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  1. We have less than 24 hours till finale. Let’s review the preview clips for tomorrow and analyze it one last time. Feel free to add anything i missed. 1. JY seems hurt & he’s crying. He might or might not be dead. 2. KSJ crying. I think this scene is after JTE confronted him about manpasikjeok. 3. LR’s stopwatch. Notice it’s moving anti clockwise very quickly. I think it’s in the inbetween world. But time stops there, so why does it moves this time? sorry for the long post
  2. during the bts, twice it seems kge playfully hitting lmh since he keeps on going although pd shouted ‘cut’. I didn’t know he’s quite the cheeky guy. i wonder if they notice there’s a bts cam filming. Cause the cam seems to be taken from a spying angle, if you know what i mean. Haha.
  3. I have watched CITT, Goblin, TIFL... KGE showed great chemistries onscreen with all her co-stars. But it is different during BTS or offscreen. Or even on social media. Sha barely posted anything on her social media with JHE although it is very recent. I guess that’s why we’re shipping her so bad with LMH. The bts are cute, the sns posting are cute, if this is only for promo purposes, they are really playing with our fragile heart
  4. Last night was a total roller coaster. All LGxTE scenes are the best part. I still need to rewatch and concentrate because there seems to be so much more questions left unanswered. I don’t think the writer is just gonna have time to explain all with just 1 episode left. I’m guessing we’re left with figuring things out on our own. Puhhhleeeease don’t give us just 5 mins LGxTE happy scenes. I need to see them happy for at least 30mins next week.
  5. So the manpa-thingy as a whole allows the owner to travel between time & universe. But since 2020 LR is dead now & 2020 LG’s manpa-thingy is dissipating, how would he travel between universe again in the future? The door would be closed for good for 2020 LG. But past LG still has a chance if 2020 LG sets the breadcrumbs right. Plus remember this scene? Future LG still has the manpa-thingy and he was able to travel between universe & time when he came to meet TE. Question is; why does he look so sad when be meets TE back in episode 10? and we haven’t seen this yet. Is it during same time when he visits TE? Is this 2020 LG or future LG? and pm saying she wants the manpa-thingy as well now? You’re too late lady. Talk about it during TKEM S2 .
  6. Your comment had me ROFLing. Has JTE always been this small or does LG looks large in that jacket
  7. Have you guys seen this? I was feeling really stressed out about work and this popped out. LMAO. Poor goblin ahjusshi.
  8. I'm one of the crazy one & voted for LG + Luna. One of the saviors, I thought had a female physique at a quick glance. Maybe I'm wrong, we'll see... But if I'm right, that's one mind blown plot twist.
  9. The ost at the end of ep 8, has it been released? it's really beautiful and fitting of the scene. I'd have to say loving all the comedic moments in ep 9. Esp the talk IS had with the rock. Lol.
  10. Or it could be an event announcing his wedding date. Sect Mo mentioned they need to do it asap.
  11. 30sec preview of new ost by Kim Jae Hwan. Will there be any more new ost release after this?
  12. WTH is this? It’s from TKEM right? Everyone else looks different except for LR & Prince BY