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  1. A good MV, mostly because it has all the CYh- KSy scenes Also can anyone tell me, what sort of consequence there can be in real life if a person with CIPA or some such congenital condition does practice in the medical field? I mean what penalty will he/she face, if any? any rules of medical boards in this regard?
  2. I agree. Lee Kyu-hyung (Prosecutor) is under used in the drama. Even if I am fretting over the trap that he and the nurse are springing onto poor Yohan, I am also looking forward to the one-on-one scene that he will have with Yohan. I think its going to be intense.
  3. Let me also gush a little about Kang Shi young. Lee Se young as Kang Shi young is such a fantastic portrayal, it makes me very happy.....more so because Ji sung deserves a female lead who can match his onscreen presence. Here is a girl who is academically brilliant, soft of heart and who had everything going for her. And then life throws her a curved ball. She is crushed and for a while lost in grief and guilt but what I like about her is that she is teachable and extremely sensible. Shi young may be going to pieces but she is never a burden to anyone on one hand, and on the other is not afraid to take help when someone is willing to give it to her. Often times one can become so negative after an incident such as hers, (and without familial support) that it is incredible to see how willing she was to change her perspective after the prison episode. No doubt Yohan had a tremendous impact on her. He essentially provided the healing that she required after her trauma with her dad's accident. Now, it would also have made sense for to blindly believe in Yohan given the impact he had on her, but Shi young amazed me with her good sense when she questioned his motives during the fighter case. That incident won over both me and Yohan ( ) So here is a budding doctor and woman who in time should make a level headed and great professional in her field. Ina addition she would be the kind of doctor we want on our case----one who is sincere, understanding and capable.
  4. Eagerly waiting for today's ep....but before the angst begins let me just appreciate Yohan a bit. Yohan is turning out to be such a great character . He may be genius level in his own right but we get to see how much he values team work. For all the cases till now, he has brought the team together and solved them alongside the team. That's one of the traits of a good teacher and leader, when they can get everyone involved for a common goal. Also another great thing about Yohan is that he actively encourages and appreciates his students whenever they do a good job- like when he praised Shiyoung in the elevator (the hair ruffling was his affection as a bonus ) and also Mirae after the Nipah virus incident (he didn't hold it against her for the previous rudeness ). I love that he is so fair in his capacity as a doctor and teacher towards those he works with. I will also say that Yohan is very empathetic, more so because of his own condition, regardless of how he has convinced himself that he can't understand his patients' pain or suffering. Essentially he is a giver and I would guess that that is his motivation and purpose in life. People without a condition like his may think about how to advance in their careers, find love, build a family etc. but Yohan is pragmatic enough to know that all these are a no- go for him. So how does he live a life that is meaningful? he devotes himself to his patients, utilizing his skills to the utmost. And that is admirable. To not give in to hopelessness but make the most of his precarious life. You can see that in his enthusiasm when entering the pain center for the first time, then eating in the cafeteria with all other staff and lastly when he asked Shi young to keep his CIPA a secret, otherwise he wouldn't be able to practice as a doctor. So that's why instead of being predictable and saddling Yohan with something terminal (which would also be very cruel to Shi young as well), I hope writetnim and PDnim would take that 0.00001% chance and give us an ending where Yohan continues to do what he does best---treating patients, only this time with Shi young by his side. That would be a fitting ending to his character IMO. (I mean Yohan just has to hang in there for some more weeks until the last ep right )
  5. that cracked me up.....Usain Bolt has competition!
  6. About Yohan's euthanasia case--- I think both the arguments may have factored in his decision- that is, he would have taken such a decision regardless of the type of patient (murderer or not) if he thought that that is what he could do best as a doctor, and also that something must have triggered him into taking that step or rather deciding that euthanasia was the best course of action.....because we see that when he caught the old lady (mother?) messing up he immediately went to save the patient. So even if Yohan had pondered about euthanasia for the patient, he was not prepared to act on it, atleast till the time of the old lady intervening. So the question is- what triggered him into finally taking that step? Was it the old lady's episode? Something else? (We have no information on whether he did go about using euthanasia in other cases, so I am only conjecturing, but it feels like that murderer may have been his first case of the type). We are being given pieces at a time of that incident and never in full, so I think there will be more to that incident which we will get to see later on. Prosecutor Son and his agenda puzzle me the most. Just being dogmatic about a certain view of life and principles does not feel to be the only fuel for his agenda, that 'memento' ring and his intense reaction at the columbarium point to something far more personal. If he did not have a personal connection with the murderer and thus did not personally hate him, could it have been that he had a child who may died in somewhat similar circumstances and so he wanted to be able to punish this murderer as a sort of justice for his own child? ( I am just thinking). It feels like his hatred is originally for the murderer which then got misdirected to Yohan because of the euthanasia incident.
  7. Hello everyone Joining you all for this awesome drama. The thread is so interesting with all your comments and insights I just had to. The power of Ji Sung is such that he got me out of hiatus and posting here again after a gap of 2 long years Quick thoughts - As per the prevalent imagery of this drama- man/ situations in a box, I am sure you all must have noticed how the dad's code blue scene also took place in a glass cubicle. At the start there are only 3 people in that cubicle/ box- Mi rae, her mom and her dad the patient. Then in the box comes Shi young and the situation changes. I thought it was very thought provoking. 4 people with 4 different perspectives and convictions regarding the same thing- Mirae not ready yet to change the status quo; her mom unwilling to change the status quo even though she probably knows in her heart that there needs to be a breakthrough; Shi young finally having the courage to let a change happen; and lastly the patient whose wishes, there is no way of knowing, as of now, or even if he has any. I feel this will be the box where all of them come to the same page by the end of the drama and Yohan will be the one to bring them together. In the process Yohan himself will heal--he does have emotional pain and scars to deal with, you can see it in the way he keeps himself slightly distanced from others.
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