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  1. I am so late in joining and reading this forum. Just only finished watching Hospital Playlist and immediately need to look for an outlet for me express my interest in this Winter Garden couple. I was not initially into Gyeoul's character but I was definitely hoping too see Jeongwon's development in the romance department. I had a much better appreciation of Gyeoul's character after reading about her here and elsewhere, as well as learning about the actress behind this character. Didn't know she is already 34 years old! Of course, who wouldn't like our pediatric surgeon who goes goo goo ga ga over his young patients and looking gorgeous. Anyway, love this drama and looking forward to more in season 2.
  2. @Joje You do have a point here. I am one of those who question how LMH can be so creative and smart to purposely choose specific scenes from his drama, specific song and post it almost in a random manner - all for the objective to debunk so-called rumours with Miss K? Maybe because I am not a creative person, I still struggle to understand someone can think and devise such a creative plan to post such a cryptic post.... By the way, some random person posted about Miss K here a number of pages back. But I am not aware Miss K or any rumour surfaced recently? Please enlighten me.
  3. I haven't spent time analysing much of the recent IG activities, but here's my take: 1. LMH's drinking pictures in the posh Japanese restaurant initially had us all excited thinking he was with KGE. Suddenly we had Kim Bum posting a pic with the same background. I guess no harm catching up with friends. 2. Soon, KGE's friend also posted a pic with KGE. Am pretty sure this is an old picture because KGE's hair is long in the pic. Looks like pic taken on her bday night last year. But why would her friend post a throwback pic? I mean, doesn't mean anything to us but just three girls together. Some fans say they purposely get friends to post pics to throw us off guard so that we will not speculate that both LMH and KGE were together drinking. BUT, they are indeed very in-tune with the fandom's gossips, right? 3. LMH's walking on the street pic was random, in my opinion. Not sure why he lets his friends take pics of him walking and posting them. I can never understand celebrities' random postings without captions or meaning. 4. TKEM OST in his recent post with the scene in TKEM. It was easy for shippers to conclude he is trying to show the world that all rumours of him with others are untrue. What I struggle with is, can LMH really think so cryptically to give out such hints to us? I mean, this takes a lot of thinking on his part to get the right song and right scene, etc. Is it purely random or is it really a well thought out step on his side??
  4. Oooh, love this thinking. He lets her have her limelight. He supports her all the way. He is not jealous of her achievements. He is proud of his better half. This is what power couple does. Silently supporting each other. By the way, KGE looks really young and girly in the Untact interview. She tried to look sturdy with the big tie on her shirt/blouse, but her face looks so young! I mean, if I were LMH, I cannot get enough of KGE. She can pull any look for any occasion. Of course our King is not lacking himself at all. He looks good all the time - boyish but not child-like, regal but not snobbish. There is no better looking man for KGE.
  5. For MinEun contents, refer here: https://archiveofourown.org/series/1869469 For King and Queen of Corea, refer here: https://archiveofourown.org/series/1839718
  6. @gutterland I am the same. Been in gutter zone most of the time, especially when I read miss kaahaani's fanfic, which is so good and realistic. To writers out there, please write more fanfics relating to LMH-KGE. I need them to stay sane. Please! She always makes time to catch up with friends. I presume from LMH's IG, he does spend time with his friends too. But I hope they are making time for each other too! Actually am surprised they still have time for friend!
  7. I have never joined any fan clubs, so appreciate if someone can enlighten me. This Minoz membership kit is only given to new members of this year? Do members need to pay membership fee? The kit looks very nice. Quite enticing to be part of such a fan club just for such exquisite gift, haha. Anyway, my heart was kinda pounding reading the infamous quotes in his photobook which is very obvious to me that it is linked to KGE. I will be delusional to think it is not even remotely linked to KGE. I am excited in anticipating what's next. What else does LMH have up his sleeves? He is already wearing his heart on his sleeves and he has again and again surprised us with actions that we never expected.
  8. Lets put it this way. I believe we rational shippers collectively and many more out there CANNOT be wrong about this ship. All of us cannot be blinded delusionally at the same time. Many of us have our real lives and we have been there, done that. We know when a guy likes a girl, vice versa. We know when two persons are happy and attracted to each other. What we see in press con, swoon interviews, BTSs, IG posts etc are REAL. We did not make anything up. We are merely accepting what we see. Honestly, yes we like an official announcement but at this point in time, I am more curious to know how he pursued her, how they spend time together, how they feel about each other now and so on. The many fan fictions have fueled my imagination and they are all I think of every night in bed. It doesn't help when their beheading scene keeps popping up everywhere and I also really like that hospital reunion run and hug. I hope LMH and KGE are happy now that they have each other.
