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  1. Was it Haeri that killed Micheal? Is she a double agent within the NIS? Why did she go to Lisbon? Who was she talking too? Suicide by pistol? In episode 2, they showed her checking on Micheal in the car. She even asked about autopsy. Was that an act?
  2. It's hard to feel sad for Veronica's death because we only know her in this episode. If she was developed throughout the series then maybe I could of felt the impact of Sanchez's loss. She just feels like a ghost of the week. I think that's the problem with most of the characters in this series. BTW, can anyone tell me what song they played at the end credits for Episode 11? It sounds like IU's singing voice. I feel like it's the best song in the soundtrack.
  3. Did anyone catch the reference to BTS? There was a story that the BTS members see ghosts. Anyway, isn't it a little late in the series to introduce a main villain?
  4. The ghost sub plot for episode 8 was pretty much pointless and resolved quickly. It didn't really add anything to the overall plot. Why did the grandma's imagination haunt the house? I was more interested in Mon Wol's past and her connection with Mi Ra.
  5. So when did Man Wol became so materialistic? She's totally different from her past Joseon self. Did she always want to live like a billionaire princess?
  6. I really like how they dressed IU like Audrey from Breakfast At Tiffany's.
  7. I think it's horrible that the Mina character pushed off her classroom and murdered her but the classroom ghost would get her revenge and kill the Mina character? You're punishing a character by doing the same thing? What lesson is that? Not only that but her soul gets sent to the underworld?
  8. Woah. Today's episode was a bit dark. Did IU send the soul of that girl that killed her classmate to hell? Also, IU looks like the Devil wearing that red jacket.
  9. I wonder if the Grandpa Manager fell in love with IU when he was younger. This is just a theory on the ending of this drama but I think Jin Goo will find a way to free IU from the hotel and she'll become mortal. Hence, she will finally be able to grow old. Possibly with Jin Goo?
  10. Did IU's character kill the old guy that stabbed her? He turned into dust after he was stabbed. Was he human? Demon?
  11. That HeeJin girl needs to go. She keeps getting someone almost murdered. Also, now the real Mi-Do and the cop boyfriend knows about SY and ChanMi's secret. Yet, they can't tell SY's parents that she is still alive? This is getting complicated. I'm surprised that the real Mi-Do didn't make herself look like SY. Who's the actress that plays the real Mi-Do. What she going to do know that her identity has been killed off. Are the bad guys going to think she's SY brought back alive with another face?
  12. Wait... If Chan Min can prove to his mom that he is really Chan Min, then why can't SY do it to prove it to her mom that it's really her? I mean, the drama proved that it's possible in this universe. Also, why Chan Min's ex-fiancee still using a wired phone that could track her? She's so selfish that she needed a pregnancy test that she would go out in the woods in the middle of the night? Also, why to tell the killer who SY really is.
  13. I remember the real Mi-Do stating that she was going to get plastic surgery. Could the real Mi-do changed her look to look like Se-yeon before she had died?
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