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  1. I have!! I just love ODO so much. I love how he can’t hide his emotions and he basically just acts the way he feels. You can tell he really wants to impress AJ and he can’t even hide his jealousy!! He’s just so adorbs!! Have you seen it yet? -2
  2. Okay good to know. It looks like an excellent drama. I might check it out when I have the time. Right now I am a bit preoccupied. Do you have any interest in moderating? -2
  3. Crushing on Son Ho Jun right now... @cenching is IONTBO depressing? I saw the trailer and am debating watching it but am worried it might be a bit heavy? I am also considering starting Story of Ming Lan.. 360 - corrected
  4. @cenching Oh I see.. I was just surprised you decided to change it since you have the previous one for a long time. I personally prefer the light them but yes, Dark Theme is definitely easier on the eyes during the evening especially when you're here before going to bed. What are you watching these days? -2
  5. @cenching you changed your DP! -2
  6. Looking at my Soompi points.. -2
  7. You are correct @Nodame, that in most Asian families, the GF/BF isn't introduced unless it was serious or heading for marriage. I am curious though if AJ's mom knows who HN's father is.. I mean, even if she never met the guy, you'd think AJ would have told her his name, no?
  8. This would explain why he might think Ha Nee is his! Perhaps he thought something had happened between him and AJ when in fact, nothing happened!
  9. Hmmm.. this is a tricky question because if you are referring to drinking goat's milk straight up, then my answer would be False. However, I like goat cheese which is made from goat's milk so in that sense, my answer would be true. But I suppose if we are getting really technical, the question is "drink" and not "eat" so I guess the answer should be false. Next Person - has beautiful handwriting
  10. UGH! Why did AJ lie again!!!! It's just making it so much worse for everyone!! I think AJ probably had a crush on RJ because she chose to kiss him during that drinking game in ep 1 but ODO liked AJ and threw up on purpose to stop the kiss. And then he swooped in for the chance to ask her out. SMOOTH MOVES! Hahaha! I think there was definitely attraction between AJ and RJ but I think for AJ, it was just a crush and she loved ODO.
  11. I think that everything ODO says/does is driven by the pain he felt in losing her. He felt that she just walked out on him without an explanation and I, too, honestly believe that he still loves her. Sometimes the line between love and hate gets blurred when the emotions are strong. I think to cope with the pain, he formulated all of these opinions of her in his head to make himself hate her. However, he is slowly beginning to realize that none of it is true (such as his assumptions about how she's lived her life). I also love that AJ spoke up for herself especially if it turns out that she ma
  12. How is this thread moving so very fast? I checked it 3 hours ago and already I missed 4 pages. @phikyl are you in North America? Ugh maybe you could Fedex me some of those red velvet cupcakes. Lol @sadthe1st Love Alarm and Hospital Playlist are also on my radar. I didn’t realize Love Alarm was supposed to be many seasons. I actually got to the end of it and was surprised that it didn’t actually end. @mirmz hi!!! -2
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