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  1. Did God hear my pray on this fasting month???....Everyday i pray that LMH could make my KGE happier than ever...also KGE to towards LMH...fainted again and again....the best news before i celebrate Eid with people all over the world....hihihi
  2. alrite...i'm screaminggggggggggggggg..kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...this BTS make my day after i'm crying a lot watching their sad scene in EP10..komawo..i'm just arrived at home from my workplace....how happy i'm watching this two....
  3. But at the end actually..their laughing happily smiling together all BTS..i'm the one that crying heavily suffering heartbroken behind this lappy on the couch....both of you were really great!!! I'm really pray both of you will get married...
  4. I'm crying again just like Eun Tak being separated from Goblin Ahjusshi...seeing KGE crying like that, it so painful...Dear Writer..please...please...make it a happy ending...Thank God i will busy working at the office starting NEXT WEEK..much more better to make my mind busy....
  5. Wahh..my heart gonna be explode....hahahhah.. i'm worried that i'm might be broken hearted to sail this ship...i'm just waiting for a good news, especially for Kim Go Eun...You're a strong woman...show to 'them' , you can be the happiest person with someone that you love without any burdens and distractions...Hwaiting!!!
  6. waaa....there were scene in EP 07 & EP08 give me a goosebumps...so mysterious and more intense!!!..how our couple future then..but the key focus on Shin Jae right now...Hwaiting everybody..now i'm return myself to a sloth landing on the sofa..dying on waiting for the next chapter..huhu..Can PD-nim make the next kissing scene a bit longer?Hihihihihi...It's worth to be patient and try to understand each pieces that missing like a puzzle..now it shows the connection....
  7. Hi Mingo Shippers, I'm already fainted more than 10 times....My heart can't handle it and i am smiling like a crazy monkey, keep replay the video again and again and all over again..hahahhaha...There were butterflies everywhere...how happy i am seeing LMH & KGE like this..especially KGE...for her to be with LMH like this...may happiness shining along the way for this two...
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