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  1. hello it’s been a long time I wanted to say that I finally got to visit the alley today and had the Tae Eul/Lee Gon drink AND I got the reusable cup JTE had it’s a sign that they’re marrying
  2. Happy one year anniversary of SHIN JAE AND HIS SHOES SAVING LEE GON I will die on this hill
  3. Hello good day Are they married yet Am I married to either one of them yet Its been a hot minute Also I’m greatly appreciate of LMH being in my time zone so we don’t have insane posting times on IG
  4. I’m still in slight disbelief that Lee Min Ho will be a 2 hour drive from me, and more specifically, in the city that my aunt lives in that pre-2020 I used to drive up to every month or so...and I’m banned from entering the country.
  5. They also had a head start from the 2018 movie. We are pacing about a year behind so...set your timers for 2022! In all seriousness, I’m so happy for my only other couple, and I hope when the news for our children come out, the reaction is just as lovely. So many similarities between the two situations. ALSO! It’s almost the 1 year anniversary of TKEM. I propose a massive group rewatch with all sorts of activities. I realize it’s 4 months away but Party planning is fun. and yes I realize all of us in here can’t technically rewatch because n
  6. Okay first off, Happy New Year - work is crazy so I took a month and a half break for anything happy and I missed y’all I thought maybe we were overexaggerating LMH’s sadness but he genuinely looks miserable being there. This whole thing is just freaking WEIRD. TKEM didn’t fail anywhere near as KMedia claims it did. It’s 2020, and global outreach on social media is a massive part of success. The cast and crew also are super close and the behind interactions showed a super happy crew that was very pleased with the work and proud of what they made. TKEM took over The Sw
  7. It’s very obvious - she shows it to him when he comes back from the awards and they go to bed.
  8. I think I blacked out for a moment when I saw. It’s been well over a year - ups and downs, nonstop rewatches of CLOY...lately I’ve been watching again after about a half year break. Dunno why, just felt like I had to watch CLOY again. Just...all the warm fuzzies for them. And for me. And for all of you. 2021 is going to be incredible. What a beautiful moment to be a part of.
  9. Wait she’s eating rice cakes Damnit now I’m triggered its going to be rice cakes all the way from now to lunar new year to their wedding day
  10. Gotta keep Dispatch off their tails now that they’ve lost their only competition for “Most Obvious KShip”
  11. KGE, what a queen The Internet is melting down and Queen posts food pics biggest revelation of 2020 was becoming a full on KGE stan
  12. Happy New Year to all of y’all! Thanks for being one of the few bright spots of 2020. As horrible as this year was for everyone, so much of it was spent on TKEM and it was always warm and fuzzy feelings. Also, I maintain that KGE’s continued “indifference” towards LMH on social media is very, very, very, deliberate.
  13. If this is a sign of things to come in 2021, it’s much better than when a windstorm ended Seattle’s fireworks show in 2020. Also, no words posted for LMH. HIGHLY SUSPECT.
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