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  1. You're just an evolved horse. Maximus -> @makshimus' mane Evolved horse is an omnivore and can clean yourself. Happy 1000th page everyone! I agree. How are you ladies still so active with no crumbs? Is it from the ginger? The coffee?
  2. I'm trying to imagine the amount of shiz you'd have to deal with, literally if y'all gets one. Unless you get @makshimus' mane, she can clean herself. Hehrhhshahhshahh You said what I just thought. @makshimus' mane might not be out of your budget. She can clean herself and you can probably pay her in chicken and kimchi.
  3. My mom got the jar of the kimchi and I finished the whole jar in a week. Now I'm thinking I should just make my own kimchi due to the speed I'm intaking these cabbage. Also too lazy to do art or fanfic and can only support them through their PPL. Waiting for the DVDs to come out so I can open my wallet again. Need to also buy a DVD player.
  4. So I was checking for The Alley stores near me and I saw this Why did I missed this? I want a cute reindeer keychain. Why? Wae? It was also opened during a time before quarantine.
  5. I was also trying to find out the game. Not sure if she's playing with LMH who is next to her. Some mobile games you can play against or with other people.
  6. Don't you worry. I have no doubts. It's for the non-shippers. @Eatjane He loves lemon candy though. I also love lemon flavored candies.
  7. Is giant Minomi a PPL now? To LMH: Were the posts on July 2 for KGE? To KGE: What does LMH taste like during beheading scene?
  8. So glad Soompi forum is back. I love all these new reactions. thirst for wiggles and new gifs The video is like a photo album.
  9. I see you got very busy after following Kim Appa. Keep it coming. This ship is the first I've seen where we can follow so many other people for clues- staffs, family members, companies, costars...
  10. I think I'm still on the sane side with @extrodinairey and @jy_cohh, but I can see everyone's tipping the ship to gutter. Menstrual and mini skirts? At least try to be realistic.
  11. I suppose I should share some of my scans of the photobook here. Some photos I've taken with my phone. If anyone knows Korean and want to help me with translating the novels DM me.
  12. I think they're normal jeans. Also probably just a family event. Too much delusional? Sit next to @HR.
  13. I originally thought the mapping out office distances was to show how close MYM and BH are, but I guess people could linked it to stalking. Even so I don't think revealing where the offices are is a big deal as they are big companies and already revealed in public. Celebs even put up their office PO for fans to mail or send gifts in to them. As always, even if things are shown on the internet, it is always up to the individual to stay in check. As fans we ourselves should know where to draw the line.
  14. These photocards are from the novels so the quality is a bit different. That's all for the photocards of our couple.
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