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  1. LMH in LOTBS episode 16: Thanks for all the comments! The plot moved forward a lot in this episode--mostly serious moments with a little comedy. We still don't know if Nam-doo will betray JJ. (And even Chi-Hyeon could change.) Their behavior is still ambiguous. Good job by the writer and actors!
  2. I agree. You can see the contrast between JR and YS. Yong-sik definitely wins! I think it is Kim Ji-seok who makes me feel sorry for Jong-ryeol. Yes. What I find worse is Jessica's mothering, and even the way her own mother defends her selfish ways. Then there is Dong-baek's mother's abandonment. What were her reasons? I think “parenthood” could be the reason for the story of Yeong-sim's dog and puppies. Does anyone know who Heung-sik (the repairman) is related to??
  3. LMH in LOTBS episode 15: This is another great episode! So much happens. SC's fear was JJ's rejection, and now she understands he knows her secret and accepts her. JJ is supposed to be a genius, but he tells SC he's afraid of his dream repeating ... and then describes a beautiful dream. The bedtime scene is wonderful! Their bickering is cute. JJ telling her he could be fickle and change his heart. SC wondering if he is worth her once-in-a-lifetime love. She promises not to erase his memory, and he says he'll just check her heart. Swoon!! Yes, Yoo-na is very good at summarizing.
  4. I was wondering if DB's mother would appear, and I thought that maybe DB had some guardian angels watching out for her after the last murder, but I was surprised to see that her mother was the one stalking her. If we assume she is the one who triggered the fire alarm, and she has been following DB, does that mean she is faking her dementia?? Same. I think he was immature to begin with and now is growing up. It's always a good thing, and never too late, to change your bad ways. I laughed so hard watching this scene! His changing expressions, and the conflicting thoughts and emotions, and the kdrama cliche ... I loved it! Now I understand better what it means to be a romantic thriller comedy.
  5. LMH in LOTBS episode 14: Thanks for all the comments!! @syntyche Your post covered everything I wanted to say. The professor is not all-knowing. Joon-jae is wise enough to understand that he can do something about his future. Showing Chi-hyun directly after the question seems like a pretty straightforward answer. Also, the up-styled hair should have been another obvious sign that he is a villain. Yet, I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. Looking at it now, I think I should have known from his actions as a child. Still, I pity him. The audience was more than distracted by Nam-doo. Everyone believed that he was a traitor--no benefit of the doubt for him. It was disappointing to see that JJ's mom was so defeated when she was kicked out that she just gave up. (I guess it had to be this way for the plot.) I don't usually watch on Viki, so it's interesting to know what has been changed due to licensing and copyrights. I guess I'll keep watching on sites-that-must-not-be-named.
  6. This is not the kind of drama where Dongbaek would be the killer. It is also not the kind of drama where she would be killed. There really aren't very many choices for the killer or for the victim, but who are they?? I think it could be Jong-ryeol who is found dead wearing the bracelet after Dongbaek returned it to him. I think he got caught trying to protect Dongbaek, who is the target. As for the killer, I am starting to suspect this guy: I think Dongbaek is the intended target and the other victims were in the wrong place at the wrong time.
  7. Hmmmm ... @Sunny Choi @bebebisous33 Yeah, I think the spacing out was due to her breaking up with him. Pil-goo was born 9 months later in December. There are many questions bugging me ... For example, ... how is it that Joker surfaced right after Dongbaek came to town? ... why did she come to Ongsan? I'm wondering the same as @bedifferent and @joccu: How did she survive as a witness? Why did he not kill her then and now? Weirdly, all these questions make it look like she is Joker. Who is Heung-sik related to? Even though clues point to him, he seems to me unlikely to be Joker himself.
  8. I guess if I had read the first post of this thread, I wouldn't have been surprised. But, I think I'll enjoy it a little more because of the mystery, with one major condition--that the victim is NOT Dong Baek. I am terrible at reading clues, but I was thinking along the lines that Yong-sik's father was an early victim of Joker, and his mother is the latest victim. Kang Ha-neul is a revelation in this role as a bumpkin! I love it when he says, "They all think I'm from Seoul." LOL Even I can tell from his speech and mannerisms that he lacks that city sophistication. But that doesn't dim his charm! Thanks for all the comments!
