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  1. no way they didn't show us what happened before they sleep. There must be longer version and they keep it for beginning ep 15
  2. you are not alone. me also not a fan of wedding or marriage for portraying such happy ending in finale episode. that kind of scene like so Cinderella story and cliche somehow to show a perfect happy ending (for me). I want something refreshing, realistic and unique of the happy ending for this couple
  3. credit to uploader ep 13 was too emotional. Kudos to KJW for delivering such feelings perfectly (no doubt though). the OTP is getting stronger and sweeter despite not many fluffy scenes but them just being each other side and holding hands already romantic and their chemistry is already off the charts. now it's sort of easy to spot which one KJW-PMY or RG-DM
  4. wow DM looks hella sexy in new stills. Ryan's v neck is too sexy as well. can we expect the "it" scene tonight?
  5. Hi..i haven't had an account yet on Daum but gonna make one soon after being informed by @Khinqian how to make it
  6. those BTS and fancams can tell whether she is happy or not during filming. didn't she say a few times just by seeing someone can make her so happy there's a part of PMY describes about KJW when they were having interview with Taiwan media PMY: First of all, I think Oppa is very handsome, so I'm very happy. He's someone who is visually in sync with the character Ryan Gold. He lifts my spirits when I'm feeling tired. He has a nice personality, good manners and is very considerate. He's a very good actor. My impression of him till now has been getting better and better.
  7. these links cafe.daum.net/herprivatelife https://form.office.naver.com/form/responseViewMobile.cmd?formkey=NDY0OWMxYTYtZWQ2OC00M2M4LThhOGMtMjBiM2FjODdkZWEw
  8. cafe.daum.net/herprivatelife https://form.office.naver.com/form/responseViewMobile.cmd?formkey=NDY0OWMxYTYtZWQ2OC00M2M4LThhOGMtMjBiM2FjODdkZWEw
  9. just want to make it clear about she wouldn't upload pic of her boyfriend on social media from her interview last year, she was referring to the lovestagram that arouse dating rumor with her previous costar. Shippers took her past feeds and his from 2015-2017, which were taken in the same countries and some feeds they wore couple accessories as evidences of secret relationship. that's why she said why would leave any traces on social media if they were indeed in kind of secret relationship. Seeing how much people love Labit couple it might be possible if she or both would upload the couple pic before or after final episode
  10. about the couple things it reminds me of Bogum and Hyeri who had lots couple or matching clothes etc which made people were so sure they had something going on but, it turns out with Jun yeol whom she was more comfy with offscreen. Each person has different personality, the same goes on how they behave with someone they are attracted to..not all people have the shy or awkward thing when they are with them. I am just so happy seeing the fact how comfortable and natural KJW and PMY together..being comfy that can make you be yourself with someone you have not known before is not easy..means either you both have good communications or your characters are well-matched with each other. Found this clip about KJW said many times he's really leaning on PMY during filming. On the other side, what PMY is leaning on from KJW is emotional supports
  11. was wondering about this too yesterday, especially the steamy kisses at workshop. See.. they haven't release any BTS today despite lots of fans are bombarding TVN instagram to release it. If they wouldn't share any BTS for this weeks episodes..it would be so suspicious knowing how generous TVN so far in releasing HPL BTS
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