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  1. This is tricky. He looks the same as he was 10 years ago but yet different! But it is hard to identify the subtle differences. Could it be the stories and experiences that he has captured and revealed through his eyes? @The Reel Life, I like romance drama and always watch out for kiss scenes of the leads. I haven't watched BM or Robbers, and I am glad you posted those scenes. At least I can now decide if I want to pursue these two dramas or not. The female lead in BM doesn't look compatible to JH. I like FTLY and Money Flower because I felt at least there were either good compatible female lead (or even second leads) or great storyline to make his character outstanding. It will be nice to match JH with leads of his status (or age compatibility?) to really bring us a really great drama!
  2. Hi all, whenever I think of YKS or see his clips or pics, he gives me this nice feeling which I don't know how to describe. Lee Kang is so different from YKS yet he portrayed the character so well. Without the BTSs and without all these digging by us on his past projects, we wouldn't have known the versatility in YKS. Such an adorable man in his early 40s who is naturally the boy next door! Even his responses to those fast questions posted above were hilarious. I watched CLOY too and I like Hyun Bin too (esp when I was years late in jumping on the Secret Garden bandwagon). But somehow, I am still a little more drawn to Chocolate and their main leads. Maybe the story was more melodramatic and their sadness more subtle? It was just nice to watch LK's transformation to come to terms with loving CY. Whereas in CLOY, there is a lot going on with the story (which of course it was a very popular and high rated drama), but I just liked the weaving of LK and CY's storyline. I just didnt feel the need to invest so much time in all the BTS, etc. Perhaps it is just me.
  3. The discussions here are moving so fast and yet I have not finished watching the final episode. I started episode 16 on the way to work in the train and stopped at the scene of NK and SK border. My, I had to control my teary eyes the whole time. I was sad when SJ died. It is a bad twist of fate for SD who had her fiance falling for another woman and just when she found the feeling of love from another man, he had to die. However, I do think it is realistic to have SJ die, especially he being a con man and evading the law, etc. It is sad because he really is not evil. Sigh. And may I add that I like SD's character look. She really pulled off as a rich (yet traditional) person. In the real life, what happens if a north Korean chooses to defect to the South? He loses contact with everyone back home? I really wonder if it was wise for the 5 of them to choose to go back. I understand the drama needs to be diplomatically correct but in reality, what should you think their choices are? It was wonderful to see how SR's mom has come this far in the drama. She encouraged or actually insisted SR to chase after RJH to see him one last time. It would have been interesting if she was indeed the Division 11 spy that some of you speculated. The aspect of this drama being a comedy was with the F4 + Man Bok + SR's employees + the insurance guy. And of course the NK ladies.
  4. Hi, I am late in joining this forum. I chanced upon Lee Sang Yun and started to watch him in VIP. I became very interested in him and couldn't stop myself from finding more about him and watching his variety shows. He is so different from the others because he is an introvert but put himself out there in the entertainment industry. He is very thoughtful and considerate to others, careful in his thoughts and actions, and of course very good looking with his smiling eyes and dimples. Where else can we find a gem like him? Because of VIP, some fans wish he and Jang Nara can be a real couple. Not sure what are your views, but I do agree they will make a good couple given their compatible personalities. I wish he can find someone to settle down with, as his mother had wished
  5. I am pretty sure I said this before but I really am amazed at g.o.d's performances in their concerts. Truly a boy band that sings and dances. They choreographed each performance so well. Each of them will take turn to sing their parts and then the rest will be dancing at the background. Somehow when one finished singing his part, he can easily return to his spot at the back and continue dancing with the rest. I mean, how long it takes them to practice to synchronise themselves so well? And their songs are great even though I do not understand the lyrics.
  6. Interesting to note that YKS has so many past dramas and movies in his belt! I am making a mental note to come to this thread to find out what to watch when I am in a YKS-mood mode.
  7. Wow, I have to catch up on pages and pages of comments here everyday! Very interesting insights by all CLOY fans here. My thoughts: 1. I am one of those who enjoyed Secret Garden and DOTS when I watched them. Both are different and gave different vibes. We cannot and shall not compare them to CLOY. SG was one of HB's notable drama that should not be forgotten. I loved his character in SG and I loved the rich guy vs poor girl storyline. DOTS was great on its own and the chemistry of the leads was the selling point too. 2. I may be one of the few ones here that want to see more of SD and SJ, and how their relationship will develop. I find it a little strange to have the kiss scene between them where it was SD who initiated it but yet the entire kiss itself was not as passionate as it should have been. I mean, when SJ took over and cupped her face to kiss her, they should make that kiss a passionate one! Otherwise what is the point of throwing in a random kiss scene? 3. I am not complaining about the lack of kiss scenes or intimacy between the leads, but I must say it was rather awkward or strange in certain scenes where they didn't kiss, such as after exchanging rings, and after telling SR he was the one in Switzerland when she wanted to commit suicide. In both such scenes, the camera zoomed out with them looking at each other or them holding hands, turning their hands over and over looking at the rings. Well, hug each other at least or touch her face or something. 4. On hindsight, perhaps they couldn't kiss passionately in the hospital scene when she woke up from her coma because she was indeed unwell in real life, therefore not ideal to do anything extreme but a closed lip peck? In Seecret Garden, there were not many proper kiss scenes either but there was still one classic passionate kiss scene. So hopefully we will see one soon here too. 5. I really like Man Bok and it is great to see how his character has grown. We certainly did not expect much from his character, especially after he has whistleblowed on CCG. Hence it was a pleasant surprise to see him having such a development especially all the way to South Korea. 6. I like the character of SD's mom too and her English thrown in in all of her scenes. Given the drama is a live production, does it mean she and SD's uncle must quickly come back from the Oscar's to continue filming? Can you imagine we have so many top notch actors/actresses in South Korea but these two and the rest of Parasite crew are the lucky ones to have chance to go to the Oscar's. Even our HB and SYJ have not had such opportunity yet! One thing is for sure, this drama makes me want to know more about North Korea, especially how does one become defectors.
