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Zhu Yi Long 朱一龙 Official Thread


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Chinese name: 朱一龙/ Zhū Yī Lóng

English name: Zhu Yi Long
Birth Date: April 16, 1988
Birth Place: Wuhan, Hubei, China

Education: Wuhan No. 14 Middle School, No. 1 Middle School affiliated to Central China Normal University, Beijing Film Academy (2006-2010)
Ethnicity: Han Chinese

Nationality: Chinese

Height: 180 cm
Occupation: Actor

Years Active: 2009 - Present

Agency: Zhu Yi Long Studio




夜郎 / Yelang (Yang Zhong) *



再生缘 / Regeneration (Yuan Ying) **

抢来的新娘 / Stolen bride (Xiao Ziwei) *

血色深宅 / Blood House (Xue Zimei) **

血玉咒 / Blood curse (Zhou Yubai) ** (Peng Guan Ying is also in this movie)



鼓乐青春 / Youthful Drums (Lin Feng) **

宝藏寻踪 / Treasure Hunting (Shangguan Yunfeng) **

大明嫔妃系列 / Da Ming Ping Fei Series (Zhu Changxun) *

错嫁 / Mismarriage (Shen Fang) **

胭脂劫 / Terror Eyes (Ye Cang) **

深闺疑云 / Deep Suspicion (He Tanyu) **



绝密使命 / Top Secret Mission (Jin Tiexin) **

灰姑娘 / Cinderella (Luo Huaifeng) *

刺妃 / Ci Fei (Ye Fan) **

白狐仙 / The White Fox Spirit (Yu Yihong) **

朵儿的战争 / Duo Er War (Mai He) **

绅士大盗 / Gentleman Thief (Wu Xundong) *

鬼门关 / The Gates of Hell (Gong Tiexin) **

大明宫传奇 / Legend of the Daming Palace (General Junshi) **

猎野人 / The Savage (Ye Ren) **



战地情天 / Battlefield (Jin Feiyu) **

偷窥者 / The Sleeper (Jiang Xinbai) **

杀机四伏 / Murder (Tan Wei) **



爱情不NG / Love Retake (Yan Jige, directed by Zhu Shimao) *



育婴室3D / The Nursery 3D (Meng Shaohui) **



胡杨的夏天 / Yang and his Summer (Hu Yang, directed by Zhu Shimao) **

密战 / Eternal Wave (Cen Zimo) *



我和我的祖国 / My People, My Country: Going Home (Song Yue Qiang, directed by Xue Xiaolu) * 



峰爆 / Cloudy Mountain (Hong Yi Zhou, directed by Li Jun) **

穿过寒冬拥抱你 / Embrace Again (Ye Zi Yang, directed by Xue Xiaolu) ** 



人生大事 / Lighting Up the Stars (Mo San Mei, directed by Liu Jiang Jiang) **



消失的她 / Lost in the Stars (He Fei, directed by Liu Xiang, Cui Rui) **


TV Dramas: 


王阳明 / Wang Yang Ming (Zhu Houzhao) *

风雨梵净山 / Fanjingshan Story (Sun Rubo) *



怪医文三块  / Strange Medicine Trinity (Hai Dongshen) *

大明嫔妃 / Daming (Zhu Changxun) * 



家宴 / Family Banquet (Feng Douzi) **

情定三生 / Love for Three Lifetimes (Chi Rui) **



芈月传 / The Legend of Mi Yue (Ying Ji) * - Soompi thread



新萧十一郎 / The Shaw Eleven Lang (Lian Chengbi) **

我的爱对你说 / My Love to Tell You (Fan Wei) **

边城浪子 / Border Town Prodigal (Fu Hongxue) ** - Soompi thread



御姐归来 / The Princess is Back (He Kaixin) ** - Soompi thread

花谢花飞花满天 / As Flowers Fade and Fly Across the Sky (Hua Wuxie) ** - Soompi thread



镇魂 / Guardian (Shen Wei)**English Subtitles - Soompi thread

许你浮生若梦 / Granting You a Dreamlike Life (Luo Fusheng) **  , English subtitles - Soompi thread

