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  1. I think he was already intrigue by her in their first meeting. Then probably unintentionally he like her after he stalked her for 2 months lol
  2. You completely right. But actually i’m surprise, the man still survived after he fall off from a fast moving train. Was Miki also like YJ, Korean adopted by Japanese? It looks like in the preview, Miki was abused by his adopted father.
  3. Sorry to cut your post. Yeah this part also made me lol or probably thats Fukuda trying to woo YJ lol
  4. Yeah i’m also surprise, but i think Hiroshi really care his daughter not just using her. Probably in the future ep, YJ had to face againts her father. I’m kind of confuse, what is YJ’s mission? What was Kim Koo and KWB position in facing againts Japan? I read both historical figures were safe until the country liberated. So i’m affraid YJ wouldn’t get until the end. Her character is a fiction right?
  5. I don’t know why but i like the scenes when YJ and KWB together . It’s quite hilarious seeing KWB tried to avoid YJ when she fixed his wound lol
  6. I like RG didn’t lose patience and also didn’t give up to see DM, i mean after what EG said to him. I don’t blame EG though, i kind of pity him.
  7. Do you think YJ will make use of or try to get close to Fukuda on purpose of her spy duty?
  8. I don’t understand why she tried to prevent Esther killing her target. Perhaps she wanted to save Esther, but Esther could still be alive if she didn’t interfere
  9. Yeah you’re right, also the last blackmailling text to the chief of police didn’t like CEO Cho ‘s personality by telling the chief of police to let go of Sunday’s member. He’s more to care about himself lol. Could be HSJ pretend to be CEO Cho texting the chief of police. So the mysterious board director behind Sunday whom CEO cho scared of was Nara’s CEO? I’m little bit confuse. I don’t remember there were any conversation about JSH got raped in the drama. I thought the male journalists were jealous of her success and slandered her name by telling people that she get breakthrough by seducing people. Anyway overall i like this drama, quite thrilling, i like the female lead, she is so cool. I also like the chemistry of both lead. Ow last but not least, the driver is awesome lol. I’m curious of the story how JSH met the driver.
  10. Why HSJ didn’t confront JSH regarding her press conference with the actreess i forget her name?
  11. I think TJ is clueless regarding his arrogant father and manipulated aunt (MR’s bio mum). I don’t think he was mature enough to protect MR atm.
  12. Yeah, i usually watch that kind of shooting in the war movie. I mean the police look like a SWAT team lol.
  13. I’ve just watched the clip, do they need to make all the police fired their gun to him just to make him dead, lol, well i need to watch it full, prob the scene is less cringe-worthy.
  14. Okay now they exchanged the position, now HSJ became the CEO and owned the photo instead CHJ and JSH. I’m little bit confuse with JSH’s intention on bringing down sunday.
  15. So why suddenly RG went to DM for apologize? Was it because he saw DM’s gift for visiting his house?
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