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  1. I just realized something. Shin Sung-Rok was suppose to be in this drama, and if that were to happen then they would had reunited the cast of Return. All playing basically the same characters. Yoon Jong-Hoon and Bong Tae-Kyu in that drama also moved a dead body and tried to pretend nothing happened.
  2. This video has a theory that the person that stabbed Shim Suryeon wasn't Ju Dan Tae but someone else and that what we saw in the drama was the imagination of CSJ. CSJ thinks JDT killed SSR so that's what we saw. It was basically from her POV. JDT might be telling the truth when he said he didn't murder SSR.
  3. During the special, Lee Ji Ah said that Heechul asked if Shim SuRyeon was really dead... but all Lee Ji Ah could say was that it was a spoiler. Just want to point that out.
  4. There is a speculation that this is SSR's hand. Is this the morgue? Will the audience know that SSR is still alive before the characters of the drama? Assuming that is the big reveal of Season 2.
  5. I think we will. The doppelganger was hinted at on episode 20. Penthouse season 2 premieres Feb. 5, 2021
  6. My Prediction: I think SSR will pretend to be her twin sister or doppelganger. I also think this doppelganger is the wife to the President of South Korea.
  7. Remember, she escaped. Thanks to Logan. She never actually turned herself in. She was arrested at the Penthouse AND admitted that she *murdered* SSR.
  8. I heard that season 2 starts 6 months after OYH stabbed her neck again. That would be a year after SSR was *murdered* and the twins went abroad. They should be back in Korea when the season starts. What I want to know is who is taking care of YH's daughter for a year.
  9. If SSR is dead for good, there is theory that SSR's twin sister will be the one that will get revenge on JDT for not only her sister but for her niece Min Seol-A. Also, save the twins from his clutches. Pretending to be SSR.
  10. Unless the maid gets punished by SSR* first. *Whatever if it's the real SSR, her doppelganger, or the Red Dress Ghost from Ghost Detective.
  11. I keep watching episode 20 but did anyone else find SSR's text messages to Yoo Hei seem out of character. Especially if you compare it with what she wrote in the petition. SSR also saved Rona from a speeding truck. Why would she text that Rona will end up like Seol-A? Not only that but her conversation with Logan when he gave her the plane ticket. It seems like she didn't care for Hye In but cared more about the twins and was hesitate of receiving the plane ticket. Something is off. Also, the Parcel that was mentioned. She never picked it up.
  12. They did reveal JDT pushing Seol-A off the balcony in a earlier episode. Like it was his memory. I keep watching the scene where Logan shows SSR the photo of her doppelganger/twin and I noticed how she responded after looking at it. She doesn't believe it and asks how could this happen. She doesn't even ask who this person is or why they look alike. It feels like she knows the girl in the photo and can't believe that she's the mother of the twins. Then she asks where she is and Logan just stares at her. Again, We have no idea who her family is. For all we know she could have a
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