知否?知否?应是绿肥红瘦 / The Story of Ming Lan (Qi Heng) **, English Subtitles, also available on youtube - Soompi thread



我的真朋友 / My True Friend (Jing Ran) **, English subtitles - Soompi thread

天网行动 / Skynet Action (Pang Jia) ** (Filmed in 2012)



盗墓笔记重启 / The Lost Tomb Restart / Grave Robbers' Chronicles Restart (Wu Xie) **, First Season English Subtitles - Soompi thread

亲爱的自己 / To Dear Myself (Chen Yi Ming) **, English SubtitlesSoompi Thread



叛逆者/ The Rebel (Lin Nan Sheng) ** - Soompi Thread



夏梦狂诗曲 / The Rhapsody of a Summer Dream (Ke Ze) **


* Supporting role

** Main cast


Variety Shows: 

幻乐之城 / Phantacity (2018, September 30) Guest & Performer 

快乐大本营 / Happy Camp (2018, June 14th) Guest

鹦鹉厨房 / Parrot Kitchen (2016, November 11th) Guest Chef

全员加速中 / Run for Time (2015, December 4th) Actor

内蒙古卫视 - 我的伊克赛 / Inner Mongolia Satellite TV (2010)


Additional Links: 

Zhu Yi Long's Weibo account

Fan account with a lot of English translations of interviews and speeches

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It was announced today that Zhu Yi Long will star in the webseries The Lost Tomb Restart / Grave Robbers' Chronicles Restart / 盗墓笔记重启. Reference. It's a sequel of the 2014 The Lost Tomb, which is based on a popular novel series. The fans had some problems with the adaptation, and now the writer of the novel decided to be much more involved in the process. Zhu Yi Long will play Wu Xie, the protagonist. 




I'm reading Chinese social media and apparently there's some (semi?) nudity involved in the original work, so all his fans are hyper excited : D I just hope this role allows him to put on some muscle again, he needs back muscles to support his injured back, a 180 cm tall person shouldn't weigh 65 kg (although the BMI calculator says it's normal weight).

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Wowwwww. Great news =) =) 


 Long Ge will star in sequel of  Lost Tomb. Huge Congratttssss to Long Ge. So well-deserved protagonist role.   ^^ 

Haha  if they stick to novel maybe Long ge will show some  semi nudity  haha. I am looking fwd to seeing him show more flesh haha.  And really  admires Long Ge muscles (biceps too)

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Zhu Yi Long 2010 variety show cut, where he's a huge dork. 


Chinese fans keep bashing Zhu Yi Long's management company Oriental Feiyun. But I think it was a good choice. If you look at his career he has gotten to play a lot of lead roles, most of his work is produced by his company. Because of his personality he is not the best at auditions, also if you look at his earlier styling it doesn't have that idol feel to it that big companies like to push. Only now they've styled him as a sort of fragile gentleman. Before Guardian they were going for a more sporty feel (or rather it was more his own sporty style rather than a produced image). I mean, he looks hot, so no complaints from me. As his company started to produce better works, he also got to play in better stuff. And regardless of Guardian he was starting to leave the cocoon of only playing in his company's work. If you compare him with his classmates, even without this huge success he was in a better place, and people were finally starting to notice. I don't think he has any regrets about choosing his company after graduation. He seems like he values stability, not having to stress about if you're gonna starve if you don't nail an audition, not languishing in tiny roles waiting for a miracle big break. (Can't comment on the rumors he has signed a 35 year contract with them).



I'll also post this tasty piece of fan service here: 


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@siobhanne Thank you for the info. Wow, 35 years contract ...... I hope with his soaring popularity now, he will get more role and get to work with better production house (the ones with better script). I have no complaint with his acting; watching him in other dramas, I take that whatever role he got, I have never suffered bad acting from him. Story perhaps was in a mess, but not his acting. It is like he has such huge repertoire of mannerism. Each of his character is different in feels and expression.


But, if he is bad at audition, I really wonder how he got cast as Shen Wei?


By the way, I have read on The Lost Tomb. The information that I get says that there is a season 1 of this series back at 2014. And the one who play Wu Xie was different actor. So, now they will produce season 2 with new actor?

