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  1. I’ve made my peace with the postponement, the skies over here literally wept. But I wished they would air the finale on schedule with the last 2 episodes back-to-back. This is so silly on SBS, really. The movie has been released for years and is even available for free on YouTube.
  2. It’s The Stream by Kim Sowol. (English translation by David McCann) For what reason do you act that way? Staying on alone by the stream when green grass shoots push their way up and wavelets ruffle up in the spring wind I think over your promise that going away is not really going Each day coming out to sit by the inlet I keep turning it over my mind Going away is not really going Isn’t that you’re asking me not to forget?
  3. Good to know that Detective Kang survived the car crash(Ep11), because we know the persistent officer was still pursuing ‘Luna’ and informed LG like an efficient government official(Ep12).
  4. LOL at everyone going gaga analysing every minute detail of what went on in the King’s chambers whereas I’m still shook at Lady Noh’s revelation! I knew something was up when she held onto Kim Sowol’s book of poetry but it never crossed my mind she could be an ‘illegal alien’ too. She might just be the key to unriddle the mystery of the thunderous scars, as well.
  5. This reminds of The Time-Traveler’s Wife where Clare gets pregnant by a younger version of Henry after the present version of the latter got a vasectomy. “It’s not like I cheated on you.’
  6. We were shown twice though; the first in Ep6 when he strutted past ES’s twin siblings and left the boy sobbing. The second was in Ep10 during his encounter with yo-yo kid. With regards to hopes of Season 2, WDH is expected to enlist later this year. So unless we’ve got doppelgängers(), I don’t see how the show is going to proceed unless the actor’s written out.
  7. May I request that both spoilers AND their respective replies to be placed within the Spoiler function(see the eye above)? Gomawo!
  8. Not sure because it was not shown, except for that hotel room key exchange. I’m rewatching Ep10, and he was checking out an address leading to SJ’s Mom, realised who she was, and we are shown him making the connection that he had crossEd paths with her doppelgänger. I apologised for the confusion in that I got the order wrong, because on my first watch I was focused on her conversation about JH’s Mom
  9. He had seen her around since she’s working in Lady Noh’s office, seen in Ep10. He also had TE pawn gold for RoK currency to get around, so he’s not just acquiring driving licenses(lol) but also background checks through unorthodox methods.
  10. JY is investigating the doppelgängers he crossed paths with, including SJ’s Mom whose doppelgänger works as a court lady. At this point we already know she’s a spy albeit a reluctant one, but we don’t know why LR brought him to RoK and even later admitted it was a mistake.
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