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  1. If they actually started dating May 22 and that kiss was during May 1, can we say the kiss might've been one of the factors to her agreeing? We need that BTS. See how good it was. Research purpose.
  2. Wonder if they just got similar shoes or they're just comfy shoes that actors/actresses wear for comfort. @insteadofme PD-nim being 3rd wheel.
  3. Yea KGE loves to eat. During the SBS keyword interview she mentioned that she likes eating. Also during a Guerrilla Date she mentioned how the movie she was filming at that time, requires her to gain weight and she was really ecstatic cause she can eat as much as she wanted to.
  4. This. KGE usually has close friendship with her past costars so even if it doesn't amount to romance, they can still be close friends but I'm not going to jinx myself there so *knock on wood* I will need all the wood I can knock to build this ship more durably.
  5. Need more photos but if only director and KGE are holding bouquets, that seems fishy. Definitely not staff given to actors/actress. Also the bouquet he's holding does look like the director's bouquet so why does KGE got a different color bouquet if it was given to LMH, KGE and director. There's a high chance those flowers she has was given by LMH.
  6. I think some of us did already and we had lots of other suspicions posted. We look into every action when our ship is filmed together. Leave no stone unturned.
  7. You're telling me his whip was PPL this whole time?! I didn't even notice. I've become so desensitize to PPL now that they're so normal in TKEM.
  8. Yea good thing they finished filming so now they can get their rest. But we will have to wait another week to see the ending. If they can fill the week with more BTS then the wait wouldn't feel as long. Wonder if Swoon will release the couch talk on the same week.
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