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  1. Profile: Chinese name: 朱一龙/ Zhū Yī Lóng English name: Zhu Yi Long Birth Date: April 16, 1988 Birth Place: Wuhan, Hubei, China Education: Wuhan No. 14 Middle School, No. 1 Middle School affiliated to Central China Normal University, Beijing Film Academy (2006-2010) Ethnicity: Han Chinese Nationality: Chinese Height: 180 cm Occupation: Actor Years Active: 2009 - Present Agency: 东方飞云/ Oriental Feiyun Films: 2008 夜郎 / Yelang (Yang Zhong) * 2009 再生缘 / Regeneration (Yuan Ying) ** 抢来的新娘 / Stolen bride (Xiao Ziwei
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