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  1. Happy 4th July despite being from the UK but nonetheless that is the time you guys decided to kick us out.. But 250 years has gone it is all forgotten
  2. Lmao is that gif not from ''I Am sam'' you could tell they had alot of fun filming that I mean the young casts including LMH. They just felt like they geninuely had fun filming it. It also felt the same vibe in the movie ''Get up'' you could tell LMH and Rhyme just had good time filming that
  3. A Turkish Youtuber re-edited Boys over flowers into 23 mins cut and remastered it and it became quite the hit on Youtube. It has already 11m views and it is just 1 month old. I saw it for the first time 2 days ago and thought for myself wow this is great edit and remastering. It just reminded me of how outlandish characters Gu Jun-pyo and Geum Jandi were and what made them interesting is that they were both batshit crazy.. Insane people make for good entertainment and the more insane they are the better
  4. Guess whos drinking Soju and eating chicken at the same time for the first time..... Can you believe that.. I am half way the bottle still not drunk but I am sure it's gonna kick in eventually... I finally managed to get hold of non flavored ''fresh Soju bottle'' It is difficult to find it here in London.. I Intend to smash myself with Soju and see where it leads.. I wanna get Kdrama drunk tonight... Hope not I get DWI For if I do I will send the bills to KES
  5. King of Silk Road sounds like a Saquek that will require alot of overseas filming and someone whos active on the silk road has to be constantly In Persia, China, Arabia and Turkey etc etc back and forth... I hope not we see LMH in that one
  6. The comedy was truly over the top in that series It was almost borderline childish somewhat and I didn't like it either. It is not for acting acclodes tho.. I don't think there is any desire to prove anything but I think it will be interesting TV-series and entertaining selection on Netflix. I think it will be to entertain the fans and to open a new underworld where many viewers will find refuge in and find it interesting to see what happens continuously. The target should be entertaining the viewers and fans.. Perhaps reaching mass consumption is bigger goal imho and it breaking out on Social
  7. Strange lawyer and After School are automatically out of the possibilities. ''Bandit'' Sounds interesting is there any synopsis on these coming series. With The Golden Hairpin I am getting Saguek vibes not sure LMH wants another saquek since he did Faith. Prosecutor and lawyer shows are not down my alley and you can add to anything that has to do with hospitals. We need further infos on Unforgetten, BANDIT and the sun never set. Personally my wish is for a 19+ series with TVn being in the picture it limits that while Netflix will be on board for getting 1
  8. Absolutely. It is very hard. I have seen people with soft image tossing a fans hand away. Etc etc it is not easy its only these who have mental fortitude and can pull of natural. If you are good natural and tolerant you won't have issues
  9. Okay just watched that part it was slightly uncomfortable but his a sweet guy. One of the geninuely nicest guys and I have never seen him get bothered by fans or people excited to see him. He mostly has two bodyguards with him and I have seen worse situation example that time in Bangkok the security had to help him out the entire airport was filled up with people there to see him His two bodyguards couldn't do much the airport security rushed him out to safety and it also happen in many other occasions allover China and SEA in Shenzhen, Shanghai, guangzhou, Tianjin, Kuala Lumpur,
  10. It's good to see him back! long time no see!.. looks like his in good mood and having fun in his off time
  11. @leeminhosny We posted on the same time but you were my initial source so I had to edit it out.. Since you are the main source... Shin Kiroo update Credit YM Thanks for sharing looks awesome by the way @syntyche check your PM. ******************************************************** @Nikaa94 I am holding out for something! that something comes out of the hat
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