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  1. I want to go to an all-inclusive resort and just lay on the beach and watch my children play
  2. mouse007

    True or False.

    True/False. When I buy certain brands, it's not because of the name but because of the quality. I do believe that you get what you pay for (with certain things) Next person, has a blog
  3. Yes, I think it's important to instil in our kids proper values, to be grateful and to be cognizant of the sacrifices that other people make. To this day, I recall the time my dad told me how as a young child, he had to save a week's worth of allowance just to be able to afford a small packet of peanuts and small bottle of coca-cola. I also recall the time my mom told me how in their family, a single apple would be split 6 ways and that was their dessert. My dad also used to tell me how my grandmother was a teacher and she would walk several miles back and forth to school just to save the money she would have used for bus fare. I remember hearing stories like these from my parents and grandparents and it used to make me so sad. But it taught me to be grateful for the things I am able to enjoy bec they made sacrifices so we could have a better life. I try to teach my sons the same values and principles. Every night I ask my 3-yr old to say all the things that made him happy during the day and to be grateful for them. I think it's absolutely normal for us as parents to want to give our children a better life than what we had. But we also need to understand what that means. It doesn't mean they just get whatever they want and indulge in a comfortable life. They need to understand the value of hard work, how to deal with disappointment and that merit must be earned and not owed. LOL I wish I was there to see all of this. -2
  4. mouse007

    True or False.

    True (but I would never watch the IT movie) Next person, is over 5 ft. 5 inches tall!
  5. Now I have to watch this movie! I totally agree with your statements above. I have found that the younger generations have developed a sense of self-entitlement and almost expect the world to cater to their needs and desires. I think too much emphasis is being given to loving one's self that it's creating this mentality of "my needs come first", "I need to be happy first". The problem is, life never caters to one individual. Although it is important to develop a love for self, it must be a healthy form of self love and self love should not be used as a reason to be selfish, egotistical or proud. Self love shouldn't be used as a reason to be inconsiderate, to be rude, or to consider yourself to be superior. Yes, it is important to develop self-esteem, to have confidence in your abilities, to value yourself. But it is so you can face life's challenges, to use your abilities to make the world a better place and to be an example to those around you. To use your talents and skills to help others. That's what gives true satisfaction - that you didn't only make yourself better but you also helped those around you. Yes! I also love the crunch. I hate eating soft grapes. I just didn't have the heart to tell my grandma that considering how hard she worked to peel them. LOL -2
  6. Actually as a young child, my grandmother patiently peeled the grapes before feeding them to me. 880
  7. mouse007

    True or False.

    False. Next person, has at least 5 phone cases.
  8. Thank you for being there.. as always.
  9. mouse007

    True or False.

    True/False. I think there's some comfort in not knowing everything that goes on in people's minds. I suspect there are probably a lot of things I'd rather not know. Next person, has been to at least 3 other countries.
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