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  1. Donnalyn Bartolome gushes over Lee Min-ho as she unboxes birthday gifts By: Alex Brosas INQUIRER.net / 05:48 PM August 02, 2020 Celebrity vlogger Donnalyn Bartolome could not contain her excitement when she received a birthday gift which included images of the Korean superstar Lee Min-ho. Bartolome, who celebrated her birthday on July 9, unboxed her gifts and showed them to her Youtube fans on July 30, in a post titled “GIFTS I GOT FOR MY BIRTHDAY (Lee Min Ho sent me a gift!?).” “Unboxing the gifts I got for my birthday! Thank you to all the thoughtful people behind the feeling I feel now. You are the real gift to me,” she said. Bartolome decided to open her gifts from smallest to biggest as suggested by a friend who was there during her unboxing. She first opened a Gucci box containing a pair of earrings which she immediately tried on. “I’m so excited to open the big ones kasi ‘yung small ones nga ang lupit na, ang ganda na, what more ‘yung big ones,” she said. (I’m so excited to open the big ones because the small ones are already superb, they’re beautiful, what more the big ones?) She almost screamed when she opened a box containing an airpod, this being the first time she had one. “Guys, alam n’yo kasi I’m kuripot sa sarili ko so I have the capability to be generous to other people,” she said. (Guys, you know that I am a tightwad to myself so I have the capability to be generous to other people.) “Bakit may music? (Why is there music?) I got so sacred,” she exclaimed when she tried it. Bartolome received an iPhone as well and marvelled at its capability of receiving files from her old iPhone unit. “We just put it right next to my old phone and it [synced] everything, even the photos got transferred. Even my passwords, the passwords to my social media accounts, everything, like I don’t need to log in. This thing just made it easy for [me] to transfer phones ‘coz I hate transferring,” she explained. Bartolome also received the following gifts: a make-up set, an earphone, meteor microphone, Donna Funko Pops and ten little Donna Funko pop keychains, a mini ref, Jo Malone and Ferragamo perfumes, a Prada bag, skin care products, a face mask, a teddy bear, a jacket with her face on it, an explosion box, shorts and pants, a gold doorknob, and many more. She also opened a mysterious big brown box. “Guys it’s from Lee Mi-ho. Oh, my God,” she said. She then showed photos of the Korean actor included in the parcel. Opening the box, she showed that it has a Cellreturn tag from South Korea. It turned out that it is an LED mask which changes color when charged. “I’m gonna test this out and do another vlog so watch out for that,” she said. “Thank you, Lee Min Ho. Sarangheyo (I love you).” JB Read more: https://lifestyle.inquirer.net/367603/donnalyn-bartolome-gushes-over-lee-min-ho-as-she-unboxes-birthday-gifts/#ixzz6U0HERgOF Follow us: @inquirerdotnet on Twitter | inquirerdotnet on Facebook -------------------------------------------------------- She is a famous minoz she has 4.3million subs on Youtube she is an influencer and LMH sent her a gift
  2. Lee Min Ho's The King Eternal Monarch Top Most Watched Drama on Netflix; Here are Top 10 Kdramas From The King: Eternal Monarch to Goblin, Crash Landing On You, here are the top 10 watched Korean dramas on Netflix The K-Drama The King: Eternal Monarch starring Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun has reached another milestone. The drama is one of the most watched series among all the shows on Netflix. Here are the details of how much the K-drama was liked by the international audience. Currently, The King: Eternal Monarch occupies the first place among most watched Korean dramas on Netflix. The drama is placed in 12th position in terms of most watched overall dramas on Netflix in 2020. The drama The King: Eternal Monarch aired its last episode on June 12, but the drama is still in news thanks to charming ways of Lee Min Ho, who makes news every time he posts an image in his Instagram. Fans who are eagerly waiting for the hallyu star's next project are trying to find out if the actor has signed any new project, thanks to the popularity The King: Eternal Monarch gave him. Lee Min Ho's popularity grew multifold as his Instagram followers grew from 12 million to 16 million at the time when the drama was being aired. Other popular dramas include ongoing series Kim Soo Yhyun and Seo Ye Ji starrer It's Okay To Not Be Okay that is the second most watched K-drama and has been placed in the 27th position among all most watched Netflix dramas. Crash landing On You that is the fifth best K-drama that has been placed in the 40th position on overall most watched dramas on Netflix. Top 10 most watched K-dramas on Netflix 1) The King: Eternal Monarch: The story of parallel universe, blooming love between a detective Jeong Tae Eul (Kim Go Eun) in the modern Korea and Emperor Lee Gon (Lee Min Ho) in the parallel world Kingdom of Corea with an impressive ending has won the hearts of international audience. Skipped unrelated https://www.ibtimes.sg/lee-min-hos-king-eternal-monarch-top-most-watched-drama-netflix-here-are-top-10-kdramas-49461
