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  1. I just finished watching the Movielog epi 1. My emotions are everywhere currently and I have to gather myself in order to type this down. his by far and none my most favourite actor in the world. I have few western bias but they don't reach LMH nor come close to him as an actor nor possess the charm, swagger and flamboyance of this man. His in a league of himself and a true ''GREAT'' of our modern times an ICON.
  2. I over slept last time I lurked here was exactly 8 hours ago and then all of sudden. articles from Deadline, Variety, Hollywood reporter, Apple Tv, MyM, Naver, Koreaboo etc etc. I feel like being flooded. Super excited for this project. Give this man the Golden Globe and Emmy on participation. His character has the meatness for an award because his the most chellenging character in the novel and he has these sort of characters nailed down. hopefully this lands him both coveted awards
  3. Who waked me up from my slumber. What is that noise? I recall TKEM ending 4 months ago didn't realize the turn around would be this quick considering it is LMH and I am really pleased with it. I read little details about it here and there and I like it. Me after finding out LMH is coming back.. I was going bored for awhile then found out that LMH is coming back. I was like HOLY HELL!!! this is happening! BTW Give this man the Golden Globe and Emmy on before hand just from his participation. His a true treasure for modern day Film-TV entertainme
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