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  1. I will take all food trucks and coffee trucks on LMH’s behalf. Am hoping we get a glimpse of his physical appearance for the show soon
  2. Every time that pic of LMH shows up (^ see above), I picture @Heretorant thoughtfully staring at me
  3. Okay so y’all know those weird food truck thingies that I originally thought were advertisements that celebrities send to their celebrity friends? We don’t do that in the US or Canada which is why it took me forever to figure out what hell was going on BUT I THINK WE CAN GO INTO BUSINESS! The LMH thread here has gotta start bringing in some revenue I will go buy a run down truck or van, definitely not the white creepy children kidnapping one, and we will convert it into an ice cream truck and haul it up to Canada to deliver LMH a snack While he
  4. Hmm usually with the Golden Globes, they’ll invite the whole cast if the drama gets nominated, or an excess of cast/crew are nominated. Imagine them legs going up the red carpet.
  5. Alright I got me a casting dream list Hoonie - Daniel Dae Kim. Shoo in for the veteran actor, supporting role at the beginning. Sunja - I reeeeally want Gemma Chan to play her, even though she’s Chinese. Gemma + LMH holy Jesus the visuals Noa - Ki Hong Lee. He would look so cute with an aged up LMH, and he’s a great actor will come back with more
  6. Shoutout to all of us who thought that the LMH drought after TKEM was because of some sort of international casting. Am gonna need the rest of the cast now pls
  7. I just realized I don’t have AppleTV DAAAAMNIT I’m still broke from TKEM PPL and now I gotta buy a new streaming service
  8. Speaking of LMH advertisements, I still find it hilarious every time I find his greasy chicken box in mukbang videos.
  9. Any reporter worth their salt should be out and about getting their breaking news 24/7 Also LMH seems to be slightly nocturnal at this point
  10. The superhero bias is incredible. Movies like Endgame/Wonder Woman/Logan...incredibly made and acted and pull in $1 billion+, no critical recognition. Commercially successful things are successful for a reason. It’s like disliking LMH because he’s TOO popular...he’s popular for a reason. I haven’t forgiven Wallace Huo for Legend of Ruyi still. Hot AF though.
  11. The timing is perfect too. The best acting job in the world can easily be shut out at the awards because of politics and campaigning. Lady Gaga is my queen, but she campaigned for her Oscar harder than Biden is doing right now. Hollywood’s politics plays a massive role in it as well. We’re hitting a LOT of positives right now. Hallyu wave in the US - this country is turning into Koreaboos (sorry @koreaboooo) and anything Korean is on fire right now. Riding off of Parasite - the “seal” has been broken, so to speak. Push on diversity and inclusion -
  12. EVERYTHING gets leaked about the TV shows. Once Upon A Time basically used the same 3 streets to film, so everything that was an exterior shoot got leaked. It’s also teeeeeny tiny compared to Seoul/Busan - you can jog the downtown area in an hour or two. It’s a few KM. Oh and I don’t know if it’s just the CW and some other TV studios that do this but they put signs up a day or two in advance warning STREETS CLOSED 10/25 - LEGENDS OF TOMORROW FILMING and then the twitters are all over it. At least for the TV, they’re pretty “meh” when it comes to letting
  13. I will say this - Korea Dispatch got nothing on the $hit that goes down in Vancouver. For one, the place is TINY, with a handful of studios and dozens upon dozens of series filming all at once. We have a joke in the Arrowverse fandom that all six shows only have one hospital room and one set of outdoor staircase. Any location filming will give us some incredible photos. The leakers and “dispatch” are also insanely accurate - they can catch anything and everything, especially c*nadagraphs. They’re not the...most respectful, but they keep a far away enough distance . They can tru
  14. Would Lee Min Ho, top Hallyu star in the world, even NEED to audition? Surely they would screen test him, chemistry test him and his potential co-stars...but someone of Lee Min Ho’s star in a Korean collab on a streaming service wouldn’t audition. If he was trying to go for an MCU or hitting up pilot season in the US, sure, he would audition. But something like this...I imagine the offer would be made by the studio to MYM, with other K actors on deck if it fell through. And what the hell are they trying to say with “oh he’s been cast but he still has to audition”? It do
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