  3. New video? Is it released or is it gonna be released soon?
  4. I have seen LMH be part of alot of big dramas such as BOF, City hunter, Heirs and LOTBS but nothing like this one I could just sense it a day before it aired on SNS and the traffic was off the roof worldwide Weibo, facebook, twitter and instagram
  5. Do I believe Lee Min Ho will be bigger then these actors after couple of years most certainly. If you also look at his career trajectory it was that of a legends career trajectory where he made some significiant growth along the way and conquered plenty of hearts this is how legends are created in the hearts and minds of people. He needs couple of good years like his previous once or make the same amount of growth like he did in the last decade. It's actully strange but legendary actors or actors soon to become legendary in the future don't need to transition to hollywood to extend because they already have all the audience in place so no need to look further except making growth. Example Shahrukh khan never needed to transition but still bigger then these 2 western actors on a legendary scale and popularity wise worldwide. The same applies to Lee Min Ho his a soon to become a legendary actor in the minds and hearts of people and can surpass their popularity. Few more hits here and there with few more years making the same amount of growth like last decade he will be there officially but as for his career trajectory since BOF it has been a ''legends career journey'' I am confident he will get both accolades I mean how can you not smash your way into further hearts when you are LMH. All he has to do is step inside the screen. His raw charisma, Intensity, intense eyes and flamboyance only needs to find a screen to enter the rest is history
  6. @Min2206 (I qouted you but I lost the quote because I logged out automatically) True. It's not only the eyes but also his entire vibe energy and demeanor. Some of his characters were so intensely into the FL that they could be declared ''MAD'' where everything happens at much higher level emotionally. It comes to him pretty much naturally. Exactly he mostly operates in levels that normally people would deem ''MAD'' but it's due to the intensity he puts into it but comes off very well to the watching eye and it invokes alot of emotional out of them and they get drawn into it. There is levels to this and I mean generally in acting but there are certain amount of talent like his which is just raw powerful talent. If you trace back his career he started out like every other actor with the humble begins and everything but sometimes we see actors who rise from different places in the world due to an X-FACTOR the world will embrace. Some say the X-factor is due to looks that is just baseless and I am going to explain why? Looks can be a bonus but looks itself will never do much benefit to any actor if he doesn't have the other necessary strengths. Majority of the actors are all good looking people both in Asia and western world and you see good looking people everywhere and I mean Healthy good looking males all of them but the separation line comes from skills, craft, gamesmanship, intelligence (In chosing right scripts and interpreting characters in your way of understanding) etc etc. All these are part of the job but most of the top actors get it right so it's not a topic we will use alot of time talking about. The massive success behind Lee Min Ho is most called an X-factor but just another word for talent. Because when you have the right amount of skillset and talent you will shine no matter what. I remember reading somewhere someone mentioned before ''that you could send LMH back in time to his 2006 self and then let him retry again without casting him in BOF but he will still be here and have big break-outs''. I completely agree with that hence a true world class talent will always find it's path to success because the world has a way of making roads for talent. Example: Technically you could cast Won Bin, Jo In Sung etc etc in his roles and all good looking guys but they won't be able to do much with these roles and won't go anywhere with it and this is where the X-factor comes into play massively. There is only so much you can do but there are boundaries one can't cross and limitation which is a reality part of life. The question is why? Because they won't be able to generate that much of intensity and charisma joined this will be the natural separation line. Looks is not an issue at all here but because you can't technically push someone who doesn't possesse the right skillset to overachieve in his field
