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  1. Ending was worse than I thought it would be. So Yong turned out be a hypocrite. She's just like Hwa Jin. Now, she's pretending to be So Bong and taking all the credits. Cheol Jong is same as Byeong In. At least Byeong In has an excuse of not getting to meet the queen often, but Cheol Jong has no such excuse. Cheol Jong just loved the shell. Is that what the extra episodes for? Cheol Jong already fell in love with So Yong's physical body before he met So Bong! Love at first sight, my a s s. What kind of message is this? Jang Bong Hwan tried so hard to su
  2. EP 15 Every single time when the writer ruins a character, the writer uses that awful cheap flashbacks! This is ridiculous. It looks like writer is going to replace Kim Jwa Geun with Kim Byeong In. Then why did writer made young Kim Byeong In save young Cheol Jong? And I can easily notice how So Bong never clearly explain anything to Byeong In (they barely talk to each other), and Byeong In doesn't visit So Bong much despite him being second lead. This leads to both Byeong In and So Bong having misinformation and misunderstanding. That's how writer could continue to mak
  3. Yes, that's a good point. Rewarding So Yong for killing herself is not a good storytelling. I liked when Bong Hwan was talking to himself at the lake, "So Yong, since you gave up midway, and i continue with this life, I will survive and live on." I like that life advice better. So Yong and Bong Hwan both faced their death, but unlike So Yong, Bong Hwan disparately wanted to live. Therefore, Bong Hwan got another chance, and he lived on to have loving relationship with Cheol Jong that So Yong wished she had. It's not like Bong Hwan had easy life, he also faced multiple dangers,
  4. Oh, the original all have sad endings. It would be awesome if kdrama makes satisficing ending, but if not, I want at least bittersweet alternate endings. 1) Like you said, Bong Hwan gives up his original timeline, but he's happy with Cheol Jong. 2) Or Cheol Jong successfully gains back his power as king, but Bong Hwan doesn't want to give up his original timeline, so despite them loving each other, Bong Hwan decides to go back, and Cheol Jong lets him go. Bong Hwan goes to museum to see better changed history, and meet modern Cheol Jong. 3) Or Bong Hwan decides to g
  5. I know, right? It's so frustrating. They don't care about two male Main Leads' happiness at all. Using Bong Hwan as a tool to achieve So Yong's happiness, then Cheol Jong should be just happy to be with So Yong who he hardly knows at all?! We never once saw conscious So Yong taking over the body. The only time we actually see So Yong's soul is when drama literally shows So Yong's soul drowning until she disappeared into the bottom of the lake. Oh my god, I hate dream ending so much! What's the purpose of drama if it's all freaking dream?! Lovers in Paris
  6. Yeah, I know Jo Hwa Jin is far gone. That's why I only said i hope for writer to not further ruin Kim Byeong In and Prince Yeong Phyeong like the writer did with Jo Hwa Jin. Jo Hwa Jin chose to ruin So Bong instead of helping Cheol Jong with crime book. Kim Byeong In didn't choose that path yet. So far, he still choose So Bong over Cheol Jong, so I still have hope for him. Writer uses so cheap way to ruin the characters. Instead of writing believable negative character development, the writer goes "Here are flashbacks that show that Jo Hwa Jin and Kim Byeong In wer
  7. I'm worried because it seems the writer is not really good with "Romantic Second Leads." I feel like the only way the writer knows how to make Main Lead the better option is to make Second Lead awful. When So Bong and Cheol Jong start to have relationship development, Jo Hwa Jin characterization went downhill. She was first portrayed to be controlled, thoughtful, and kind but not soft woman. She might have faults, but I was hoping her to become an ally and have happy poly relationship together since both So Bong and Cheol Jong liked her. It was unnecessary to make he
  8. When I saw EP14, I felt the opposite. We get a scene where Prince Yeong Phyeong feels something off about queen having the crime book. The expression is of something wrong. It's like he's having a thought that someone purposely put a trap for the queen. Even though drama didn't show the flashback, i'm hoping he was remembering Jo Hwa Jin trying to give him a book, but didn't in the end. Prince Yeong Phyeong is a strict moral code guy who possibly could be more passionate about king gaining back his power for the nation than king Cheol Jong himself. He probably will be disappointed
  9. Yeah, i would be sad if Bong Hwan returns to his original body. I'm not that fond of So Yong because I hardly know her, but I am fond of Bong Hwan, the protagonist. Just imagining So Yong taking all the credits and rewards at the end makes my blood boil. It's not like Bong Hwan took over the body while So Yong was alive. She gave up, and Bong Hwan took over the body she left behind. Also, the drama made sure to point out that So Bong (Bong Hwan) is no longer heterosexual, and shows hints of him quickly accepting being bisexual. I don't read Korean commen
  10. EP 14 Huh, when drama showed blind lady writing, it began with "queen," but when they showed the whole sentence, it began with "danger." I think the words even got messier when it was shown in full sentence. I'm glad So Bong did see Cheol Jong during the act, even if s/he dismissed it. So Bong even pointed out later that s/he would have still liked it even if s/he knew it was Cheol Jong. Also, in preview, So Bong seems to quickly accept it and want to sleep with Cheol Jong again. I believe the queen's body is only possessed by Jang Bong Hwan's soul, but the
  11. @shiqin3381 According to the preview text, king and queen did it, so kdrama followed chinese plot, but at least two do have feelings for each other while chinese didn't at the time. Little bit better, but not much. Oh well.
  12. Yeah, I think it's too hard to translate. I have no idea what the words are. It's definitely different from what we saw blind nurse lady was writing "the queen in danger," so it could be details of danger? I think this one was purposely written more confusingly because it's spoilers. or it could be old korean words that i'm not familiar with. Maybe the old fashioned way they speak what time it is or maybe the palace name?
  13. EP 13 I thought we need more ally, not enemy? I hope Kim Jwa Geun's plan to kill So Bong backfire on him, so Kim Byeong In will join as ally for So Bong's sake. Kim Jwa Geun wants to kill the queen because he knows it will destroy both king and Kim Byeong In's will. Then Kim Byeong In won't work for grand queen dowager without So Bong. However, if Kim Byeong In finds out that both Kim Jwa Geun and grand queen dowager attempted to kill So Bong, then he would no longer trust them, which means he will work alone at the least. I just don't want either Kim Byeong In or Princ
  14. Jo Hwa Jin's part is ridiculous at this point. Come on, even if she shoot the queen by accident, she should have lost her position as concubine and leave the palace as a felon. Food looked so delicious, especially the dessert! I like how drama put cooking part as plot device, so it's not out of nowhere. That explosion was out of nowhere. I wonder who did it? Kim Jwa Guen or queen dowager Jo? I have noticed that Kim Jwa Geun never order dirty work to Kim Byeong In. It could be because he's the heir, but Kim Jwa Geun doesn't even mention his dirty plan to Kim
  15. I'm ok with politics. Romance dramas always have something going on to make the romance interesting. Palace politics itself are plot to thicken the romance. The whole emotional tensions, conflicts, and misunderstandings that we enjoy seeing from this romance drama came from this palace politics. Kind of like Romeo and Juliet. That's romance, but we have this rivalry family thing to make the romance more interesting. Anyway, I understand Byeong In being angry at Cheol Jong. He tried to kill So Bong after all. And So Bong told Byeong In that s/he didn't say anything because it might
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