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  1. I just found the PERFECT song to make a fan mv of this drama, a song that didn't exist yet back in 2012, but I realized that I miss the files of a few episodes... Now I don't have the raw material to work with.
  2. Thanks for posting the link to your fanfics! I liked them very much. You and @Calligrapher proved very good at writing fanfics of this drama. I wish someone wrote something about the car chase and the reveal of Shin III's real nature to Sobong, maybe using Shin III's point of view... I'd like to give it a try, but English is not my native language.
  3. FULL OST released so far (including background tracks/instrumental tracks): Track List: CD 1 01. 사랑인걸까? – 빅스 02. LOVE – 린, 한해 Title 03. 너, 누구니? – 빨간머리앤 04. The Longing Dance – 임지은 05. Heart – 2BIC(투빅) 06. 말해줘요 – 김나영 07. For The First Time – 길구봉구 08. 눈을 맞추면 (Drama Ver.) – 용주 (YONGZOO), 예지 09. Milagro – 임지은 10. Why Do We – DMEANOR (디미너) 11. You Are My Love – 서강준 CD 2 01. R U Human – 개미 02. Conspiracy – 박정환 03. A.I – 박윤서 04. Signal – 박윤서 05. Impossible – 이성구 06. Bulgar Man – 박정환 07. I`m Human (CD Only) – 개미 08. Truth – 박미선 09. Peaceful – 이건영 10. Don`t Believe – 이건영 11. Carry On – 김세진 12. LoL – 허성진 13. For The First Time (Orchestra Ver.) – 개미 14. Break Down – 개미 15. Fighter – 박정환 16. I Know You – 박정환 17. Heart Break – 이성구 18. Close – 박윤서 19. R U Sure? – 이건영 20. A.I To Human – 이건영 21. Beyond – 개미
  4. @chatterbox22 @triplem @chunnie36 @moonlover399993 @Ayame @vettac @nooneor @lilyphenix @PororoQueen It took me A LOT of time to edit this video (my ULTIMATE FAN TRIBUTE TO THIS AWESOME DRAMA) and fix a little issue with the Eng subs, but here it is, finally! Click on CC to select the subtitles (Eng or Ita). TV series (kdrama): "Are You Human Too?" (eps. 01-17/18) - "너도 인간이니?" (1-17회) Music: Interstellar OST What if the Singularity is just around the corner?https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Technological_singularity
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