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  1. I think it is safe to assume that 1n2d as we know it now has a miniscule chance of coming back. And even if it does I don't think the current members will be part of the cast. Another thing that sucks is that KBS is the first to break this news, even making it the banner headline for their 9 o'clock news, when as far as the general public is concerned this is no big deal. Again I hope that this is as far as the members are involved, I guess we will see in the following days/weeks.
  2. Yup, he appeared in several other varieties such as LOTJ (thrice), Salty Tour, Mr. Baek's Home Cooking, One Night Food Trip to name a few. Based on knetz comments they aren't taking this as a big deal (yet). The members often mention that CTH and KJH are avid golfers while playing Bokbulbok games on 1n2d which in itself is a form of wager with dinner, sleep indoors/outdoors as prize. I hope this is all the 1n2d members talked about 'cause if not then... *I don't even want to think about it
  3. OT: I'm to shy to start a new topic so forgive me if I hijack CF thread like this but for all Na PD fans out there Korean Hostel in Spain eng subbed Ep.1 is out on VIU.
  4. @katakwasabi true, granted that KBS/1n2d is also at fault for welcoming him back so easily to the show when the initial scandal happened but I guess since the police force cleared him and he possibly acted differently in front of them, they never doubted him. It's really sad that other people such as the shows production staff are already paying for the consequence of JJY's crime with their jobs jeopardized like this while he himself is still just being investigated
  5. At the back of my mind I expected this to happen specially with the scale of the scandal. I don't really comment here much but I've been a 1n2d S3 fan since the beginning and to say that I am angry or frustrated that this is happening to a much beloved show would be an understatement. As a fan I wish they can comeback from this, but the word indefinite makes it seem like this is the beginning of the end for the show. What makes it worse is that the show is actually still rating and has so much to explore, specially with the new intern/PD but because of one person's "crime" and "duplicity" everyone has to suffer the consequences. I truly hope the members, most specially the staff who has tirelessly worked through a decade of 1n2d can overcome this and come back stronger and better.
  6. a bit OT but JJY is trending atm relating to Seungri's case. I feel bad for the other 1n2d cast & staff more than anything.
  7. And so subs are out and uhm..I didn't mishear the word twin. This final episode reminded me of my initial post here stating that psychos are out there even or perhaps more so in the government. Imagine having a hopeful politician like WooHyun in your country thinking 'why be content with controlling and making one person suffer at a time, when you can do that to an entire community or even a whole nation?' It's a scary thought, but what's scarier is that it really is happening.
  8. I know right, DK's expression at the end confused me. I thought I heard the word twin but I have really bad hearing so...but yeah, I'm really glad him and his family, along with the small unit of good guys in the series survived.
  9. I watched the raw episode well, some of it. The evil persons stayed evil till the end, while the handful of good guys banded together to save the day. It's almost weird to say this but it's a generally happy ending with a slight sinister hint? *I'm not sure, but that's how it felt to me.
  10. I was so excited to log in and check for spoilers only to read that the finale is tonight. I/we will finally find out who's really trapped in whose trap. Yay!
  11. I gave in and watch eps. 5-6. Haha. But before I go on and on about the episodes, let me just say that I like Lee Seo Jin but uhm...maybe I've seen him in all his Seojinnie variety glory way too much but I find his acting a bit lacking. Like I can see Lee Seo Jin "acting" as Woo Hyun, you can feel him playing the character as opposed to embodying it. Just my opinion though, please don't hunt me down. So on to the episodes: 1. why does young masters' Japanese sound Korean? I actually thought he was speaking pure Korean lines all this time. 2. does any of you think Ms.Jo(?) eats the hunted humans? the way she asked about the 'meat' sort of gave that vibe. 3. is WooHyun really evil or are we being reverse Keyser Söze-d here? The scenario Dong Kook presented is possible but I just feel like something is weird about it. If we go with the presented scenario, 1st he strangles his wife because of infidelity/jealousy(?), his son witnesses this so he decides to kill him too, then he brings the dead body and a living witness to the cafe in the mountains that is of significance to him and his very dead wife, which by the way also happens to be the current hunting ground of the rich psychos so he then stages his planned 'hunted' scenario to earn the sympathy of a nation in order to run for public office. I mean I buy it but at the same time, I don't. Haha....I know my rambling did not make sense at all. I mean I'd be too lazy to do everything that WooHyun did just to enter politics but that's just me and thankfully I think that means I'm not a psycho. Phew!
  12. Oooohhh... that↑ is . Can't say I'm surprised because everyone in this series seems to have no soul whatsoever but d.a.m.n. Thanks btw, and yes I'm that type of weirdo who actually likes spoilers.
  13. Ooh...now I'm intrigued as to why a lot of people are saying WooHyun is evil. Can someone give me a spoiler, please? Anyway, I'll wait until the series is finish so I can watch eps. 5-7 in one sitting. And while I don't expect Trap to have a 'good will prevail and justice will be serve' ending I do hope they don't kill Dong-kook, that's not too much to ask right?!
  14. I'm officially #TRAPped. The hunting/killing premise reminded of the movie Hostel, and "Open Season" episode of Criminal Minds S2. And once again I realize that our world is ruled by money and money = power. The series itself may be fiction but the corruption and human depravity shown definitely is not, and psychos who seem like they're normal are out there, heck, some are even in the government.
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