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  1. Awww... that RM trailer looked so effing cute. KJS was offered a role in a new fantasy drama but I read that he rejected it. Maybe because he's considering TSYB S2? Lol, I wish
  2. Seems like SSR also can’t move on. He made multiple post with pics from TLE set
  3. I remember when Fated to Love You ended, JNR & JH did a short 1 episode drama which was super sweet. Hope some producer can pair her with SSR even if it's just for an hour drama. I seriously love watching them together. Note: Thanks for the epilogue video. Dongsaeng LH is so cute.
  4. This scene, right? Yeah, it gives me epic chills. Kind of reminds you of Titanic. The camera direction, bgm and that simple caption at the end... perfect scene for an ending.
  5. Sunny truly is the last empress. At least the title stayed true to itself... The ending left me feeling exactly like when I watched Goblin. Happy but bittersweet. To all the casts, crews of TLE, thank you for a great show. Note: I am so gonna miss LH. He’s the most interesting male lead I’ve seen so far. Seriously wished they didn’t kill him...
  6. Saw these pics of apparently extended trailer for tonight? Though I can't find the actual vids Credit : dcinside Finally the end comes to TLE. I don't think I have ever watched a makjang before and only did it because of JNR. Have to admit it's quite fun though sometimes a bit OTT This drama is the only one I am currently watching so it's gonna be quite boring after this. Maybe I should catch-up on The Crowned Clown...
  7. Someone in DC counted (and made gifs) of the kiss scenes between LH & SN. To think they got a total of 5 kisses (preview included) and Bin got none made me sad. Lots of people (me included ) wanted JNR & SSR to be in another drama again soon. But can I also wish she gets to pair up with CJH in a a different drama as well. Note: Despite her petite frame, JNR actually looks good with tall guys. SSR, CJH, Jang Ki Yong and soon LSY?
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