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  1. Thats what saddened me too but what LG narrates at the end gave me comfort, he says he prays their love is strong . They chose their destiny themselves to live future like they are living now and enjoying their time now and he says they even though they are not an ordinary couple. They both accept they have to live their lives in their own universe and have duties which they can't neglect but choose to be with each other during the weekends travelling the universe. And the indication of them holding hands while growing old was an indication they will live a happy life together.
  2. Yes they got married and JY also had his happy ending with Nari's doppelgänger in KOC
  3. We did get our happy ending but I can't ignore the fact the couple could never co-exist in LG or JTE's world together because each had to live their life destined in the each universe. Regardless I am happy with the ending, I would say KES tortured me more with Goblin and Master's sun so in comparison to those this drama was less painful for me to finish
  4. My thoughts watching ep 16 preview: I HATE THIS I HATE THIS I HATE THIS. LG and JY will successfully stop Lee Lim and change the future. Lee Ji Hoon (LG's doppelganger stays alive and we can see that from the name-tag when he passes by JTE). JY probably dies (MY HEART). JTE will remember everything and idk what would happen to LG instead. GOSH I hate this lol Also when are we going to see the beach episode? From when they are by the sea lol
  5. I think we are going to have ourselves time traveller couple. They would both be stuck in the universe and travel the time together to the future
  6. LG wanted to make his cousin's daughter Lee Seo Jin the next emperor in case something happened to him but I think she dies in a car accident which Lee Lim obviously orchestrated And also Lee Lim killed PM's mom I think and replaced her with her doppelgänger
  7. Guys, LG wants to go back in time and kill Lee Lim while he was suffocating the young LG. But if he does that then he would disappear from the history and stop existing. NOOOO And JTE is going to enter the universe with Lee Lim, accepting consequences she could never come back. Okay I need to take a break from this episode for like 10 minutes. It was WAY TOO MUCH FOR MY EMOTIONS!!!
  8. it wasn't Luna, it was JTE. New memories kept being added to her memories because LG did that on purpose to communicate with her present self (by talking to the past JTE) so she kept having new memories. He told her in April 2016 that they will meet in front of Yi Sun Sin statue in Seoul in 2019 and asked her to be more patient and loving with him because they are running out of time. She essentially communicated with her past memories and told herself to be affectionate to him and so she hugged LG and said to him "lets skip other stuff, if I don't do this now I will regret it a lot" so then she hugged him lol
  9. LOL I needed good 10 minutes to absorb this episode. Lee Gon having to travel 25 years to get back to present, building memories with JTE and JY from their past to communicate with them, JTE being stabbed by Luna (why on earth she just stood there and let her stab her lol), JTE communicating with her past to hug LG (that was emotional), KSJ finding his doppelgänger and trying to find the truth, and Lee Lim failing AGAIN to communicate with his past hence why he was on this rouge journey. WOW... too much to handle in this episode. Also the part where he talked to his nanny was so emotional, the conversation was just too emotional for me.
  10. For those wondering what ep 14 preview is saying, I translated it for you guys: Luna: You being like this, is it your first time? JTE: what is his situation (LG's condition) like? Lee Lim (Past): Who are you? Lee Lim (present) I am you! Lee Lim (past): it was real! (meaning his theory about the flute was real) JY: The king is... (and then LG talks) LG: To meet that person (meaning JTE) I am still on my way to that person Luna: I gave you a warning, next time we meet I will kill you (then stabs JTE) JY: (continiutaion from him previously talking) The King.. how on earth were you there (referring to him being there when Lee Lim killed his father and cut the young LG's throat. basically refering to how could you be the one saving yourself?) JTE: (with her crew) I smell gas, everyone leave LG: Stay there, I am on my way too ( to JTE)
  11. She did so somehow LG is meant to go back in time and idk now that Luna poisioning him would alter that reality and the future of that reality. So if you mess and alter the past it would affect its future in that time and thats what Lee Lim is doing now. Wanting to not just with the parallel world but the whole universe
  12. LOL okay so from ep 14 preview Lee Lim goes back in past to talk to his old self to be a snake, kill his brother, his nephew and succeed in his plans to be a God. Then you have LG semi unconscious because now he is drugged and JTE trying to solve things alone and deal with Luna this evil doppelgänger while getting stabbed. UGH Idk anymore. I am too familiar with KES writing at this point to know if she is going down this direction of killing someone which in this case it might be JTE she might actually do it. If JTE dies because of the stabbing then LG is just going to travel back in time to save her from and change the alternate universe which is the time/past whatever you want to call it hoping it will change his past future. So complicated to explain lol
  13. Okay so basically Lee Lim realized that LG is the one who fought against him 25 years ago basically he travelled in time to save his little self. Now, did Luna drug LG after receiving order from Lee Lim or did she drug him to get back at JTE I don't know but what I know for sure is Lee Lim is not gonna stand still and try to mess up with the time in the universe. UGHHHHHHHH I hate you SBS for making us wait one week when we were not suppose to
  14. She was smirking and they zoomed on the can beer then LG passed out so she did drug him/poison him with something because Lee Lim realized the one who saved him back in time was LG. So what if he told Luna to drug him so he can't go back in time and disturb Lee Lim's plans? Ughh so confused idk gotta wait till next week to get more answers.