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  1. I’m sorry if it’s OOT but, I really dislike this soompi new theme. It makes browsing slower than the previous time. Even in my Faster internet, it is still open slower. Can soompi change it back?
  2. Even when the editor pd has been changed there was still some mistake from editing dept. I was suspicious when I saw their hospital bed scene, it should be more than LG stared at sleepin TE. It must be kissing scene that has been deleted.
  3. Back to ep. 16, when PM Koo in prison with her previous life secretary as prison guard. Actually his secretary has ever played as prison guard too in PRISON PLAYBOOK drama.
  4. I accidentally open one youtube tarrot channel, discussing topic about LMH/KGE. He, the host accept question from the audience ask anything about romance between actress or actor. So, because during TKEM there are so many rumors about them, he tried to read tarrot card for them. The topics are what LMH thought about KGE, what KGE thought about him and whether they are in relationship or not. Interestingly, his tarrot card answer that LMH likes KGE alot but, KGE still hesitates about her feelings (it is like she is not sure about LMH fans and afraid his fans will bash her) and the 3rd video about they are dating or not. There are some similarities about the card that are opened. Card lovers were opened tiwce and King who held 2 cups also twice. Perhaps if you are Indonesian you can watch from these links: https://youtu.be/aTL4j39OeyQ
  5. You know that TKEM is not kind of boring drama. which is the more you are watching it, the more you like it. Eventhough sometimes we confuse with the timeline but when you repeated you would have something new insights or theories you need to solve. Though the ending it’s not as classic as other romcom drama (first I am not satisfied with the ending cause it was just like the inheritors) and kind of open ending but much better than Goblin. I just think I want to rewatch it again and again. MinEul romance was beyond any regular Kdrama, their chemistry, their bickering, their tears, their hugs and kisses made me want to keep this drama as my personal collection. I will remember TKEM as one of most fave drama (I love happy ending). I hope someday LMH and KGE will join in another project, cause they have proved that they can make a hit drama and got so many loves from their fan kingdom.
  6. CLN said something about the royal ancestor shrine will be completed, maybe next year. Doesn’t it mean they will get married soon? As we know that they came in KOC in the same period as LG just left (KOC 2022). So, perhaps KES let us have an imagination that they will live happily as husband and wife. i know it is not possible for TE and LG to get married and live in KOC, because LUNA is alive and become koo seo gyong police officer. That’s why it is risky for TE to go to KOC the same period with LUNA. What people of KOC will think, that their queen has twins? But, with their time to be together every weekend, they still can have life as spouse. Why not?
  7. I really really love their last bts, wow it was more than ML and FL vibe. I love their interaction. I can’t believe what I see. No wonder since the beginning I have seen their chemistry as the leads. Bravo lmh kge, you have brought your characters amazingly!
  8. The last page I posted was 841, and today I woke up at 5.30 am I have left behind 15 pages. What are you doing all night in my sleeping time, guys? and the new still aishhh!
  9. I am finish reading this last page on 07.50 am my time. But, I guess when I open again tonight it will be 20 pgs more I have to catch. Sigh, It’s tiring to read this thread, so hard to ctach up.
  10. I don’t think the past picture is king haejong or lady noh. It is the picture of LG and TE. LG held the whip and TE wore the necklace. I think they just take their time together as couple to travelling around.
  11. For me, those the only reason for keeping her alive. As far as I remember, LG’s mother or the late queen had not have affair with LR unless ther was something between them that we do not know before late queen married LG’s father. SJH always despised LR, hated him for 26 years because he killed his son LJH. She always tried to killed herself many times with slithing her wrist. But, she always failed, because there was a lady doctor who always saved SJH. LR kept her as a guarantee to threatened his nephew. But, LG once said eventhough SJH has same face with his late mother, but she was not her mother. So, I think LR knew about LG character and when his minions were captured and killed also his all time plan was ruined, he needed SJH to show up at the commemoration day of LG mother. There she will play as the queen. so the people of KOC will doubt LG as the King cause he hid from his people there were two worlds and the late queen still alive. Maybe this was a weak reason but, anything could be happened right?
  12. @Heilo, LR use LJH mother as his hostage with the purpose to show to the KOC people in commemoration of late queen that their late QUEEN (LG mother) is actually still alive and there have two worlds been exist all this time. So, LR can make people in KOC against LG as the present king. Just like the treason he made 26 years ago. And, I think LR keep her alive not as his companion or he had feeling for her. He just keep her alive for that above reason and also that she could prepared the food for him and tasted it before he ate. Remember, all the Royal member especially LG had the food being tasted before they ate.
  13. I love their hugs, all of them. This is the first time I have seen so many hugs in a drama and they were more sensual than kisses itself. Especially whenever KGE was hugging LG, I saw an emotionally afraid to be left hugs but, my mind said otherwise. They were kind of passionate hugs, just look at her hands during all the scenes except ep 1, her hands clutching his coat tightly and her embracing sooooo.... I have imagined if they were no clothes....
  14. In ep 14 PM Koo told her mother if she asked what her mother had for dinner, the answer should be Mackarel. But, after listened the news that Lee Se jin or PB grand daughter was killed in an accident by pregnant lady in US. So, when her mother answer was jajjangmyeon, PM Koo was shocked because the woman is not the mother, but the doppleganger. Lee se jin death let LG made the decission to change the past, by went back once more. I think he will kill LR there and save his father King LH and little LG. But, JTE did not want he went alone, so she asked Luna to take her place as JTE and steal something from the precinct (LR?). She also asked manpasikjeok from SJ cause she need both to enter the gate and meet LG in the past. one thing that I understand JTE has made decission accepting her fate as the wife of LG or Queen of KOC. Maybe after manpasikjeok become whole, the world become balance again and they can travel back and forth as they need to.
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