  9. We do not know why MissKorea was brought into the picture. It has nevertheless definitely made her a little more known amongst us here, which actually doesn't deserve our attention at all. Moving on (and unrelated to the above mentioned individual), I cannot help to think that perhaps LMH indeed has girls who openly flirts with him or tries to get into his inner circle. Girls of all kinds will want to impress him and who knows openly seduce him? And then comes KGE in her simple yet honest demeanour who surprises him by leaps and bounds being different from others. Did you all see the recent pic of KGE who didn't look a day older than her high school pic? I hope LMH seed those two pics side by side too and be more smitten with KGE! Lastly, LMH earned my respect when we believed all that he did these few months were to strategically announce his relationship with KGE. He has all our approvals as the man for KGE because he wears his heart on his sleeves and we see he genuinely treats KGE well. Not forgetting his secret filming of KGE's Terabyte rehearsal, and many other of his cryptic but obvious posts. If all these are merely PR stunts, I think it will leave a blackmark on his reputation. So lets trust LMH in his love pursuit!
  10. All we needed was a 'bomber' and an OIM to reignite this thread, hahaha! It goes to show that while we have been quiet lately, we have nevertheless been waiting, lurking and keeping ourselves informed of any LMH-KGE progress. We are definitely a sensible group of shippers who will not fuel fire unnecessarily to 'force' anything onto our royal couple but will surely put out any unwanted speculations and fire that is not logical for this ship. Good job, fellow shippers. Not wanting to comment on Miss Korea 201x as she is innocent in this whole matter, but I just want to say she is clearly different from KGE in terms of outlook. However, may I remind you all that it is KGE's simplicity that attracted LMH. KGE has beauty that goes beyond glamorous makeup and staged photography. After all these months, I really cannot picture LMH with any lady but KGE.
  11. @lusciousgy CDB is the short name for the stylist friend of LMH. He is the guy that has been posting pics on his IG with the same background as LMH's posts. By the way, what is UIM?
  12. Stylist CDB's IG pictures are clearly taken early in the night. All the units in the building behind him are lit. But LMH's pictures are taken past midnight when the night is silent and everyone is asleep. They (CDB and LMH) may have been together, parked their cars there together but CDB could have left, and our lovebirds LMH KGE chose to walk around the block before finally succumbing to the pain of separation to call it a night Miss Korea 201x? That is random. If I were her, I will throw a fit at LMH if he is my bf but showing the public he is smitten with KGE and letting himself fall in love with KGE, posting on her birthday and Miss Korea should also storm up to Appa Kim for liking comments with references to LMH!
  13. These few days, I have a number of thoughts running in my head from reading comments here and there. So here goes: 1. Firstly, I distracted myself by watching IOTNBO and I enjoyed the drama very much. Not familiar with the leads before I started the drama, but now I truly appreciate their acting and will look out for more of them. Will love to ship them but thankfully that ship is unlike the fast pace one we have here of which our own Captain LMH is steering it. Am telling myself that I am safest to stay here with you all. 2. Appa Kim's infamous reply on IG. Well, what are people expecting him to reply? His reply is actually very practical and logical that it is impossible for KGE to have a baby next year. It doesn't mean that she is not in relationship now, but time is still needed to date seriously for a period of time, to get married and enjoy married life and then only to conceive and it takes another 9 months for a baby to be born. Luckily Appa Kim did not reply by commenting 'It is not possible as she is still single now...', right?? 3. I watched Tune in for Love too. Honestly, if it is not for TKEM and the intense chemistry with LMH and of course, all the obvious crumbs that we received, I would think JHI is a nice guy for KGE. But of course as I have said it somewhere here before, JHI is too much of a nice passive guy, whereas LMH is bold and is able to protect KGE + gives her enough excitement in the relationship (as I sense KGE is an outgoing person despite her demure character). LMH whom others say is more of an introvert, but he surely has the ability to move mountains for KGE. In short, our ship is still sailing strong and all that we have seen cannot be wrong. We are not teenagers who blindly want two individuals together. We are matured adults who see two individuals getting together and we merely want to support them to do so. I will gather my thoughts before I respond to the 'survey'.
  14. Maybe because I am not a social media savvy person or maybe because I am not a celebrity with millions of followers, but why would they always post random pics on IG? For eg, LMH seems to post without captions to his pictures and KGE likes to post flashback random pictures. Why oh why? KGE's latest IG post is a random old picture where she just wanted to mention those plump red lips? What is the relevance of that post that requires her to be posting it in that wee hour of the morning? What triggers someone to post a flashback pic about lips in that hour of the day? Was she with LMH and they were randomly talking about lips, lipstick and him liking sexy red lips? And she browsed her gallery to show him this pic she took during her filming days of herself in plump red lips? He loved those lips and encouraged her to post for her fans to admire? They have a good laugh and snuggled up to sleep while we as fans are rolling in bed disturbed by the random post and wishing we have more from them??
  15. I am back to the real world and that helped to take my mind off our couple, however I will still come back here to check updates and seek some positive confidence in this ship. By now, I am convinced we are sailing the right ship. I rather there will not be any wishy washy announcements for the time being. Let them foster a solid relationship and when they eventually announce, it only means they are very certain of their relationship.
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