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  1. True! I don't want to doubt. I feel too that they're asking themselves as themselves. I think they had a break/time-off and HB just got on set. That's why SYJ's asking him if he showered. Maybe it's just a short break. I am a full-believer of BinJin #nodoubt
  2. The comrades seem to be holding back on commenting (RJH & YSR fall scene). The Pyo Chi Su actor even said "ssshhh" to Eun Dong actor, and his smile seems like he knows something.
  3. Let's follow Ye-jin's Instagram account. As of now, it has 2.3M followers. https://instagram.com/yejinhand?igshid=1bq44st5llw29
  4. New videos posted at almost the same time/hour! HB from Mediheal IG & SYJ from MS Team. OK, are you giving us signs BinJin? 'Cause we'll bite it! Haha.
  5. Today, Vast Ent posted a video of Hyun Bin. There are plants. There are books. Are these clues? Just like Ye-Jin's orange plant? OK am I reading this too much? or just Delulu
  6. Agree with you. It's given that HB & SYJ are both great and versatile actors. And I think also it's unfair to say that SYJ acting was more challenging. HB worked out to achieve "that" shoulder & bulked up body (that's not easy, he should've done it before if it was), learned the NK dialect, piano lessons, etc. He also mentioned that he is just 60% RJH. So it's not like he's just being himself. He portrayed RJH with depth and consistency throughout. Same with SJY. She's so warm, funny, strong, posh, in-love as YSR. Both did great and really put their heart into these characters that why the viewers felt every emotion, may it be crying, laughing or having heart flutters. Not to mention their great chemistry. Reel or real ❤ I'd always bet it's real ❤ Love is exuding from the screen to our hearts.
  7. Their 2nd kiss on the boat is real!! Too bad this is not shown on the episode. I thought they faked it because the camera is from RJH's back. But NO, it's not just a smooch!! This video is a different angle: https://twitter.com/wantmorebinjin/status/1237366564954853376?s=19 *heart flutters* credits to Twitter user @wantmorebinjin
  8. shipping Binjin without new news is killing me. just put me to sleep. haha. then wake me up when they admit that they're together & in-love <heart>
  9. I miss Binnie & Jinnie. Anyone knows any new updates about them? Even together or individually? All posts about them are CLOY days :( I watched CLOY, bts, interviews repeatedly already.
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