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  1. I am so happy that LG got rid of LR pretty early on in ep 16 and the rest of it was pure fluff. I don't know that they ever got married but the line where they say "we decided to accept the fate we were given.." or something like that means to me that they were okay with living their own lives in their own respective universes and then spending time together in other worlds and timeframes. They knew they couldn't get married and be together in either of their own worlds because their counterparts exist. But I think they were just happy to be able to be together despite everything. So it looks like only 3 people retained their memories - LG, Yeong and JTE. Although I would have liked to see the married and have a family, I am still pretty happy with the ending and felt like it was a more realistic one.
  2. @triplem It's taking forever for the last 2 episodes to get subbed. I'm finally all caught up and just eagerly waiting for subs. I am going to check out Love Designer since TKEM is ending this weekend and I need something else to fill the void. LOL It looks good! What else is everyone watching these days? 466
  3. I totally agree with you. I also don't understand the negative feedback. I did find episodes 1 and 2 slightly confusing but that's bec we were being introduced to the 2 worlds and the different characters in each world and trying to figure out who is who. But it really is such a good one and each episode leaves me at the edge of my seat. @triplem @staygold oops correction, I thought I was only at ep 14 of Tiger and Rose but I'm actually at ep 17 already! -2
  4. @TRaNz @JC's Lingxi I convinced my mom to watch TKEM and she's already seen all of them until ep 12. She said she loves it! Ep 14 and 15 were both confusing but also so exciting and I can't wait to see how it all goes down this Friday. I keep trolling IG to see if I can find any new videos/trailers! LOL @triplem @staygold I am on ep 14 of Tiger and Rose. I keep getting interrupted so I haven't had much time to watch. It's so cute though! Yes, QQ is so frustrating but HS is so darn adorable that I can't help but watch. I am still waiting for subs for the later episodes. -2
  5. @TRaNz @JC's Lingxi This past weekend's episodes of TKEM blew my mind! I am dying to see how it all goes down this Friday. -2
  6. @TRaNz let me know when you finally see it. I want to know what you think. 452
  7. This part I am also curious to find out. Since I understand that Lee Rim is already dead in 2020. Basically 2020 Lee Rim died because 1994 Lee Rim killed him. So does this mean then that LR does not exist past April 13, 2020 when he travelled to 1994? If so I wonder what happens to the flute. I wonder if the little kid is actually the spirit of the flute (he says something like “I want to be whole again”). The way I understand it is that the King is the rightful owner of the manpasijeok and that is likely what the little kid is alluding to when he says that LG’s Destiny. I wonder if by knowing the power of the flute, and respecting it, will he truly be the owner and therefore be magically restored. Almost like he has to prove himself so to speak. I say this because it looks like past kings have used it but have always understood the boundaries. Only this time, LR got involved and took what wasn’t meant to be his and abused it. Therefore, the king LG needs to put things back into place so to speak.
  8. I just finished watching ep 14 and I’m literally dying. I’m sitting here just trying to process all of it. Originally there was a theory that Lee Gon was maybe travelling back in time over and over again and this episode shows that what we have been watching is the first timeline which is what leads to him travelling back. The way I understand it is that JTE and Young are suddenly getting this new memories not because they had forgotten. Rather, it’s because LG is now in the past making these changes and it is now changing their “present selves”. Meaning that these memories are surfacing because LG is showing up in the past. This is also why when JTE meets him for the first time, her reaction is different this time and hugs him first. This is an effect of LG having appeared to her in 1994 and then again in 2016. So technically we are still moving forward through the same timeline - the original one - since the LG of 2020 who went back in time is still technically trying to find his way back to 2020 except that in the process he is appearing to JTE. So really the 2020 JTE is the same JTE but now has some new memories. I think LG has figured out a way to travel through time by going in and out of the space between worlds and he’s actually trying to catch up to 2020 from 1994. Remember that time moves slower in that space so 4 months is actually the amount in years from 1994 to 2020. And the reason he is appearing before JTE is so that she knows where he is and for her to know he is trying to get back to her. so when LG finds his way back to 2020, we are basically just continuing from the same timeline. I haven’t back read so I don’t know what you guys think. It’s interesting in that the present (2020) is a result of the events LG put in place in the past (1994, 2016 and during the race in 2020) but then events of the past were also made possible by the present (2020). Honestly, TKEM is so good.
  9. @TRaNz have you seen ep 14 of TKEM yet? I just finished watching it and I’M DYING!!! I seriously have to take a step back and just process all of it. IT IS SO DARN GOOD! 454
  10. @triplem Oh my.. what is he wearing?! Whoever styled him needs to be fired. LOL What is everyone watching these days? 198
  11. I just googled Keanu and man he's aged! @lynne22 HS can do no wrong That ear bite though... swoon! 250
  12. LOLOL I keep trying to find subbed versions because I'm dying to understand what is actually going on in the latter episodes. QQ is frustrating sometimes that I feel like throwing something at her. HS on the other hand is just so darn patient that with that attitude, he'll win any woman. And yes, the actor playing HS is such a cutie!! @lynne22 Seeing him in all black, with that look just makes him so HOT! LOLOL! I'm going to check out "Intense Love"... but yes, EAT EAT!! 356