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@siobhanne Thank you so much for starting this thread!!! I feel a bit uncomfortable keep talking only about ZYL in the drama thread that's why I've been a bit quiet. Although I can read Chinese (been overly obsessive reading through ZYL news at Weibo) but I can't comment because I can barely write Chinese. Now I am glad there is a place to chat about ZYL lol


This morning when I woke up I checked ZYL's weibo account as usual (This had became a habit :phew:) and I was shocked at this news. To be honest, I have very mixed feeling about this because one side I am very happy for ZYL. When he said he is going for a challenge for his next role, he was not kidding. This is a HUGE challenge because the Lost Tomb is such a popular IP. According to the news, this is the 5th adaption and previous adaption are all star powered castings. Plus, the novel is sooo popular every fans have their expectation of Wu Xie. It is going to be tremendous amount of work for ZYL but I have fate in him to bring the character to life. Can I just say that I am somehow even more respectful of him now because of his choice to take on Wu Xie? I mean with his popular now, he can easily take on a new IP that can further increase his popular but he chose the Lost Tomb which I believe is a very controversy IP (Fans already have a set image of Wu Xie and it has been adapted numerous time) It will be that much harder to act/portray a Wu Xie that is refreshing and fit the novel. By choosing this project, I can only say that ZYL is an actor who strive on taking challenging role rather than taking the easy way. 


To be honest, I never finished any of the Lost Tomb adaption because I am a little creep out by all the supernatural stuff so I don't really know what is Wu Xie character like... Anyone who read the novel can give a description? I am also interested in who is going to play Zhang QiLing...I have seen and heard a lot of videos/story about this "pairing" lol I am going to wait impatient to see when they will announce the remaining casts. Out of curiosity, I also checked out the director, art director, and scriptwriter. The director doesn't have long list of works and he is kind of young but he does movies so hopefully, he make the drama with movie type of quality. As for the art director, he is from the same school as ZYL and looks like his list of works are pretty impressive and solid. As for the scriptwriter, it is Uncle Three himself (the original novel author). I am pretty happy with the production team so far. Overall, I am very happy for ZYL and look forward to his portrayal/performance for this new project!!!:wub:


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1 minute ago, xienrue said:



But, if he is bad at audition, I really wonder how he got cast as Shen Wei?


By the way, I have read on The Lost Tomb. The information that I get says that there is a season 1 of this series back at 2014. And the one who play Wu Xie was different actor. So, now they will produce season 2 with new actor?

He had worked with them before, so I think it was offered to him after the previous guy bailed. Because he looks perfect. And over the years he has built up a reputation and a portfolio. I don't think he's bad at getting into character for auditions, he was just bad at standing out with his personality. I think the people who have a lot of power in the hiring process want to see money when they look at an actor. Now he looks like money. 

Yeah, they're making a bunch of prequels and sequels. His guy is supposed to be much older than the character in 2014. I hope he gets a capable co-star. Anyway, I don't really know much about it since I rely on Google translate, but apparently the novel was the most popular web novel when it came out, and the later books have some bl hinting. 

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@siobhanne With that kind of looks and acting, he should looks like money long ago. But I can understand if he himself made it difficult with his personality. Well those in casting/hiring perhaps should be throwing away his personality factor to the wind right now :lol:.


Oho, another bl hinting? So we perhaps will get another "bromance"? Horrray!

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@xienrue Looks wise on screen for me he really blossomed in 2014 with Love for 3 Lifetimes. Before that he had a more homely look, I have no idea why, the face is the same. Maybe the age, since I'm almost 30, so would be weird to find a kid attractive. But from then on he's 10/10 for me. He got a lot of fans from Love for 3 Lifetimes. He is scorching hot in Border Town Prodigal. So I think since then it would be a no-brainer to cast him. But actually his career was indeed picking up after that. 