  7. Alot of people know there is an X-factor behind his massive success but they don't know what the X-factor is and I have revealed the x-factor to one person in details on PM once because I didn't wanna reveal his secrets and whenever you see success there is a reason for it but not everyone is good at catching an unfolding situation because it's hidden in layers but if you look closer you will know the X-factor and where it steems from because an X-factor can't be an x-factor without a cause. Some people have an eye of catching the X-factor and identifying it while others don't and it comes down to individual talent from person to person in catching the true information of a situation and I am as objective as they come. LMH's main magic comes from two things Charisma and intensity and they have to come together joined just like how the two rocks collided in the big bang theory without one of them it won't work. Some of them believe it's only charisma but it's not only that it's intensity coupled with charisma. There is a reason behind every successful person and why things have turned out for them as it did? and this is what I am gonna let you in on now. LMH puts alot of intensity into loving his FL and what it dose is that it has a major effect on mostly female audience and like wise male audience who can also appreciate the intensity. Female audience live vicariously thru the FL and when she is loved with such high intensity she feels loved by the ML thru the screen which has caused numerous crazes before with a LMH character example when he visits your country it's an absolute craze because he managed to connect with these people on much higher level then most realize. Nothing happens in this world without a reason. All female Audience around the world are like minded when the FL is loved with such intensity she gets automatically drawn to it and it's also the same reason why the LMH-X actress shippers are always the craziest shippers and you will find that all his shippers were notoriously diehard shippers because they couldn't separate reality from fiction and tbh I myself thought that he used an extreme method by legit falling in love with all his leading ladies in order to sell the drama but after doing my own research i found out that he puts alot of intensity into loving her. I have seen so-called good actors fail to achieve that. It's not about looks as you may think cause you could cast Won Bin in his roles he won't go anywhere with them. Most of his intensity is visible on his eyes but also on his vibe energy and demeanor. Some said that they thought he was possessed and obsessed with his leading lady in heirs and I tend to agree but not only her but with all his leading ladies. He puts alot of intensity into loving her
  8. Read somewhere? There is no reports on friendship status in the K-ent. I actully saw recently a report talking about their friendship saying they have been best friends since BOF days. It was posted here few days ago. Haven't seen him for same time since hidden identity
  9. Goodmorning folks He has 3 friends if you add WDH it's 4 and most of his friends they go way back. Kim bum, JIW, and PBY but him and WDH became good friends on TKEM set and best friends of friends. It's lovely to see that. WDH must be a great guy
  10. I saw that I aswell but talent shines always by default and finds it's way to the people. He displayed so much charisma, intensity and grabbing talent. I remember reading peoples opinion after that 2 episodes and every prediction they made has turned to be correct since then 11 years forward now
  11. I am watching LG-JTE youtube videos on repeat with or without subs.. I am stuck on them don't know how to move on
  12. wow that is great. Almost 180 comments. That is awesome! But I agree with @leeminhosny our thread is becoming empty but rest assured. I will reopen the back-door next weekend and invite all the people in here? As much as I loved the buzz we owe it to this thread and we shouldn't steal the thunder from it. Thanks to all of your contribution It was a good session With love from Heilo
  13. I am gonna add more.. immediately! @scrawford @SophieH @1ouise @msdot @gwin @yuiy78 @Edgar Pordwed @vangsweetie637 @Guine @madmad min @Flloy House @Geolyvseven @Kris Silva @Layali @Myhun @CallieP @lupeace @rubyminho @Lindyloo421 I may have missed on alot of you but rest assured you will be added after I have added this patch
  14. Have you seen the underground I just created if not check your PM You will literally find a new world @Heretorant @leeminhosny @Nikaa94 @gtLmh0622 @CarolynH @happivirus @Time loop @Elnin Joery @mychoiyoung @syntyche @Joanna Alfson @Miss Pizza --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I will invite more of you guys after we do the beta-test if you are remaining you will get the invite by tomorrow then more will have access to both worlds. I know the remaining so don't worry the beta-test will be completed within few hours then you get the access it will be send to you. Because if we invite to many we can't conduct the beta-test but post the test Everyone will have free access to it
  15. lmao this is hilarious.. After doing some digging on twitter I found why the pressure increased on Swoon and SBS because the fans got hold of a footage where LMH and KGE are being cosy from a far distance i think it was filmed on a mobil phone and now fans are becoming more convinced that LMH and KGE are dating which has increased the pressure on SBS
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