  9. LMH in LOTBS episode 13: Thanks for ALL the comments!! I agree that it keeps getting better and better. This is the episode where you can hear in LMH's voice that he has a cold. I'm really hoping that it will be possible for Korea to do more pre-produced shows, so there won't be time constraints and everyone can stay healthy. Yes! This is one of my favorite looks--simple and gorgeous--and favorite scenes. Well said! Dam-ryung is clever. He has figured out what is going on with their repeated story, has left clues for Joon-jae, and is confident in sacrificing himself for a different future. After he dies, Se-hwa pulls the spear through herself, ready to be reborn, trusting that they will be together again. It's fun to see the parallels of the two time periods. One question that comes up in this episode is: "What did Dam-ryung do to save his father?" "Is there a parallel with Joon-jae and Detective Hong?"
  10. LMH in LOTBS episode 12: Another fantastic episode! I love the new level of understanding and the comedy that comes from JJ hearing SC's voice. Thanks for the comments @Lindyloo421 @CallieP @msdot @CarolynH @syntyche and all! Joon-jae was not surprised, hurt, or scared when Shim Cheong's identity became clear to him. And Shim Cheong moved on pretty quickly after learning that Joon-jae is a conman. Why?? Because she has experienced that he is a good person?? I like the cuteness that LMH and JJH showed in this episode. The frustrating barrage of thoughts was ended with a perfect good night kiss! "When I demanded longer kiss, I made it slower. LOL"-- @Visually-wandering https://visually-wandering.tumblr.com/post/154838438681/when-i-demanded-longer-kiss-i-made-it-slower-lol
  11. Your memory is correct. I can see how HJJ's mom knew things about him, but I don't understand why she wouldn't have tried to get in touch with him. Was she threatened by Stepmom and Dad to stay away?? Stepmom is pretty scary, and I'm sure HJJ's mom wanted JJ to be safe. Being a woman in Korea, she probably lost all rights to property and family after the divorce (even her own son).
  12. LMH in LOTBS episode 11: Thanks for all the comments! I agree with everything you said @CallieP and @Lindyloo421 ! I think this is my favorite episode. JJ is hilarious, and LMH is best when he is wild and free. He killed it this episode!! I had forgotten that the Busan event was so soon. I'm glad we'll have something new to see! Would you say LMH is sporting the "comma" hairstyle in that photo?
  13. LMH in LOTBS episode 10: Thanks for all the comments!! Another great episode! Many different emotions for HJJ, which LMH showed perfectly with his eyes and face. You are right, @Lindyloo421, very nuanced acting! Yoo-na is too adorable. JJ starts to hear SC's voice. The "mind-reading" conversation was so intense. Filled with emotion, JJ is frantic after SC slips away. I think I need to watch episode 11 right now!!!
  14. LMH in LOTBS episode 9: Thanks for all the comments! He is still so curious about Ramyeon guy ... ... and is now giving Cheong-i advice. As a kid he shared a great relationship with his dad. This!!! Mom is kicked out, and Dad has changed. Sooo sad! Back to cute Lots of good moments this episode! It was nice to learn through the Instagram Live that The King will air in March and that he is hoping to have a fan meeting next year. He showed us again that he is a pro at answering ALL kinds of spontaneous questions.
  15. LMH in LOTBS episode 8: I, too, thought this was a fun episode. I've watched LOTBS so many times, and this time I'm just enjoying it and not analyzing everything. I remember when it aired, some people thought it was slow and boring. I still don't get that. I think it is fun and funny and clever and intriguing. It must be my cup of tea. It's true that there are a few logic gaps to overlook, but I think that's true for almost every k-drama. I like the repartee. SC's innocence and JJ's denial, plus their cute and funny facial expressions, make for some funny exchanges. Me too!! I watched BOF on Netflix in September 2015 after reading about it on a friend's blog. I was hooked. There were so many fascinating things about that crazy drama, but number one was the charisma of LMH. I watched all his dramas in order, plus his movies, web series, commercials, fan meetings, and everything else I could search up. I've watched his earlier dramas as well. I think it would be fun to watch Mackerel Run together (or any others). I noticed that the number of followers on this forum went up by about 10 in the last few months, and now it has dropped down below 400. I think that Soompi is deleting all the inactive users. The language of Soompi is English, but I don't think the majority of followers are native English speakers. (I could be wrong.) I think there are many lurkers, who don't comment because they are uncomfortable with English. I am in the US. I don't know any other k-drama fans near me.
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