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[Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner


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49 minutes ago, Chickpea said:


At present, we now have a situation where the actual history has been changed because Yoo is now king after Moo and before So. This attempt to keep to the history has actually resulted in a situation where the writer has given us an alternative history where someone who never was King becomes King.



I'm sorry, but Yo was indeed the third King after Moo (2nd) and before So (4th) so the history did not change. What do you mean he never was King? If Wook becomes King then the history changed.

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@meahri_1 Thank you for doing the roll call! 

My stream is ready, lots of pizza and exo chicken adverts, maybe Ill go grab myself some snacks :D 
Eclipse's, hope we all enjoy today's episode. :) AH it started with last night's ending.  Of course, WS picks HS, he goes on his knees and declares WY the king? 
Flash back of CP, WS and JM... im thinking it's after the WS was used as a target incident (not sure though, they all look so cute!) 

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2 minutes ago, MadraRua said:

Eclipses 'Hwaiting' \^o^/ (Let me know if I've missed your name and I'll add you to the roll call)

@sooji28 @PrincessMe2515@MoOnLoVeRz  @deabakdrama @wackeemarie @innrukia @junee22@Sarang21@hitomebore08 @dears @tanaqvi @Tata Lata @thenagain @ktcjdrama @feignedreality @FarHanah MiSeu @kilovekyo @Mona Ys @Yongzura  @moonlover399993 @nchoerunnisa @mamamya88 @kiotzo @YeongYi @ilovekorearocks @sutcliff @Joongier @pigsflyy @13701693478 @jerboa83 @hobeverly1212 @yuhotarubi @angelangie @SizzlerZ @chickenchopflipflop @momono7 @fairyalice @rtl @AuroraSky @MyMindIsASnowflake @sarasona @staygold@kriswu @lilac_alex @zi4r @iridescentmoth @AyaA @Ainee Etp  @dramu51ch0c10ve @Lady_Lara @deabakdrama @berny  @dfun @MiharuD @kyar7jizhenll @nearsea @lxands @redfrommars @kriswu @12blbl@MrKobegiant @jetsu @hiluna @churasan @arabela @novemberschopin @Isache @luvkstyle @princess16 @clarissasan @Hapiangle @faeriealice @andy78@Putri Dewi @Chaeul @cosmogirl77 @onemella @Adnana @irilight @Gabi Bros @xiaozhu @ossy91 @chi13lou @pwnkl @itzibitzispider @millie10468 @lostmymusic @TeBe @atsu-chan @valsava @Glamour90 @dash9 @heartforkdrama @Rosemary83 @LoveSG @carmens @tessieroo @minmar @Tang Soon @jetsu @skxz @whyo @MadraRua @sriskaddict @chrissylee @Niki Azia @peny  @kawaiibooty @ilia @Carmarie @juenmyrue @kdramakrazy @ain83 @dhia205 @lisethvr @evok @MAROSA_JIN @mynameiswat@valentvcd @xoxobleach @redlion@Niki Azia @Le_Amarant @mabelialong @aprilslily @cedarwood @patoi @meahri_1  @fathiayunia @outofspace @Yippeuni @sunl0ver @KdramaSwimmer @solelylurking @Lady_Lara @uuugogirl @Akiddo @40somethingahjumma @shiraru @littleloony @rei_smasher11 @louisawatson @soph_t  @arabela @xiao_baiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii @MrKobegiant @Table122000 @pwnkl @redfrommars @lisethvr @chdom @lolalarue @flower4junsu @winterbubbletea @IAmSoulReader @USAFarmgirl @solelylurking @ruizaio @luci13 @Diana Blanche @hazzle @icesnowman @Mau_Cherry @Yeekrfan2 @luna07shiro @atsu-chan @rumasa79 @ilia @sharreb @sunshinefate @thunderman1 @Gitakawaii @ruzikie  @violet90 @UnniSarah @simplyme_crazyme @Bambiina @shairli @akinahana89 @jlover1001 @luci13 @briseis @kuanphing @zagigirl @trizha @LyraYoo @bebebisous33 @snowglobe147 @Tinkiebell @lovedrama11 @ahriev @liddi @blue003 @cmluv @rumasa79 @edensor @here4da0ppas @hanatanada @lily_white @shiqin3381 @Lyna @vangsweetie637 @glacial @fengari @honeyapricot @inner @ElleSor @winwin12 @lavendre @sebnem @esma-div @Chickpea @DJG @aniliaz @brielover @ChyuuNyuu @carmens @dwookie @junejungki@special_bee @smitten1710 @cmoirae2 @penelop3 @riuenu @onemella @mewtwo @freckledbelle @car148 @RoxanaR @Lmangla @Rosemary83 @potatohead @frostfire @Umi_ni_Sora @chelseab @Hanazumi @wordsmyth0253 @bingewatcherinsomniac @mitheone @bim2 @Sue Lee @snowy21 @qwenli @Angiiee @kaoriharang @ailee2 @kuchie09 @Evangeline Yang @destinywitch 


Thanks in advance to all the re-cappers, commentators and image posters 

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Yaaaay... @MadraRua!! :D

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  • Guest changed the title to [Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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