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  1. Yes, I am curious what prompted her to mention the photographer's name now, but not in the other recent photos she posted last week. Was she promoted by *ahem* LMH to mention the photographer's name to give the photographer due credit, just like how he did so in his recent IG post?? Separately, did you all read about Lee Seungri's fanclub protesting his relationship with his gf by sending a truck to his home, of which the body of the truck advertised the protests. That is horrible, isn't it? I hope this does not deter our MinEun....
  2. And maybe that was what he did! Uploaded his movielog today, the same day as the Bazaar pics are released, because he is possessively reminding us that he is the guy for her! Well, I believe all of us here cannot be delusional. A handful of individuals perhaps can still be delusional, but this shipper fandom has too many highly intelligent and rational folks to be delusional all these while. Have faith!
  3. Lets talk about the song choice in the movielog. Shawn Mendes attributed it to the girl he likes, singing about finding love and the price of fame. Doesn't it sound too familiar? Why would LMH choose this song? He found the lyrics meaningful? He could associate with the lyrics? So are they already together or they are still in courting stage? There really is not linkage between the song and his movielog, except for the fact that Shawn Mendes is Canadian and the movielog was filmed in Canada! Now moving on to KGE's photos, gosh those are the most exposure we get from her in recent t
  4. In my view, I am certain the guy that appeared in the background of the Veniel's video is not LMH. It is so easy for us to speculate and jump to conclusions, but come on, we have never seen him casually appearing in anyone's video or pictures. He and his friends are too careful to allow such a blunder. It seems that some are disappointed KGE did not include TKEM in her KOFIC video. Well, don't you all think it gets more suspicious for TKEM not to be included? She probably wanted to play it down and try not to be closely associated with LMH, but to exclude such an important project
  5. I believe we are all going through the same emotions and we have been riding on this ship for a year. There were great moments when we were riding high, but these days everything is calm. Hopefully it is the calm before the much awaited storm. Storm in a good sense, where we get overwhelmed and drowned in good news! I may have gotten over TKEM (I think), but the occasional mentions of how good Lee Gon is to JTE, and those snippets of the scenes that are circulating on social media still make my heart flutter. But nothing tops the whole feel about MinEun, the real couple in real lif
  6. With the latest LED display on Seoul COEX for KGE's 9 years anniversary, I am sure LMH must be very proud of her! She deserves to be in the spotlight on her own. Exciting times ahead as his anniversary is coming up too!
  7. So on KGE's instalive, did you all notice these few individuals who left comments? Her stylist, her dad, Woo Do Hwan, and of course BH Ent boss. Good support! Out of curiosity, is that a really big leather jacket that she is wearing? Come to think of it, where have I seen her wearing a similar black leather jacket??
  8. Oh my, the above is so meaningful. What was written was exactly how many of us feel and each reasoning resonates very well with us. I couldn't have described MinEun and their journey any better than this. Thanks!
  9. It has been a year and there is no reason whatsoever not to continue supporting MinEun and believing in their relationship. Since this is a shipper forum, I will proudly state that I am pretty sure they are a couple. Some thoughts on this day: 1. Please let us know that MinEun is aware of TKEM fans celebration on this 1 year anniversary. They should know about the LED advert as well as all the gifts, right? 2. Whilst LMH posted from Canada, our KGE hasn't posted anything on IG, not even a random throwback photo . Is she already busy with Yumi's Cells? I guess
  10. I managed to distract myself a little from MinEun these few days but looking at all the Instagram updates about LMH, my heart is fluttering again. So how long has it been since he left SK? Am sure it is fairly easy to manage LDR with technology now, isnt it? They shouldn't feel too apart, right? So what is this about his photographer commenting on IG? He commented on a post about Ggone, is it? I was thinking to myself today that if MinEun is not as real as we believe, I find it such a waste to have LMH and Ggone being great individuals but single on their own. They deserve to be in
  11. @HR. I don't even know where to begin in describing my emotions reading 'Not My Type'. I haven't dared to read it again because it just hits to the very core of our feelings. I really like both the characters here and I dont know if it was ok for them to be apart for 6 years or would it have been right to get together years ago. Such a bittersweet story. In fact, I like each and every fan fiction of MinEun. Each character of them is different, yet we can put both of their faces there. I love fiction on Lee Gon and JTE (our beloved king who showers our queen with love), I love Willi
  12. I see that the forum has picked up some traction again. Needless to say, we are always present here, whether we post any comments or not. As most of us agree, I would like to think we are rationale shippers and I just do not understand all these talks about fandom wars. What is it anyway? More importantly, why? As it is, we are trying to live 'double lives' as MinEun shippers and also manage our real lives. Since TKEM days, many here have invested time and energy shipping MinEun, analysing posts and pictures, improving our investigative skills, hosting sensible conversations (while screaming i
  13. @Peekaboohoo Yes, please shout that out to him! He needs to know he has our support in his relationship with KGE! Gosh, he looks so good in those pics of him in the shooting site. I think Apple tv probably did no expect the huge following he has!
  14. Ok this has to be a lovestagram, right? I mean, why else will she post a throwback pic? If she is in the midst of something and wants to share it on IG, it should be a current pic of whatever she is doing now. And then we will agree it is perhaps just a coincidence that the timing of their posts are close. But it is not a coincidence if she purposely post something on IG, just to have him post after her. I cannot comprehend. Everything is done on purpose. They had to be communicating and teasing each other. He must have asked her to post something as he misses her. She relented and she probabl
  15. @HR. and @/kdfan_incad, thanks for the fan fic! My imagination was overdrive thinking of how their departure would have been, and am so glad both of you manifested this. Please keep it up! Happy to feed you with my delulu thoughts if you need ideas in the future!
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