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  1. I don’t think there is a need to worry too much about LMH in Pachinko S2. Hansu would be very old and Noa is dead.
  2. It seemed that way to me--not really an alternate ending, but including more scenes that they didn't have time for. One difference would be that we see that the rat lived. I thought Shin Sang was showing the insane amount of love that psychopaths have for their children. Yeah, NO to zombie mouse. Either they are simply showing that BR will live again in the next life, or you know, if we didn't see the body, according to k-drama rules, did he really die?? She heard that his granddaughter has th
  3. Headhunter is dead. So the surgery could have happened earlier, or it isn't him performing the surgery. Yo-han's IQ was 164 and Ba-reum's IQ was 160, so they are both geniuses. I kept wondering what they were going to conclude about this. Finally, Choi Young-shin told BR he was a genius AND a psychopath. See ... keep working on that theory. He definitely isn't nice if he had Choi murdered. It could be his revenge for his son's death at the hands of OZ, or just removing her from having any more influence. The killing in
  4. I haven't seen the alternate ending yet. But the epilogue is nuts enough. Another brain surgery. The surgeon looks like HH? to me (a lefty). But he's watching the video of the first surgery. And the patient is played by Kim Yo-han. Plus, more speculation about the meaning of these signs ... John 11:23: Jesus said to her, 'Your brother will rise again.'
  5. Ending 2 will be for the spinoff/alternate story Mouse: The Predator. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.
  6. It's weird, but people will be unhappy if BR is not the Predator. There are too many holes for me to be satisfied, if he is. Let's see if they can be explained. Why is Ba-reum shown with two different cars? Did he get rid of this one?
  7. This is the key point. We are only seeing the version of what happened according to BR's assumptions and reconstructed memories. He "remembers" that he beat the boxer, set him on fire, and stabbed him in the heart. But the autopsy shows that the boxer was also severely beaten with a hammer all over his body. Either BR forgot that part, or it didn't happen the way he is remembering. Sadly, I haven't been able to persuade anyone that Ba-reum is not the Predator. (I'm still willing to discuss the clues, but people just see what they want to see.) I think the ending and message
  8. I don’t see how Ba-reum could have found Kim Joon-sung’s home from learning the address of the laundry. (If he had asked the laundry, would they even know a customer's address, and wouldn’t they have alerted the police after he was found dead?) For me that is a plot hole, or it didn’t happen that way. OZ is doing much more than just following Ba-reum. Oddly, BR is shown wearing white shoes while killing KJS. In the misleading scene with YH killing KJS, he also had white shoes. The Predator wears black, sole-less shoes. PD and Daniel Lee became acquainted when she in
  9. Daniel Lee was behind the fake wall. But I do have a problem with the ever-changing basements. Episode 3, just after Grandma took one of the photos: Episode 18, when Yo-han is reading the journal: Episode 19, just before Grandma rings the doorbell: As I understand it, both moms were scared after watching the psycho boy (knot killer) push his mom out the window. They thought about killing their own children, but that seemed too difficult. They agreed to swap babies and raise each other's child, thin
  10. Congratulations on your 15th Anniversary ! You've done well !! We'll celebrate by singing karaoke. We know sad love songs are your favorite. I'll bring the sweets. We can't wait to see what the future will bring! #AlwaysWithLeeMinHo
  11. If OZ people are following Ba-reum and he is the Predator, what were they doing during the 7-sins killings? Why would those scenes not be cleaned?
  12. CONFIRMED? With this writer, we'll have to go right up until the last 10 minutes of the drama.
  13. @nrllee I agree with your assessment. I've been disappointed and disturbed by the glorification of Ba-reum. If this is the story, I see no point in it. BUT, I remain optimistic that what we're seeing now in the spin-off episodes is a fictional variation of the actual storyline. Call me crazy. Everything doesn't yet add up. For example, BR's car doesn't match the killer's. (I personally think SS traded it in for his new car.) Then again, I never considered I would have to entertain the idea of a baby swap.
  14. I don't see how Ba-reum could have murdered the priest. How could he go by taxi from his house to the TV station, to the subway station, to the police station, during the same time that he is at the church in different clothes calling in to the TV show, tying up and filming and killing Moo-won, fighting Bong-yi, then changing his clothes and returning to the church by taxi??? The most basic mistake an investigator can make is looking at suspects and not at evidence. It seems like Yellow Slicker Boy could have become the killer Shin Sang.
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