  8. I have been a silent reader here but I totally agree with everyone's views and sentiments. From the beginning, this drama has been a must-watch because of our popular leads and if the intend is for it to be a romance drama, it HAS TO BE a good ending! I am very curious to see how the ending will be, i.e. where will everyone end up to be? As much as it being a k-drama where anything can happen, it will take a big international politics movement to bring everyone out of NK for good, right? I mean, even Captain Ri's high ranking dad has been in NK all his life, albeit living luxuriously. The most realistic is for everyone (including the whole squad of the secondary characters) to move to Pyongyang for a better lifestyle. Of course, I wish there is some unimaginable way out for our leads to start anew somewhere else while she can still run her business and he becomes a famous pianist. I also hope we can see SD and SJ love develops. There should be enough time for all other characters' developments to be shown, right? I love the 4 ducklings and Man Bok too. Wish them well. It will be sad if they had to go back to that lifestyle and that youngest couldn't see his mom in another 10 years or something.
  9. Ladies, I have been watching YouTube videos of g.o.d concerts (15 years anniversary and 20 years anniversary). My oh my, these men can dance and sing! I must say I enjoy their performances very much, especially watching YKS sing and dance. They are no longer in their youths but they still went all out to dance for most of their songs and very well coordinated too! Are most of these k-pop groups all have to dance as well as sing? I am very impressed with g.o.d. Of course, it was enjoyable to focus on YKS' performance. He did not talk much compared to the rest in those concerts though, which I believe it is his way of being humble that he has the opportunity to rejoin the group? I dunno, but definitely they are a great group and wonderful brothers to him. I find it very generous of the rest to accept his explanation on why he chose to leave the group and that they welcomed him back with open arms (hope I am not wrong to assume so?).
  10. Thanks, @im0202 for the chocolate abs scene and that sauna scene above. Apart from his abs, he has nice broad shoulders and masculine arms too! @hibiscus23, that clip that you shared about him telling the reason he departed from g.o.d (posted in the Chocolate forum), are there more to that video that I can watch?
  11. I dont know what emoji this is but it just shows how dumbfounded I am too see his pictures above in that body! Seriously, I cannot imagine him having (or had) that kind of built. *drooling*. I mean, i was contented with him even if he doesn't have that kind of swimmer built, but to think he looks like that is just awesome. Do you all remember that scene in Chocolate where LK had a car accident with CY? He was injured but he needed to perform surgery on CY. Well, there was a quick scene where he lifted his shirt and tried to 'staple' his open wound on his abdomen. It was too quick and thinking back, I am not sure if it was clear how his abdomen looked like..?
  12. @hibiscus23 and @im0202, Truly agree with your thoughts about HJW. She is so easily tickled by his antics and jokes, and always hitting him playfully. Which men doesn't bask in glory when women laugh at their jokes? She has this pure innocence in her that no wonder YKS says she is just like CY. As for YKS, he knows very well it is a great opportunity to work with the legendary HJW and he enjoyed himself tremendously especially given she is such a gentle soul and loves his gags (i am not sure if there is such an English word to describe what I normally hear in Hong Kong shows...). Amyway, yes he is respectful yet their close age gap makes them at ease. You can tell Lee Jun actor is more reserved around them, more cautious. I like Honey Lee from what I read and she has been with him for 6 years plus. So much time invested, hence I do hope her rship with YKS will be fruitful. Of course, it will be the greatest news of all times if one day, we hear YKS and HJW are together!
  13. I think we will all take the risk if it means watching him recording the song! I come across some videos in YouTube on g.o.d concert. Gosh, my heart races watching him sing and dance. I cannot decide if I like YKS more or Dr Lee Kang more. I question everyday what is it about him that I like? He is not the Hyun Bin type of good looking but yet he is so appealing. His dorkiness wins hearts, and also his good natured character, down to earth, etc makes my heart flutter. I haven't watched any of his previous dramas or movies, except for Love Guide for Dumpees which I happened to chance upon and was pleasantly surprised to see YKS in it! Somehow, I am using all my will power not to watch his previous dramas or movies because at this juncture, I cannot accept anyone else but Lee Kang and I feel this is his best role thus far. But who am I kidding, my willpower won't last long.
  14. Honestly when he first appeared with HJW as award presenter, I still had no idea who he is. I always wanted HJW to have a compatible pairing as I find she has been paired with younger male leads most of the time. I thought to myself that YKS looks matured enough but I didn't appreciate the talent, background, experiences, following, etc that he has with him. Am so glad to know YKS now, even if it means being a little addicted to him.. Both YKS and HJW are similar in the sense that they are both talented in acting and good natured. They can both be joking and teasing in one minute, and then act all serious for their takes in the next minute. This just shows they are true actors. They probably dont need to use the 'method' acting where I understand the actors will have to submerge themselves into their characters.
  15. Since he is the spokesperson for this brand Mountia, I believe what he wore in the last Choco episode where he was hiking should be the outdoor jacket from this brand. Just my random thought... I am currently watching snippets of g.o.d travel reality show on YouTube. Wish there are subtitles for all of them but unfortunately only some parts have.
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