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  1. I’m going to have to interject and disagree with some fans with the comparison between PA and Fuyao (that it was copied). I think there are similarlties in regards to the bath scenes(ie that it was in a bath ) but VERY different in their intentions/style/execution. In PA, they had the intention to kill so it had more of a serious tone/style in natural. Fun to watch, and it had sexual overtones but more survival of the fittest mentality. In Fuyao, it was a teasingly almost playfull sexual intention so no I don’t believe it was ‘copied’ in this regard. Fun to watch too.. I always consider the
  2. @ck1Oz @Liting1 I pay 3 streaming platforms DF, Viki, and Netflix. And I also prefer DF to tell you the truth especially when it comes to historical dramas (Legend of Fuyao). I also tend to repeat episodes (and scenes) that I enjoyed watching so ff button is my friend
  3. Hi, you have to go back to the early pages around p17..it’s all raw tho... FYI : if you are a VIP member of a Chinese streaming site you get to watch 4 episodes ahead of the normal tv broadcast, DF, and Viki.
  4. @Liting1 Ever watched The Flame’s Daughter? Kind of sort of like that....
  5. @Liting1 In the tv show so far it’s just hinted....some flashbacks of him bowing to an old white guy, and he has to kill her. And also it’s explained in the beginning that a girl will destroy the 5 kingdoms.... So yes it’s explained more in depth in the novel about the heavenly position.
  6. @Wotad I was going to compare the tv shows.... Tried reading PA, but then started reading Ten Miles Of Peach Blossoms and stayed with that one instead. On topic: Ethan’s abs That boy got skills.. And can someone please tell me the name of the actress of the Supreme Princess? Has she recently played other roles in other shows? I really like her...
  7. I dare you to read the book! I was about to compare it to Princess Agent, but I won’t.
  8. Ahem, as some folks are annoyed at the comparisons of the book to the tv show I will now put my comments in spoiler tags. In my opinion..... @poptartz @Wotad
  9. Finished watching up to episode 22..The exiled Supreme Princess is interesting to watch. The actress who is portraying her is excellent. But who is she again? Lol She has something to do with Wuji and Wuji’s father right? I really like Yang Mi as an actress and I adored her in TMOPB, but she’s a tad too serious in this role. I don’t know if it’s the writer’s fault, but I feel something is off. Don’t get me wrong the main actors are playing their parts well. But Ethan/Wuji is doing a more comical relief role alongside Yang Mi/Fuyao more serious tone to which is kind of bothering
  10. @ck1Oz Usually all are concubines in the beginning and once they gain favor with the king they become consorts (slowly gaining a level so to speak). The main way to gain a level is to beget a heir and the heir apparent hence the reason for their wish to enter the king’s bedchamber. In this story King Wuji basically did everything straight away and fast...I think now the ultimate level is to become the Queen. And basically the boss of the harem. @40somethingahjumma A complete drama? As in is it worth it or has it been completed? Worth it? Yes, cause there’s Ethan At
  11. I’ll answer the first question cause that’s basically sort of not a spoiler. That’s basically from the novel. In the novel Fuyao travels back in time. So that plot or story line is NOT in the tv series. Viki and DF have basically the same schedule Mon -Thurs. DF barely is first with their subtitles, but you can watch it raw at Viki while you wait for their subtitles. The rest of your questions are spoilerish so it’s up to you if you want to delve further or not. Wikipedia kind of did a spoiler on the tv show. Some folks get to see 4 or 5 (or is it 8?) episodes a week AHEAD of the b
  12. @Wotad I also agree somewhat about your analysis that it’s the Legend of Wuji. I really like the actors, but it seems to me that the writers of the tv show didn’t concentrate or didn’t transfer the whole personality of Fuyao from the novel. She’s super funny, extremely bright, and kick - in the novel. They could have transferred a lot more of her personality which is kind of a shame. She’s supposed to be the companion or a partner for Wuji....I also wish that she had her harem...And a little bit of jealousy from Wuji never hurts.
  13. @kuuto I think Wikipedia also put on the web page for this show that if you are a VIP member of a certain Chinese streaming site you get to watch 4 episodes ahead of the rest. I actually considered registering, and paying, but I pretty much held off. Because the fact that I can’t read Mandarin is the main reason why @poptartz Thank you for your summary of the novel, and analysis of the show. Keep them coming please especially the theories... @Don Yu Wasn’t it? Can’t wait for tomorrow for the next two! Monday to Thurs at around 4 pm I always check for the newest episo
  14. @Don Yu If you watch Behind the Scenes Of dramas you’ll notice, or hear, that they are also drilling or sawing as if they are designing/creating the sets at the same time. So they have to edit lots of sounds, hence also the dubbing. Actually the only time that I find dubbing of a certain series to be almost unwatchable, in my opinion, is when they dub it to English especially anime..
  15. Hi! You don’t really need to read the novel to follow the tv series. They have changed it a lot. I actually prefer the novel to the tv series to tell you the truth. But I’m still watching cause it’s still a heck of a great, & fun tv show. Hmm. I also don’t mind the cgi and the fighting scenes. I adore it when the heroine fights and is kick — to boot so win, win! @Don Yu Nope, not her real voice. They dub almost everyone, in every Chinese tv series that I have so far seen.
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