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  1. ICE's translation uses the word "projects." I don't think we can decode anything from that sentence. He always has many works/projects going on: CFs, magazines, interviews, donations, ambassadorships, Promiz, Minoz, now YouTube, as well as dramas and movies, or any other surprise. (Online fan meeting please.)
  2. In my opinion, he will play older Hansu and LMH will switch to playing Noa. Don't you think Jung Woong-in and LMH look a bit alike? If so, even JWI would need to age up--if Youn Yuh-jung is playing older Sunja. (And no one will have to worry about watching LMH as Hansu beating a woman.)
  3. Fans remember. I have to admit, I get really impatient with people who don't take the time to get to know LMH. I wouldn't have to read so many useless words about him on social media.
  4. I don't know. He looks like Hansu, but isn't Hansu (of course). I think this has already been posted. ("Pachinko" covers the years 1910 through 1989.)
  5. Kim Jong-wan is a member of the band Nell. He is the writer and producer of Lee Seung-gi's song "The Dreamer's Dream." He also did "Gravity" for TKEM.
  6. I think it will be Sandara Park. https://www.soompi.com/article/1398076wpp/jung-il-woo-cheers-on-sandara-park-at-her-musical-she-thanks-him-for-12-years-of-friendship
  7. Yes! Lee Min-ho would have become a star no matter what the work was. But, he is the reason BOF is the phenomenon that it is. His "raw" acting is the best. To return to something like that for Hansu is quite exciting. I thought I'd better answer the quiz.
  8. We are all eating up his latest interview like we were starving. He is always so wise, and playful, too. My favorite part of being his fan is watching his progression over the years. The interviewer took this question from this part of "Pachinko:" Three days later, she saw him. It took nothing to convince the sisters to let her do the wash by herself. Again, he was waiting by the rocks, reading the paper. He wore a light-colored hat with a black hatband. He looked elegant. He acted as if meeting her by the rocks was normal, though Sunja was terrified that
  9. The superiority of our Long-legged Oppa! The character we didn't know we needed!! I think we need a new poll. Which character should Lee Min-ho play next? 1. Carpenter -- action genre 2. Carpenter -- mystery genre
  10. cto I like this explanation: "Massaging your ears transmits happy emotions into the body by initiating the delivering of brain endorphins. The act of touch alone is very therapeutic. It enhances the immune system in the human body, minimising feelings of tension or stress and can help you relax." source
  11. The nickname of LMH that I love best is the one that is shining right now, that is, "Philosopher Lee Minho." (Didn't we all feel something?) I love everything about this episode of Leeminho Film! Two of my favorite stars being vulnerable and even more endearing. Thank you to the directors and photographers working with LMH. Thank you Seung-gi for the collaboration. Looking forward to future episodes!!!
  12. Maybe this is saying that he will be playing older Hansu. Then LMH could continue filming as Noa. We can only speculate with the drops of information we’ve been given.
  13. I was just thinking about a re-watch. This is perfect timing! Those pictures from the Golden Disc Awards made me so nostalgic for Gu Jun-pyo. He did upload some to the Minoz Zone. Maybe he will share more.
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