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  1. Yeah! Finally made it to the end of 581! Phew Because real life intervened (I have a 4 yr old son) for me the roller coaster/table tennis/ whatcha me callet has been going on only for one day. But it feels like it it’s been going on for eons. My two cents: @anjpoole I agree with Anjooole. Shipping is supposed to be F U N! Fact or fiction. Real and reel. And @effyisme I’m pretty much a neutral lurker shipper to be honest. I am not a hardcore fan of one or the other. What brought me to this thread is that I saw amazing chemistry period. I saw amazing chemicals in SBS BTS too. When LMH was “on top” of KGE was the icing on the otherwise getting larger cake I think I put on the main thread a while back that I would be “elasticity ecstatic” if they date in rl. I still think this. Will I be down the dumps if they don’t? Well no, not really. I’ll be a little bit disappointed, but I’ll STILL be part of the ship. I’ll be a shipper of them till the ship heads to another dimension. Preferably with them wearing leaves...
  2. Marriage Not Dating That drama I enjoyed watching too. I really enjoy strong female characters, and the actress who played the main role was awesome. Go Back Couple - I also cried buckets especially when she remembered her child. Addition some examples... 1. Fight My Way 2. She Was Pretty 3. Chinese drama Love 020 (the actor huba huba)
  3. While watching episode 16: “squealing” x infinity. Plot? Who cares! Give me more of this “wholesome” couple. LG take a lot of stamina pouches too aside from that leaf. PPL approved! I got to say LMH and KGE have become my fav couple, and actors of 2020. KES.
  4. Maybe a “ family” that he never had. A movie or a sequel novel. I would prefer with the OTP, but I’m down with just getting a sequel. I want KES to continue this story because it has tons of potential, and a lot of possibilities in creating at least a trilogy. Similar to Lord of the Rings, etc.
  5. Yeah. Well I think KES needs to write a sequel or a novel cause there are some loose ends to finish, and I don’t think ep 16 will be about this. Well I hope not cause I want the couple to have a satisfied ending. And if she does give a satisfied ending I promise to search for the PPL, and buy them. Small sacrifices
  6. im still back tracking, but honestly I thought this too. Also in the first episode LR was looking at the photograph of her and her son. It looked suspicious. And the fact that they had dinner together. Was starting to think that the main reason he wanted the flute was to go back and cure the Queen. But then that concept went out the window when he killed himself.
  7. You and me both. Im still holding out that he will be weapon or be a Knife so LG can cut his chicken. GIVE ME ANYTHING! I’m a loser. But I can be looser if we can get more beheading scenes.
  8. KOC hands down. A New Year’s walk with Prince Charming in the moonlight? Yep, yep. Sorry hubby.. However, I would have to give up BBQ chicken.....Noooooooooooooooo! Maybe LG can steal the recipe from BBQ chicken and create his own company over at KOC. That’s the ticket! Savior - I think it’s LG and SJ followed by LG and Luna or JTE. And followed by it’s all 2 LG’s.
  9. That’s actually quite an interesting concept\ idea. Are we innately good from birth? Do our experiences create our personalities? Or are we are born with our innate personalities? JTE influenced LG, no question in my mind (in this timeline) growing up. How much he was influenced by her we will see. I actually think there will be a happy ending conclusion....
  10. How I miss Drama Fever. I’ll just need a moment. Ah youth... Ok back to scrolling down and back tracking...My usual habit of the day... @SweetButters Thanks for your mathematical analysis.
  11. He has a lot of money because he is able to manipulate people to his own benefit. He also has the “stolen” Diplomatic Immunity Passport 1/2 flute, and can move freely between both worlds. He also mentioned that he has baited thousands to the PM Koo. And he has switched a lot of important people in both worlds. But he is petty. He doesn’t like people stealing from him. The nerve!
  12. Moi Aussi..I’m annoyed too, but will forgive his faux pas if he bares something. Anything.. I adore ES tho..Comedy gold.
  13. 1. JY the Nagger until you show me again your abs I’ll forgive you. Seriously, what made me go ! was when he discussed the possible future with SJ ie bro/friend zoned to possible boy friend material with JTE. I didn’t mind too much his nagging with the OTP it was his discussion with SJ...Turn off.. JY seemed to cleanly forget that SJ isn’t from ROK either. Oh the irony.. 3. I think she couldn’t communicate with LG because she didn’t have her phone, and well busy....But then again she would have known his # by heart right? Hopefully, it’ll be explained in the following episode.
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