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  1. Absolutely. It is very hard. I have seen people with soft image tossing a fans hand away. Etc etc it is not easy its only these who have mental fortitude and can pull of natural. If you are good natural and tolerant you won't have issues
  2. Okay just watched that part it was slightly uncomfortable but his a sweet guy. One of the geninuely nicest guys and I have never seen him get bothered by fans or people excited to see him. He mostly has two bodyguards with him and I have seen worse situation example that time in Bangkok the security had to help him out the entire airport was filled up with people there to see him His two bodyguards couldn't do much the airport security rushed him out to safety and it also happen in many other occasions allover China and SEA in Shenzhen, Shanghai, guangzhou, Tianjin, Kuala Lumpur,
  3. It's good to see him back! long time no see!.. looks like his in good mood and having fun in his off time
  4. @leeminhosny We posted on the same time but you were my initial source so I had to edit it out.. Since you are the main source... Shin Kiroo update Credit YM Thanks for sharing looks awesome by the way @syntyche check your PM. ******************************************************** @Nikaa94 I am holding out for something! that something comes out of the hat
  5. First time hearing that also. She has strong vocals Well said. Is there any info on a possible date
  6. I actully decided to check it out but have to agree it had potential but the only issues was them not really going far or as you said let the chase continue on the mainland and it seems like they wanna run away but never really went far and just in circle
  7. Ledi M cover of City Hunters OST by Kim Bo Kyung in English version. She is honestly freaking good she captured the spriit of the song very well and it is very nostalgic and I got so much feels listening to this and the nostalgia OH gosh. it was my first time listening to this song in english version
  8. I truly love City hunter and it has one of the best OST. I just adore the drama overall but there has gone for far to long time to revisit that now imho. Do you think LMH will be back with another work or lets just say multiple
  9. You have alraedy spoiled that series for me I might have checked it out at some point down the road. I have read some reviews on it. Not the best but still wanted to give it a shoot
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