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  1. "Getting more beautiful as the years pass" So fun! Only one more of these.
  2. That's the cruel irony: we'll see him less when his service is over. Thanks for all the posts! I've gotten so far behind. I binged all of Heirs back in January because I knew I would be busy. I'm still busy, but I'm getting excited for D-Day. It will be fun to see what Minoz do. @Latifah_ (I noticed that your tag was working and had to try it myself.) We're all so envious right now. Have fun! @Kris Silva is back; now let's look for @pixie0622.
  3. LMH in Heirs episode 5: Thanks @CarolynH and @CallieP ! KIm Tan seems all soft and smitten and adorable and poetic. What will happen now that "Lucifer is back?"
  4. LMH in Heirs episode 4: Thanks @CarolynH and @CallieP ! It's cute to watch the hide-and-seek discovery of who the new girl is living in Tan's house! Only in k-drama do you meet a girl and then find out she's moved into your house--love it! I feel no sympathy for Rachel. She's doing a great job of being unlikeable.
  5. LMH in Heirs episode 3: Thanks @CarolynH @CallieP and @syntyche !! I agree. This is a really great scene--my favorite from this episode. I feel a lot of sympathy for Kim Tan. I think Won is being too harsh, but he has more experience and is more cynical (or realistic?) about the world they live in. The 1% of the 1% don't live the way the rest of us do. I like the gleam in his eye. What is he thinking?
  6. LMH in Heirs episode 2: It's too early to know what to make of Kim Tan. He seems sensitive and introspective, but we keep getting hints that he is a troublemaker, too. He isn't happy exiled off by himself, and seeing Eun-sang awakens something in him and brings out the clever "Do I like you?" I don't think the sparks would fly like they do if KT and ES had met in their normal surroundings in Korea.
  7. LMH in Heirs episode 1: Thanks @CarolynH and @CallieP My few thoughts: I learned some things from reading the comments at Dramabeans. For example, the American actors are so terrible because they can't use union actors. The California scenes are cringey for me to watch, but I am very forgiving. Javabeans made a point I hadn't thought of: that Heirs is set up like a modern-day sageuk, with the king, the princes, the palace intrigue, the concubine, the political maneuverings, etc. I always hate the bullying (Young-do), and wish it didn't exist. There is a lot of stuff introduced, but the sizzle in this episode is in Kim Tan's stares.
  8. Final thoughts on LMH in Faith: Thanks recappers and everyone for your comments! I love this too! Yes, I agree! I think the ending was appropriate. I know that they did hug and kiss later, and I like ending with the tender, tear-filled smiles that came first. The ending shot with the tree is beautiful. You are right! The relationships make Faith great. And I think the love we saw between CY and ES was deep and meaningful, worth aspiring to. From episode 23: I like tall, long-legged LMH with big, warm hands, a deep voice, high laugh, ready smile, and kind heart.
  9. Searching Soompi Forums is nuts! I had to do a Google search "shopping king soompi forum" to find it. https://forums.soompi.com/en/topic/388838-drama-2016-shopping-king-louie-쇼핑왕-루이/ Welcome @fitzsimmons!
  10. Is there anyone at SKY Castle who is not a fake? I hope so. Hye-na turned out to be just like the others. Will the Hwang family be next? I hope not. Do they all lie? One hopeful, happy moment: "But when he was yet a great way off, his father saw him, and had compassion, and ran, and fell on his neck, and kissed him."
  11. I thought all those "coincidences" pointed straight to KJY, because she has shown how meticulous she is. I thought the same thing about the trash bag. It still might turn up. KJY definitely set up all the evidence. I won't say my theory out loud, cuz it's too crazy. I want to know about "water" and the boiler room.
  12. Catching up again! Thanks for all the posts and comments! LMH in Faith: I couldn't find the gif I remember of this scene, captioned: COUPLE GOALS! So true! Love it! Kinda sums everything up. More favorites: (Is this the line LMH says is his favorite?) I was impressed with the scene where everyone learns that the Queen lost the baby. Great acting all around! Choi Young was so sweet! I was also touched by the reaction of the King's man. Thanks everyone!
  13. Faith episode 19: Thanks for the recap and the comments!! Latifah_ @msdot @syntyche @CallieP, you'ved metioned some of my favorite parts. When ES says that she likes to hear him say "what" or "mwo" and so on, I can relate to that. I first watched Faith when Korean was really new for me, and that sound "mwo" from CY stood out a lot to my ears. I like the way LMH says it. It's difficult to comment on this since I already know the story, but I'm happy that we are now starting to understand what is happening with Eun-soo and her notebook and so on.
  14. Catching up wih Faith, I just watched 4 episodes. Thanks for all the recaps and comments!! For me, Deok-heung is the slimiest of all the villains. Yuck! But now, CY and ES are acknowledging their feelings for each other, giving us lots of sweet moments. That kiss surprised me. I didn't know what clever CY was thinking. I agree!! What is the best way to love someone, knowing you will be parted? Do you share everything and then suffer the hurt when you are separated? Or do you conceal your feelings, thinking you are protecting the other person? I think CY is actually being quite brave, considering his stoic nature and that he has already experienced love AND loss. Unrelated, but if you're interested in DMZ news:
  15. LMH in Faith episode 14: Thanks for all the comments!! There are many sweet moments in this episode. I'll pick this as my favorite because Eun-soo is starting to wake up to her own feelings: Does this look familiar? What are you showing us? Are you crazy?
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