Acting wise he is so strong in the facial expressions and subtle emotions department. In really passionate scenes I think he could be even more adventurous, he doesn't have so much variety in expressing anger in my opinion. It feels like he's holding back a bit. Maybe because he's a chill guy? I want to see voice cracking, whispers, crying from anger, going high energy, then quiet, then up again, the whole shebang. But he's so dedicated and hard working so I think he will experiment and develop. Body language wise, obviously he's great at action, otherwise, stuff to do with small habits and such he is good, but I've yet to see where just based on the posture or walking you can see a variety of characters. It will be awesome to see him develop in that regard as well. Voice acting wise he's way better than the dubbers in portraying his own characters, so stop dubbing him please. 

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@siobhanne Hahahahahaha! Agree that he was scorching hot in Border Town Prodigal. I was literally mesmerized. Sadly the script was bad. Not to mention the ending ....... I hope he will have future project with flowing hair. He looks gorgeous with long hair.


I have never noticed the acting up to walking mannerism. It will be great if he can improve on that. Facial expression I think he is pretty good already.


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Cute and short Interview for Chinese Valentine's Day

Rough translation:

“Hello to all the friends at Mango TV. I am Zhu Yi Long.’


Question: Chinese Valentine’s Day is coming up, is there anything you want to say to your fans (Xiao Long Bao/Chinese Steamed Bun) that are single?


ZYL: Is this a trick? I can’t wish them a Happy Valentine’s Day, right? I am to wish those that are single???... (Poor ZYL is lost…)


Host: You can say you wish them to find a boyfriend as handsome as you?


ZYL: (Shy) I don’t think I can say that out loud… (Pause) I wish all my fans that are single to find the right person on Valentine’s Day…Is that too standard?... Fighting!


Question: What do you think is the most romantic thing to do on Valentine’s Day?


ZYL: The most romantic… I am not a romantic person.


Scene from his old drama: Don’t you think you are a bit rebellious?


ZYL: I believe the most romantic…(Thinking hard) I feel that having dinner at home is very romantic…(the crew said something) and adding what? (Yelled “hot pot”) Ah… (He can’t agree more…since that is his favorite)


It always makes me happy seeing Zhu Yi Long’s interview and his adorable personality lol

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@xienrue the ending was true to the book. It's a very tragic character, basically the moral lesson is that if you devote yourself to revenge you lose everything that gives color to life. But they kind of got distracted with the 3-way (in the book it was only the spy sister as a romantic interest) so didn't deliver it cleanly. Gu Long writes really simple wuxia books for men where women are basically more or less interesting plot devices. Somehow people don't know how to adapt them. But in the sequel Fu Hongxue gets a happy ending with some new girl. That one also doesn't have a decent adaptation, in my opinion. Anyway, the coolest thing about the character is that he is actually lame and has epilepsy in the novel, which they don't include in tv. What a waste! Suddenly the character is 10x more interesting. 

But at least he's hot. Even with that show horse tail - lobster whisker combo hairdo. 

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Thanks a lot @siobhanne Now I can't get rid of horse tail and lobster whisker in my mind whenever I see FuHongXue. I have a soft spot forever for FuHongXue. I think he is hot whenever he is fighting but whenever he is not, I just felt soooooo bad for him. I think he is the most tragic lead character I had ever seen and his only advantage as a lead character is that he can't die no matter what lol (btw, that is not even a good thing sometime) Every time he is hurt, I just want to cuddle him in my arms. I think he is also lame in the drama but for a different reason (Not born lame but got hurt instead?) and they replaced crazy-out-of-mind snake poison for epilepsy... I think the first half of the drama is still ok but the latter part is just messy. I took a quick look at the sequel adaptation with Wallace Chung and I totally going to skip that one. I will just use my imagination to put together FuHongXue's happy ending 20 years later with a new girl lol

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@BreezeC You're welcome, why should I suffer alone : p And Zhu Yi Long plays vulnerable and repressed so well. He's great at making stoic characters compelling. A lot of actors get criticized for playing such characters too woodenly, but his eyes are just so expressive. 

The cool thing is that he's lame and epileptic but he's still the best fighter in the world. It becomes especially apparent in the sequel (haven't read the whole thing, just bits and pieces and a summary). Yeah I had a glance at that sequel adaptation and had no desire to watch it. What a milk toast Fu Hongxue. 

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