's unfortunate. There are times where I feel like the writer-director could have used certain moments to display Hanseok's secret obsession with CY. One example is when they kissed at the art gallery. I was really hoping that Hanseok would see the cctv footage or even pictures, and give some kind of reaction. Just enough to remind us viewers about his feelings for her. But instead the show just completely forg
  3. True. It was in fact the best kind of confession. But the problem is, he did it out of necessity. Wil he do that if CY wasn't in danger? Will he admit his feelings at all? I don't think so. Bcs by now I seriously thought that leaving Korea is out of the picture for him. Why? He has a whole family in Geumga plaza. But no, he still insists that he's leaving. Tho he promised CY that he would return, I saw that promise as "yeah-i'll-visit-you-sometimes" not "i-will-try-to-come-back-for-good-and-stay-with-you". So if Hanseok hadn't kidnapped CY, V would be leaving Korea, and they would part with a
  4. Now, now. Give Hanseok a break. He pulled the trigger without aiming first. Besides, it looked like he was shocked to realize he had shot the "love" of his life. Pfft. His audacity is really something. If the writer had given us more of his backstory with CY, I whould have believed him when he said he loved her. At least in his twisted way. But they didn't give us anything. Instead, they dropped it right after CY found out his real identity. Their backstory would also add colors to Hanseok's character. Now he's just staight up villain. The obly thing keeping me from ful
  6. Nah. I have been waiting for this. Now that V fake-died, I need CY to step up her game. Maybe CY will be the one to ruin Babel. Hopefully. I love her antics and everything, but I want to see badass CY. I wouln't call her useless, but her contribution so far has been painfully mild. I was promised to get a highly intellegent and intuitive female lawyer, so much that she was considered an ace at Wusang even when she's still very young. But I don't think the show delivered. Idk. I just hope the writer would give her more to do. I may be a minority here, but I was not a fan of the famo
  7. Episode 14 got me like Goodbye, my friends. See you in the afterlife.
  8. Omg omg did cy just offer to go to Italy with vc? Is this a foreshadow?
  9. Sigh. I am not a big fan of that plot either. It is, like you said, cliche. But it seems like the writer is going that direction. We'll have to wait and see. Hopefully the writer comes up with something that won't make cy a weak character. She's been helped by cy so many times now. The writer wasted their chance to show us how good cy really is as a lawyer this week. But I guess it was inevitable. They had to include Mr An somehow. But we still have 8 episodes to go. I'm sure there will come a time for cy to shine. Maybe just like she asked for in episode 10, cy will get to make the last shot
  10. Yasssss!! I haven't finished ep 12 so I don't know how this one is gonna end, but finally we get to see cy's reactions! Yeay! I loved that punch! He deserved it! But i kinda wished she had pulled his puddle hair instead, just like she did the bank ceo. Heh. But seriously tho jw's audacity to lie and act innocent really disgusts me. GOSH I HATE HIM SO MUCH BUT HE'S SO HOT I'll finish the drama later after work. Excited to read your comments!
  11. Another thing that kinda disappointed me was the ending of episode 11. So far the drama has always given us great endings, but last night was meh for me. It was disappointing that vc had to hear the true identity of babo from someone else. All this time we were given hints that vc already 'sensed' that jw isn't who hr pretends to be. Ever since their exchange in ep 6 where jw warned/treathened vc to know when to give up, everytime jw did something, the camera would always catch vc's reaction as if to tell us that he's suspicious of jw. I can understand if it was just speculations on his part a
  12. Alright now that I have calmed my ash down I have to say that I'm a little scared of what's to come. Especially on the romance part. Assuming that she was lying/hiding her feelings last night, she has been 'turned down' by vc four times now. And knowing this writer, everything is going to come back later. Something big is gonna happen. Vc will regret turning her down and not showing his feelings sooner. If we want to be positive, maybe it'll be all comedic where vc tries to confess to cy but fails several times. But on the negative side, I'm scared for cy's safety.
  13. OH NO. OH NO. OH NO NO NO NO. Just when I thought I had things figured out.... Tonight episode was quite a surprise. This drama is giving me headache
  14. Honestly at this point, I don't care about the gold anymore tho I'm sure it'll have some significance later, especially now that almost every character knows about it. I can't help but be invested in the romance. They're so cuteeee But I agree that it's too soon for them. They have too much on their plate. Back to my prediction, I'm guessing it'll happen on the last two weeks. It HAS to happen. Or I'm gonna go rambo on the writer
  15. Right! Totally forgot about him. Now I wonder who's gonna be the one to harm CY. By the looks of it, HS has figured out that she's kinda 'important' to JW. Btw, I'm curious about the oldest Jang brother mentioned last week, Jang Hanseok. Is he the supposedly real CEO? What happened to him? How come JW isn't listed as one of the family members if he is the legitimate son? Can you fabricate a family registry? Does anyone know?
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