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  1. I just found the PERFECT song to make a fan mv of this drama, a song that didn't exist yet back in 2012, but I realized that I miss the files of a few episodes... Now I don't have the raw material to work with.
  2. Thanks for posting the link to your fanfics! I liked them very much. You and @Calligrapher proved very good at writing fanfics of this drama. I wish someone wrote something about the car chase and the reveal of Shin III's real nature to Sobong, maybe using Shin III's point of view... I'd like to give it a try, but English is not my native language.
  3. FULL OST released so far (including background tracks/instrumental tracks): Track List: CD 1 01. 사랑인걸까? – 빅스 02. LOVE – 린, 한해 Title 03. 너, 누구니? – 빨간머리앤 04. The Longing Dance – 임지은 05. Heart – 2BIC(투빅) 06. 말해줘요 – 김나영 07. For The First Time – 길구봉구 08. 눈을 맞추면 (Drama Ver.) – 용주 (YONGZOO), 예지 09. Milagro – 임지은 10. Why Do We – DMEANOR (디미너) 11. You Are My Love – 서강준 CD 2 01. R U Human – 개미 02. Conspiracy – 박정환 03. A.I – 박윤서 04. Signal – 박윤서 05. Impossible – 이성구 06. Bulgar Man – 박정환 07. I`m Human (CD Only) – 개미 08. Truth – 박미선 09. Peaceful – 이건영 10. Don`t Believe – 이건영 11. Carry On – 김세진 12. LoL – 허성진 13. For The First Time (Orchestra Ver.) – 개미 14. Break Down – 개미 15. Fighter – 박정환 16. I Know You – 박정환 17. Heart Break – 이성구 18. Close – 박윤서 19. R U Sure? – 이건영 20. A.I To Human – 이건영 21. Beyond – 개미
  4. @chatterbox22 @triplem @chunnie36 @moonlover399993 @Ayame @vettac @nooneor @lilyphenix @PororoQueen It took me A LOT of time to edit this video (my ULTIMATE FAN TRIBUTE TO THIS AWESOME DRAMA) and fix a little issue with the Eng subs, but here it is, finally! Click on CC to select the subtitles (Eng or Ita). TV series (kdrama): "Are You Human Too?" (eps. 01-17/18) - "너도 인간이니?" (1-17회) Music: Interstellar OST What if the Singularity is just around the corner?https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Technological_singularity
  5. I'm watched this drama only now, and I must say that the uncle's death was pretty lame and nonsensical... I really hope there will be a twist in the next eps, otherwise it will be a major letdown for me.
  6. Any news about the instrumental tracks? Another fanfic by the Soompier who also wrote the (awesome!) "Undercurrents": https://www.wattpad.com/614939608-fanfic-are-you-human-too-compatible-one
  7. When you are the assistant of both a human and an AI, and they both drive you crazy... LOL
  8. I'm making my ultimate tribute to this drama, but it will take a few days more. Please keep an eye on my Vimeo channel or check back in here!
  9. The fan mv I'm currently editing is based more or less on the same concept as this one: Updated fan mvs playlist (my AYHT's favorite fan mvs): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-MGEBkgF_t0-4iSQtNFxcDs9NBW09cOx
  10. Just finished watching the finale! I'll be back soon to share my thoughts, chingudeul! (And I'm editing another music video...)
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