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  1. I believed both were so tired due to tight filming schedule and they only wrapped it few hours before the party. I saw other videos nothing 'cold' there. Both have very good rapport during the filming and i also read in Taiwan portal news that KJW mentioned PMY recommended him about foods during the Tiffany and Co trip Let's look forward the event!
  2. Park Minyoung and Kim Jaeuck will attend the StarHub Night of Starts 2019 on 24 November in Singapore All HPL fans, PMY, KJW and Jaemin/Labbit fans in Singapore..it's your luck to meet them!
  3. What a beautiful picture Hope they will release it very soon. i noticed almost all KJW post drama interviews came from Japan media only lol. SOOP starts taking legal action regarding malicious comments attacking their actors. Just so thankful KJW is under the agency which concerns a lot about this issue. Gosh it's getting so irritating reading how much hatred some people have been giving on IG towards him. I hope he never ever read those hurtful comments and for God's sake people stop being so damn bitter. This man deserves much loves. Just enjoy and spreading what you love Management SOOP Shares Update On Legal Action Against Malicious Comments Sep 27, 2019 by D. S.kim Management SOOP has released an official statement regarding the status of their legal action against those who have written malicious and defamatory posts about its artists. The following is the full statement from Management SOOP: https://www.soompi.com/article/1355270wpp/management-soop-shares-update-on-legal-action-against-malicious-comments
  4. Kim Jae Wook interview with Japanese media "Haru Hana Vol.62" released August 2019 Highlight: Half of HPL was adlib
  5. Finally..it took forever for HPL interview lol. Here the ones from uri Geum Saja a.k.a Kim Jaewook from Mnet Japan. He's a genuine and deep thinker person so i really enjoy reading his interviews He talked a lot about HPL such as he was so happy during filming the drama, the set atmosphere was great, all praises for PMY is wow, they both trust each other so it led them for all adlibs. https://mnetjp.com/news/detail/20190807140701/ swipe for the translations. cr thekdramaholic another translation cr: IG jaeuckismylife
  6. If you know nothing about him better not making your own story. Sort of person like you can destroy someone life. Do KJW have to post a close-up of his freakin' left hand on SNS to prove his word? Gosh now i can feel how frustrated PMY that certain of her fans don't believe her words.
  7. and i do really hope LE be more careful in posting SNS. tbh I pity more KJW for being involved in such groundless rumor again (in the midst of his popularity is growing) caused by her related SNS again. His denial was clear and strong, but he had to go to this extend to stop any further speculation with LE.
  8. I don't know if you guys know about this.. before SOOP denies the rumor officially through media in the morning, the Big Boss of SOOP himself did deny the rumor at evening (around 8 pm). He wrote "It is not Kim Jae Wook" on shop IG then the shop deleted that man and Lee El pictures . He might know the rumour through daum cafe which was posted around 7-8 pm. What made it was getting bigger among ifans on IG, there is an account collaged those pics and tagged KJW and Lee EL IGs with provocative captions. HPL shippers and KJW fans of course would not make such posts like this so you know who made this posts (the following list can give the idea). on weibo there was also an article about this hands thing written by fan of the opposite ship to provoke among China fans. even until now some certain fans said KJW lied, with purpose to brainwash people about this rumor How wicked those people to put someone down just to feed up their delulu. KJW is a man of his word. if he says NO it means NO. He never been involved in such media play or drama to raise up his popularity. He could do this long time ago if he wanted so no need until 12 years to get lead male role. He said himself that he will admit about his love life if it is true since for him being in romantic relationship is not a sin.
  9. today is all about hand lol. Here is an appreciation post to KJW's beautiful hand It also shows the left hand with mole in pinkie finger is NOT him. not to mention that guy style is not so KJW (the shirt, pants and that white slippers). He loves black and so casual in dressing when he is not working. even without this rumor and confirmation from KJW and his agency, i was quite sure he and Lee El are only friends. However, through this all is clear now that he is not dating Lee El. The confirmation is so clear and strong. EDIT: I saw haters said KJW lies because other couples usually deny several times before admit it. I read KWJ post drama interviews from Voice (2017) and Guest (2018) about his thoughts on dating and marriage. He is the man who will admit and accept if he is indeed in a romantic relationship. So the fact he denied twice this rumor with Lee El meaning that he says the truth that he is not in relationship with her. period.
  10. there was no KJW appearance in video only sound of camera shuttering at the same place like his IG update
  11. KJW's stylist updated a short video of him was taking photoshoot last week at the same place his latest IG update. I think we will get HPL post drama interview within this week or later next week. As for PMY i read her pictorial shoot on Marie Claire July issue is about "PMY Private Life" so it would also feature about HPL.
  12. This picture of KJW on latest IG update was for photoshoot. His stylist shared a short video he was doing photoshoot at this place. Maybe we will get HPL post drama interview soon from him. KJW is a very private person so i believe if he has a partner, she should respect his way of life. Lee El looks very active with IG like she almost updates everyday and last year she shamelessly shared his picture while resting at backstage and apologized to him. By this fact i'm firmly sure they are mere friends. @jaeuckismylife I saw it but it looked not KJW. The man on picture had different figure with him. She might delete it because recently people wrote KJW name. A private person like him would be very careful with personal things like this which makes me think such dating picture wouldn't be shared to public in the first place by his girlfriend if the man on picture was him.
  13. Compilation of all their happy times while filming HPL. Gosh they are such a happy pill. I was smiling from ear to ear while watching this
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