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  1. Yes, they never showed any evidence that OYH has/had parents. There's no picture of them anywhere. How did she afford to get into Cheong-Ah High School?
  2. Penthouse Season 3 will premiere June 4 and will have a one episode per week schedule.
  3. It wouldn't shock me if Shim Su-Ryeon and Oh Yoon-Hee are long lost sisters. We don't know much about Oh Yoon-Hee's parents other than she didn't grow up with a father and we don't know much about Shim Su-Ryeon's father other than he founded a construction company. What if... Shim Su-Ryeon's father cheated on his wife (SSR's mother) with OYH's mother, and she gave birth. The reason OYH didn't grow up with a father is because she was a illegitimate child. Throughout Season 1 and 2, we see this sisterly bond between the two main characters. OYH calls SSR "unni", and S
  4. Change the relationship to the main characters?? Well, they could make SuRyeon and YoonHee biological sisters. We never did find out about Oh Yoon Hee's parents. OR They could just talking about Lee Ji Ah. We finally find out that Na Ae Gyo and Shim Su Ryeon are in fact twin sisters.
  5. Uh, that's not going to happen. You don't have to worry about it. LOL. Seriously though, I thought that was the hotel where Logan was staying at in Season 1 and Season 2?
  6. She already did come back in Season 2. She appeared in both BRN and SSR's imagination and a flashback.
  7. I know JAKOMO is a real furniture brand and they probably enjoy the product placement in the drama, but you have to wonder if they were keen on the idea that someone got blown up in a explosion in front of their flagship/factory store on their parking lot. Buy a JAKOMO sofa while you watch Shim SuRyeon scream in pain looking at a car fire on our parking lot. LOL. What was her mom's plans anyway? Ruin CSJ's singing career by becoming a ghost singer? Ruin the engagement of JDT and CSJ? Have a psycho nanny get closer to EB? In the end, she and Logan Lee basical
  8. RN felt guilty for taking MSA's place after finding out that her mom pushed her off the edge. She was trying to make amends in her own way by winning the trophy for MSA.
  9. I think S2 got one of S3's episodes. OYH's suicide ending while SSR standing holding onto the letter seemed like the cliffhanger that would lead us into Season 3. I heard each episode in Season 3 was 2 hours long
  10. Is the merger of JK Holdings and Cheong Ah Group still valid? If so, doesn't SSR now own all the assets belonging to JDT? If that is true then SSR technically owns the majority of shares to Cheong Ah Group. She can instate whoever she wants. I wouldn't be surprised in the end, OYH becomes the director of Cheong Ah High School. While I agree that she's our resident Kang Hee, I don't think she is the one that killed MSA. Possible, but unlikely. I partially believe that she's EB's birth mother but I'm not too sure. I can also can see her being responsible for heinous
  11. I agree with this. There is a reason why he appeared when CSJ was entering the prison van. I believe he will help CSJ escape. He did hide any video proof of CSJ committing involuntary manslaughter. How else are you going to have CSJ back in the show? She was sentenced for 7 years.
  12. It's Taxi Driver, and it premieres this week. Taking over Penthouse 2's timeslot. Penthouse 3 is supposedly start filming in two weeks. Unless PES is going to show up mid season (similar to Lee Ji Ah), I don't think he'll be in the new season. Who really knows though ------- Penthouse 2: Hidden Room keeps on suggesting that EB's real mother is the nanny.
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