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  1. i see many of shippers eagerly want to get any reaction from both agencies about this relationship. it's only about a month after the show ended and none of korean or chinese portal write such a report, which is great we give them some space they need to take care of each other's feelings. at this stage if they're going to give a confirmation it must be a denial to protect them and it ain't good because they're still in early stage. really hope we can continue shipping these two without being bothered why no confirmation
  2. hmm because given the context of July 2 and today are totally different, no? one was done on a girl's bday at wee hours and literally took him for 10 days after his bday to update this dancing universe which makes his and hers bday sitting side by side on his sns feed. meanwhile today has no significance at all related to them or couple thing in korea lol so we can say it's a random song which suits with the weather in seoul anyway the queen just updated with black hearteu. it makes me happy somehow
  3. 1. SSC was officially confirmed a year later after few times denied the rumors. for Swag couple (LSK-NJH) they were caught by dispatch less than 6 months after drama ended. 2. Hyeri-Ryu jun yeol, Jisung-Lee Boyoung and Eugene- Ki Tae young. for non reel-to-real ones there are Soo young-Jung Kyung ho and Woo Bin - Shin min ah
  4. @Luna0702 i just saw the updates you referred to. first, it was diff dates. second, it must be a studio as he was with his stylists and team. it's very common for k-stars to take photoshoot, cf etc at the same studio, like Kim Yeong Jun's studio (LMH's update on June 19) which is the most common studio in Seoul you can find on most k-stars sns when they have photoshoot lol. the last, i'm sure he was single and ready to mingle based on interview last October about love life in his 30s. i find it's quite funny some of you still feel uncertain after a whole loaf of bread on july 2
  5. my shipper logic also says so..he needed to update again at wee hours to make it as his "new normal" and showing his sexy legs to distract fans after the brouhaha yesterday
  6. it's possible he has changed his approach of love as he said there? he wished he can start in a new way if he ever fall in love again. there he also claimed himself as a very honest/frank person. KGE as i know from her fan is a very private person but she really values honesty above all else. she didn't hide when she and the ex attended movie premiere tgt and invited him to Canola's premiere. we can read at the last part she picked NJH's character in CITT as her ideal type because his honesty to the girl he liked. https://www.soompi.com/article/823233wpp/kim-go-eun-chooses-her-ideal-type-among-cheese-in-the-trap-characters so my thought on what LMH did yesterday can be considered as his way for being honest about his feelings. not that he crossed the line of his private life..he just simply wanted to share a little part of his excitement on a day which was special for him. i believe most of guys share the same behaviour when they're deeply in love regardless of his stardom
  7. guuuurlll....this guy is so obvious huh? after days been MIA now on her bday he updated his sns
  8. i think being sexy and drop dead gorgeous aren't enough if you talk about about marriage/partner for life. yes it would be truly a blessing if you could have those qualities as well but the idea of spending the rest of your life with someone is more than just superficial factors. imo KGE is sexier (than his exs) by her inner beauty, mature way in thinking and behave. a girl who's simple and pure but effortlessly knows how to put smile on him is the suitable one for LMH
  9. he's really family oriented guy. wasn't in one interview he said if parallel universe does exist he wanna see his counterpart's life whether he's already married or has kids. you know sometimes i wondering when will that time come; the LMH break up with millions of his "girlfriends" and step up his status as someone's husband and father. will people esp women keep swooning over him as crazy as before? he's aging backwards but still the vibe will be different once he has tied the knot and build his own family. if that day come i hope he will be a bit open about his personal life like Rain or Jisung. and i hope that lucky woman is KGE. her unpretentious and simplicity really balances him well.
  10. if someday we're gonna get a happy news, for sure KES is the real Lady Noh with her talismans lol. i bet her sense as a romance writer for ages and also has good bonding with both of them, already felt it at their private script-reading especially from LMH's side. some lines and things of their characters like she took some references from LMH and KGE in real. and she was too generous for the ending even more generous than Secret Garden..that vows and aged hands is on another level of perfect who would've thought she would pull this kind of ending after Goblin and Mr.Sunshine lol. my shipper logic telling it's either she loves them that much as this is their comeback and second collaboration or she wants LG-JTE's fate also works for LMH-KGE TKEM has its flaws but i'm forever grateful for this pairing.
  11. i don't know girls if you ever heard about this but i got it from her long time fan.. it also had something to do with her public relationship with her ex back then, which the rumor said it was used as a media play by the former agency (she and the ex were labelmates). when she was in buzz for being casted in Goblin, all of a sudden the agency (she just signed an exclusive contract on August 16) confirmed their relationship on August 24, which the timing was a day before Detour's premiere on August 25 and all old pics were taken on May resurfaced. hence after the broke up she ended the contract with them. i think for an exclusive contract it's supposed to be about two year at least.. and later she joined BH ent in July 2017 and took sunset in my hometown. looking at the amount of pressure she got from public while she was doing goblin and post-drama (tho the drama was a mega-hit) was indeed too much for a young girl in k-showbiz, so it makes sense after goblin she felt her self-esteem collapsed more than ever. in my opinion it's better she is being low key like these days bcoz they are such a hot topic among fans after TKEM. gosh did you see how much clickbaits about them on youtube? lmao. whatever she's gonna post on sns it will be linked with LMH whom now is gaining huge of attention from media and fans. i know once she said something like 'fans are scary' but if they do have that feeling better they give it a chance and live their present to the fullest like she said on swoon. i believe she is a fighter for her loved ones, so if LMH is able to convince her about his feelings and everything's gonna be alright i believe she will do anything for him and their relationship. same like you all here i miss these two. waiting for SBS drama awards is way too long lol. let's hope there will be something from tkem related or whatever event that makes these two can meet up in public and feed our longing for them.
  12. yes all Korean Minoz alone could sue her for giving him the saddest character ever esp it's his comeback which supposed to be memorable one not make them feel traumatic afterwards lol and not to mention from KGE fans for giving her the same kind of sad love story
  13. YEAYYY thank you so much KES for didn't make a hat-trick this time lol. no wedding but they show us their love is eternal and the narration at the end makes it perfeeect. i was so freakin' mad back then with Goblin ending with last minutes happiness for Kim Shin and all they did was staring at each other till the screen froze ugh. Thank you all and the live recappers. it's a long journey and glad spent watching and analysing this masterpiece with you here
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