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  1. Fortunately, she didn't. 1) How come LG was able to use the (whole) flute without infusing it with his blood? Did he cut himself on purpose off camera? 7) Will "good" Luna (the one working as a detective in the Kingdom of Corea) get cancer like "bad" Luna (the thief)? We'll never know... What was her sickness' purpose anyway? Did the author want to make her more desperate than her tough life had already made her?
  2. I love the fact that they chose to time travel, since they had that amazing chance, but I would have liked to see them together together, full time, without having to hide their relationship...
  3. I have the exact same doubts... Who would reign if Lee Gon died? Prince Buyeong, I guess, but his son is a traitor, so leaving the throne in that family's hands is quite a risky move... The female relative who died in the car accident would be alive, too, but she probably wouldn't be next in line (at least not for many years). Now that he has both pieces of the flute, can't Lee Gon travel to whatever year he wants (before the coup)? Maybe not, 'cause the flute is broken anyway... + So the two different pairs of black/grey sneakers worn by the savior(s) are just a mistake? Gon and Yeong are going in together, but they are wearing completely different outfits...
  4. A few thoughts on eps 14 and 15: 1) The editing is a bit sloppy, as if different scenes were put together in a hurry. The eps don't flow smoothly. 2) Eun Seop and Yeong's hug when they said goodbye was adorable! 3) Lee Gon and Lee Rim's final confrontation seemed quite anticlimactic to me... I was like "Well, that's it? They shoot him in the leg and capture him just like that?" 4) Hadn't Lee Rim eaten poisoned food? He even spat some blood... Time had stopped, so the antidote was useless: how was he walking around like that, fine and dandy? 5) Gon and Tae Eul's embrace when they finally met again was (again) the best part of the episode. Their acting is so on point!
  5. I just listened again to the dialogue between Tae Eul and the kid (god) in ep. 11: her exact words are "You're on this side" ("이쪽에"), not "here" or "in this world".
  6. I don't think LG will forsake his reign. He's too invested in his role as a king, he feels responsible for his people/genuinely care for them, and he has no one to pass the crown to (certainly not Prince Buyeong's son!). However, I can't see TE leaving her life behind either... How could she get used to the strict etiquette and rules, live under the constant pressure to fulfill her duties without being trained to deal with politics and nation-scale problems and consider herself as "His Majesty's child-bearer"? She's a homicide detective with a temper, a very straight-forward attitude and some serious badass-ness going on... She's not a submissive, well-mannered doll, nor she's a politician...
  7. That's how I commented that dialogue a few weeks ago... The fact that he's a very skilled fighter and fencer has been clear at least since he provoked the gangsters who had attacked TE and SJ in that alley and knocked them down them with his riding crop without breaking a sweat.
  8. In my opinion, it does make sense: maybe LG himself gave that order, 'cause he didn't want her future queen to be shot by mistake in the mayhem. No one could recognize her, except him: he and a few of his closest guards were the only ones who could spot her in a crowd. The fact that she was wearing bright-colored clothes amid dark-clothed people was just a coincidence, and he didn't know it, so he couldn't even give directions to his subordinates. There might have been other women amongst the traitors, and nobody could tell the hostage from the killers, except for him and a bunch of his personal guards.
  9. I have only one word for the last scene: E P I C. The queen was as badass as her king was. She kept her wits about herself and used whatever she could to defend herself: knives, guns, cars... When he turned into a ruthless killer to save her, slaying those terrorists one after the other without even flinching, she didn't look away from the bloodbath: she forced herself not to collapse, holding her ground and holding his gaze until she was safe in his arms. Freaking E - P - I - C. We need more female characters like her!
  10. Why is it SO HOT, today? Summer is coming...! *gets a hot flash* *fans herself desperately* *faints* #totalblackrules
  11. I just watched eps 9 and 10. My thoughts about them: 1) The PPL is really getting on my nerves 2) The two eps were particularly well acted by LMH and KGE 3) The final scene was heart-wrenching 4) The preview was... (and it wasn't the regular mix of scenes and dialogues) If you're curious about why I haven't watched the episodes as soon as they came out, I have a good reason for that: I spent the weekend as a guest of one of my boyfriend's clients, the owner of an incredible, enormous castle dating back to the 12th century, packed-full of treasures (18th century furniture, a collection of grand pianos, antique silverware, Venetian chandeliers, tapestries, paintings, etc) and surrounded by an huge private estate with a breathtaking view on Florence and the Tuscan hills. I felt like a queen for a couple of days... Dear Tae Eul, are you sure you don't want to live your fairytale to the fullest? Marrying a king comes with great perks, girl...
  12. Same here! I'm a sci-fi freak too! I've written and published a lot of it in my own language (Italian)... Healer is my all-time favorite drama!
  13. I totally agree with you. The second savior is probably LG, while the first one must be either JY or KSJ. 1) The first one had to know that he could hid behind that glass: either LG told him beforehand ( => Shin Jae), or he was already very familiar with the place ( => Jo Yeong). 2) The one who shot the glass to trigger the alarm knew about the security system of that room: it might be LG (quite probable: it's a clever trick, and it doesn't requite an accurate aim), Jo Yeong or Shin Jae (if instructed to do so by either LG or JY). 3) The one who missed a shot is probably LG (I can't imagine Jo Yeong or Shin Jae being less than perfect at taking aim, even with a moving target).