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  1. Exactly my thoughts....but i still managed to sit through because Son Ye Jin's dresses were too awesome...her wardrobe kept me going.... last kiss a bit passionate but the kept zooming out.... Son ye jin was more participative in kissing... although i just cannot stop comparing her kiss in CLOY and her kiss in PT...maybe because The Guy should participate too... if they are too stiff then its not fun... but anyways , i really loved the cinematography in the end ... how they took the alps in background while they were kissing in the middle of nowhere.... 740
  2. 732 @angelangie i know you did it... and i am so so so happy.... at least you listened to my suggestion..Chang Chen indeed is ONE FINE ARTIST.... that penetrating gaze.... that forlorn eyes...i can just go on and on but i will stop here...
  3. @angelangie i am so glad you decided to watch it.... so so so glad... I knew chang chen will grow on you....and also I am really glad that you gave a performer a chance to make you entertained.... thats what makes me happiest the most.. 732
  4. 674 @thanie Dear i did not mean that its wrong or anything...or you are wrong for that matter... i just answered what was asked.. you asked that you get emotional and where do we get the chilll pill... just answered that... please don't be offended.... neither i am comparing myself with you... every human being is different... i am a person who has zero patience for anything....and thats my shortcoming...being emotional is not shortcoming... in certain cases , it comes out as strongest trait in a human being..... i will never suggest a person to lose his or her feelings...
  5. you get that chill pill in your subconscious honey.... i am that kind of person who does not get affected even when my closest one b****es about me... online ppl toh i dont even care... learn to let go... nothing is permanent in this world...sorry if it seemed like way too much overbearing... but its fact....there are people and then they have mouth.. every mouth sprouts some or the other utter non senses every f****ng time it opens.....and also they are the only people who will not hesitate to take the help from you when they are at a problem.. you know that you are valuable to any person until you satisfy their certain need.. so yes let go off emotions... 694
  6. @cenchingsee i did not say taht you dont criticize...i said watch despite criticism.. what my point is at times there can be flaws ... but downright rejection hurt artists..... just go to a theatre and see when ppl leave the hall because they are not liking it... yes of course its your money and you have ful right to reject but my point is think before rejecting...maybe a little more sensible... i think i am not making sense with most of the people here... hence i am out of this discussion...sorry if i have hurt anyone personally... 556
  7. @kokodus the movie was Raja Hindustani... he was super pissed... and when he is pissed , he is pissed.... he boycotted altogether... I understand that people stand by their choice....probably i would have done the same thing....but then again in Saba Qamar words - aap log aise hi na kahe k yeh aachha nhi h , ek baar dekhe toh sahi... ( please dont say casually that this is not good , watch at least once )...i am not hurt and neither am I dsicarding any of arguements... but what i am saying is giving a chance probably... you know once AR Rahman said - I hate all these high handed ipod , google play music because in my time , when there were cassettes and radio , people had to listen some songs in an album even when they are not at par with one or two songs of that aprticular album ... choices have spoiled people.. now what they do is they just fast forward it... its like that k one particular song gets so much applause but other songs do not get that much applause...for an artist ( be it a singer , composer , actor , makeup artist ) , it is not possible to provide same kind of quality every time... and these fast forwarding has made the essence of music to get lost in this super fast life... 550
  8. @cenching @staygold @kokodus I strongly believe that all those award ceremonies are in a way pre determined and there is huge huge lobbying behind it... when such things can happen in Oscar / Golden Globe , i do believe that it happens in china as well.... after all , everyone is a human being... to say that it was not lobbied to give award to some stupid drama has to have some currents which have played under water....its the same reason why aamir khan chose NOT TO ATTEND any Indian Award Ceremonies Because SHAHRUKH KHAN won best ACTOR for DDLJ while AAmir’s Movie was far far more better in terms of content. But anyway my point was – there can be different type of awards...LAD can get 0 marks in Best Costume award for male lead but my point was not that... my point is just discarding it for reasons which are probably human mistakes. I am so passionate about it probably because some of my family member are in showbiz as well... and i can totally relate to their pain... Hence i firmly believe that we should actually give a cinema , a drama a chance because we believe in actor/director’s credibility , not for some stupid reason like hair is sticking out or CGI is bad... Trust me it takes hell lot of effort to create a piece...and to discard a piece for some minor reason , it actually hurts the artists associated with it.. Hopefully someday people will be able to actually see through it...and the audience of Chinese Dramas and Film will mature enough to see it beyond CGI and WIGS.... +2
  9. @staygold and others' I find it highly disrespectful that we are not watching a drama because that actor’s make up is bad or that actress’s hair is bad... or CGI is bad or this or that.... Probably I am a bit hypocritical here.... but you know... i have been brought up watching Satyajit Ray Movies... and this Man created extra ordinary movies in bengali with very less budget and less appealing scenic beauty... he went on to win Life Time Achievement Academy Award (1992) for his outstanding contribution in Cinema...what he achieved , it took another 27 year for any other indian to achieve that that ir also in the category of music..... A R Rahman in 2009 for Slumdog Millionaire... I personally took it in my own stride that when I see a performance , I look at actor’s expression , his/her emotions , his/her walking style , his/her speaking style etc... rather than how awful he looked on screen...or how special effects are bad... sometimes make-up artists do blunder and sometime they do it deliberately to actually make the actor look old....we really don’t know the thought process went behind it... we have to understand that they are also human being... and what they thought , it will probably not acceptable by majority people ! people do make mistake , and yes sometimes it costs a lott... yes big companies do come up with huge advertisements and it flops... sometimes certain ideas do flop , but that does not mean we should out rightly reject that parrticular piece of art. Peace Out ! 544
  10. 536 @mouse007 @ktcjdrama i didn't know that I am untaggable
  11. @ktcjdrama i am right there , you know 532
  12. @staygold it was a happy ending... I am very selective about turkish dramas...i last watched bizim hikaye... even engin akyurek is unable to make me watch Sefirin Kizi... Lol...L&D has veterans,...Nini & Chang Chen..it has been my most fav drama after ashes of love... 540
  13. 540 it is inspired from Love & Destiny... @staygold
  14. 536 @staygold heyyy how have you been?????
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