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  1. It looks to me like the borders were made with INSTAGRAM. Anyone with Instagram can make a border by clicking the frame button, or by choosing a filter, double-clicking on the filter and adding a border, or by doing both. The orientation/composition of the original photo determines the horizontal/vertical border. Look at @k.kbeom for more examples. @Joojix Okay, I see now ... the small borders are the question. And I don't know what I'm talking about.
  2. I would suggest one of these: Dropping Rain - KimTae-woo Like a Fool - 2AM OST Full Album
  3. My LMH Review: Favorite Overall : LOTBS Fav LMH Performance : GJP (BOF) Fav Romance : Faith Fav Look : LOTBS Fav Action : CH Fav Bromance : LG-JY (TKEM) Fav Kiss : beheading kiss (TKEM) Fav Crying : GJP (BOF) Fav Character Overall : CY (Faith) / LG (TKEM) Least Fav Wardrobe : BOF Least Fav Hairdo : BOF but so iconic! Least Fav Pairing : GJP-GJD (BOF) @madmad min I forced myself to choose only one answer, but couldn't do it for fav character. For me, there is something to love in every one of his dramas. This marks the moment I was lost to LMH (and to GJP): "o - sa - sam - i - il"
  4. I love this!!! I'll give it some thought and come back with my selections.
  5. It was a Trugen fan sign event, but the photo was used at a fan meeting, too. I prefer dark hair, but I also like lighter shades. The setting, styling, character, etc. are what make the hair work. I like the way LMH meticulously makes each of his characters look different.
  6. Google translated "melo" as melody and marshmallow. I don't know 시헌 / Siheon. It seems like a name. By fatal, I think they mean the usual meaning = causing death. @Nikaa94 Your assignment is too hard.
  7. I first watched it without subs on YouTube. Then DramaFever subbed it and I watched it again. This will be the third watch. Remember, he actually had a “mustache” in GB. Since he really doesn’t produce much facial hair, I prefer him without. (But I admit, this looks HOT.)
  8. Dark, light Long, short Up, down Curly, straight Ponytail, man-bun Bald, mohawk ... etc.
  9. This is from the shipper's thread, so don't read if you don't want to. credit as tagged I've decided that my next LMH re-watch will be Secret Campus. You've come a long way, baby! I love this look!!! My vote is dark hair and manly. Will "hair" be next weekend's poll?
  10. Hi! I'm happy to see more activity in this thread. I've visited a few times in the past few years and always wondered why there aren't more fans here? Where are you, fans?? I first saw Kim Go-eun in Cheese in the Trap. I've also seen Goblin, The King, Canola, Sunset in My Hometown, and Tune in for Love. Now I need to go back and pick up her earlier movies. This is the moment I knew KGE was my kind of person: I think she is beautiful, inside and out! @Lids Thanks for your wise advice. I need to take it to heart.
  11. "It was a fan gift certification. Minho Lee is attentive China Minoz ㅋㅋㅊㅋ" "After all, Minho knows the hearts of fans very well... He is a delicate and wonderful person~~ Congratulations to China Sparkling Minoz~" https://gall.dcinside.com/board/view/?id=minho&no=688666&_rk=zx3&page=1 https://m.weibo.cn/status/4522674901383482
  12. My favorite line from LOTBS isn't very eloquent or catchy like "Do I like you?" When SC learned that HJJ had been hearing her thoughts and realized he knew she was a mermaid, she asked what he thought. The words themselves are pretty ordinary, but I LOVE what he said. Choi Young with today's LMH would be amazing!!! I read on DC someone suggesting that LMH should do an audio book. What a great idea, I thought. He has a superb voice. Um ... yeah ... there are no subtitles with books. But I'd still listen to a whole book of LMH's sexy voice.
  13. Don't misunderstand me. I ship them. I love and respect KGE. I love and respect LMH. They are wonderful together. I am a facts person, so I belong on that subset ship that sails with facts. My ship sails much more slowly. LMH loves music, and he is a romantic music kind of guy. He has said so many times. He sings at his fan meetings. Heck, at the press conference he said he'd choose ballad singer for his alternate life. Here he is playing and singing along to a soft love song for his sleep buddies in the DMZ: His posting of the song might mean something or it might not. It might move your ship along, but my ship is still moving slowly.
  14. Okay, I don't follow this thread, but I thought I'd let you know that you have outdated information about where LMH lives. And if you want to see all the Han River trails, use Naver Maps street view. You will be able to narrow it down by looking at the railing next to him. Good luck!