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  1. Couldn’t agree more , no effort , if looks could kill. That’s why I think Hansu’s role is perfectly fitted for him, and can’t wait to see him as the character and not the actor.
  2. @willenette Now I am certain that they shot it in Naejangsan . The canopies, the maple tunnel , the River beside the walkway.... I have plenty of pics in my phone . Minho is still a boy inside of a 33 yr old man. So adorable, easily lovable and such a happy person.
  3. Hi , no I am not sure if that was taken in Naejangsan but my experience was almost close to his video sans choco. I always love about your insights and wide range of information. see you around...
  4. I superlove Ep4. I am missing SoKor, last year I was there peak of Autumn and my trip this year same time was cancelled due to the pandemic. I went to Gwanghwamun 3 days before the shooting date of TKEM, unaware of his schedule. The path where he carries Choco in his bag is a reminiscent of Naejangsan maple trees tunnel, it’s so beautiful, I didn’t want to leave. They call it “red carpert event” because of the beautiful falling foliage. Kudos Minhosshi, I hope Ep5 is all about your closest friends.
  5. Nov 11 is Pepero Day ( they celebrate it pretty close like Valentine’s heartheartheart) , preferred to celebrate it on weekend. It’s Leo Di Carpio’s birthday a date both close to TaeEul and Pyeha’s hearts. Lustful looks of Minho (I am imagining him as Hansu) to GoEun (Sunja).
  6. adorable!! I think I am ok with this while waiting for Pachinko, it’s like waiting for a new episode every week but we don’t know when. This kind of surprise from him will take all our worries away, from his heart to ours. What a nice trick or treat!!! saranghae oppa!
  7. I got goosebumps in one of the scenes , altho I wasn’t visible I was shouting #LEEMINHO!! inside the mall. Pandemonium!! Hahaha . Congrats oppa for another venture, I subscribed and liked it.
  8. delurking and super excited!!!!! For me, LMH is fitted for dual characters: as Baek Isak (based on the writers facial description of the character- unusually handsome, strong nose , slender smiling eyes, and a long neck).... And a Solomon character- hello again (Gu Jun Pyo / Heo Jun Jae /Kim Tan rolled into one character). So happy for him if he will get this project.
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