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  1. Sometimes I think about what it would be like had I made different choices.. would it have turned out differently for you and I? But admittedly, I am also grateful for the choices I made that led me here.
  2. I'm tempted to start Nokdu! @staygold I'm starting to get bored with My Mowgli Boy.. only on ep 9 but it's definitely not the type of drama that makes me want to watch episode after episode. Might start one of the dramas you've recommended instead. 708
  3. I'm only on ep 9 and it's slow-going bec I'm pretty busy these days. It just feels like it's dragging and I don't find ML exciting or compelling to watch. TBH, I prefer the other males in this drama. LOL Didn't know second lead is Taiwanese! He's adorable. 702
  4. ML grew up in the jungle, away from society. FL finds him in the forest and gives him the name "Mowgli" due to the fact that she found him in the jungle and he doesn't have a name. -2
  5. mouse007

    True or False.

    False. I hate going clubbing. I love dancing though! Next person, has participated in a dance class.
  6. Anyone watching My Mowgli Boy? I'm much more interested on Lu ZiYue and Tang Chen than on the main characters. LOL I would much rather be with a guy like Lu ZiYue. What is everyone watching these days? I feel so out-of-touch here. I should probably visit this thread more frequently.. if only I had the time! -2
  7. mouse007

    True or False.

    False! (TBH, I don't even know what a shuffle dance is!) Next person, is wearing white!
  8. oooohhh! Thank you for all of these recommendations! I have added them to my ever growing watchlist. 684
  9. mouse007

    True or False.

    True! I love crab!! My favourite is when it's cooked in garlic...yum!!! Next person, likes to listen to music while working or studying.
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